Baykeeper acts quickly to remove potentially contaminated piles of cash from Balloon Track

Evidently Paykeeper’s definition of “cleaning up” has more to do with money than dioxin, given that Sneaky Pete Nichols is now singing the praises of the same cleanup plan he sued CUE VI to stop.

“We think the plan they put forward is a plan that has been shown to work in the past.” Nichols now tells the Times-Standard.

Probably much the same way Pete’s habit of suing every deep pocket he can find has worked for him.

Our hero.

44 Responses

  1. The good news is Rob’s still rich, and Pete’s still a greasy, dumb fuck. In other words, nothing’s changed.

  2. I know, right? He probably paid the tab by scrounging around in the cushions of his couch.

  3. I’m almost positive that money was of an invasive, non-native variety. Also, I heard it contained four times the level of dioxin recommended for human consumption. Of course four out of five dentists recommend that you not eat money, but that’s a different story.

  4. My favorite part is that Pete’s gonna keep going with all those other suits he’s filed against SN. He’s just not going to continue with this one. Thanks, Pete!

    He reminds me a lot of that choad Singleton or whatever his name was that shut down the Arctic Circle with his lawsuit. But at least Singleton didn’t act like there was any virtue in what he did. Nichols bangs on like he was called by fricking God or something.

  5. God I love you guys.

  6. CLASSIC headline, bugs. Classic.

  7. Do ya think Pete could gloat more if he tried? Ooh, ooh, Mike Dronkers, I can tell you how much the settlement was. Yeah. Did you hear me. Yeah. Almost two mil. Uh huh. I did that. Me.


  8. Pretty funny! Although the Seven-o-Heaven guys have you beat hands down! I also love the polluter pity you all put forth here….buy a lawsuit and expect a pass? who do you think this is? the Eureka City staff/Council? …….ain’t that easy in real life!

    btw, your scale is off……pete’s taller than rob.


  9. We were doing this before the Seven Oh Heaven guys had pubes.

  10. I just love environmentalists who allow environmental cleanups to go ahead as planned, after they’re paid almost $2 million to get out of the way of the cleanup. That makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Just like all 50 of Pete’s ex-girlfriends.

  11. Oh wait–that’s right–Salzman doesn’t have any ex-girlfriends. The last of the great mother-lovers. Is she still making your small, cold, hard, lonely bed for you, love? Still using those Power Ranger sheets, little man?

  12. Pete’s taller, but Rob’s a better shot. I hope he knows Pete’s dressed up like a chicken, not a duck. Could get ugly.

  13. Coffee-spewing time, bugs. Weren’t you going to post a warning?

  14. It’s about time Mirror! Rob sure took his time before greenlighting this one.

    Has your backside returned to normal Ran*dy? It may never recover from that pounding you received from Baykeeper in SF. Hard to believe that it’s a settlement and not a court ruling! That Coastal Act is a bitch, eh?

    And now you have to work hand and hand in the field with Sneaky Pete? Why the hell did you agree to that? You lawyers must suck shit! Did they offer to comp any of the 3 million in legal fees!

    If I were you, I’d hire a new team to defend that flawed EIR of yours. Can’t count on the City’s lawyers to defend that piece of crap!

  15. Do you think your maturity level will ever advance beyond anal sex and a world view seemingly derived from watching Star Wars DVDs?

    Yes, buttholes are fascinating and everyone who has more than you or does better than you or disagrees with you is the spawn of the Evil Empire.

    Big yawn, little boy. Really.

  16. Now lets not get too excited, we do not have written evidence that this money has been fully characterized, to identify all of the potential toxins that could possibly affect the marine life for generations.

  17. You guys nailed this one bugs. Pete’s new girlfriend is going to have to rub lotion on to the corners of his mouth for months to remove those stretch marks left from his glib smiling after his lawyers extorted all of that money from SN.

    But for Pete, there’s no time to waste. On with the other lawsuits.

  18. Great Post guys. Funny as shit.

  19. Wow someone’s got some complicated early childhood issues coupled with some simplistic views of good and evil. These bloggers work for Rob Arkley, who along with Randy Gans ought to be anally violated for wanting to build on the Balloon Track. The violent ideation, obvious inability to problem-solve and low overall executive functioning are cause for concern.

  20. Hey Chump, your the one that turned the words “backside” & “pounding” into anal sex.

    You dipshits need some serious counciling

  21. My knowledge of you is cumulative. Remember the KY in the butthole that eventually (and appropriately) got modified? Remember that? Because I do. So when you continue with your fetish, it is patently clear to anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention to you, your comments and/or your psychological challenges.

    Get help. Please.

  22. I could give a crap about his psychosis. For fuck’s sake have you guys noticed his spelling, syntax and grammar? I don’t know how he got through fifth grade. (Although things are sometimes easier in the special-ed side of things. Do you think his anger stems from all those years on the little bus?)

  23. Let go and let God. Only He can restore the years the locust hath eaten. Only Christ can set you free. I pray that the mantle of healing will be placed upon your shoulders. In Jesus’ name.

  24. Glad to see that budget cuts at Security National haven’t yet effected the team at the Humboldt Mirror

  25. That’s too funny. There aren’t any budget cuts at Security National.

  26. (And I think you meant “affected.” “Effected” is something else entirely.)

  27. Solid effing gold, bugs. Best laugh all day.


    Don’t have a place to put this but damn its funny.

  29. We saw that, connect, and are planning a post. A stupid post, of course, but that’s just how we roll.

  30. Funny that those who mock (and bomb) the establishment seek to gain office or hold sway over our government.

  31. …Lovelace sporting a douche beard. Great.
    There goes the neighborhood.

  32. Are you kidding, he lives at the top of lefty lane. So sad not quite Baywood. That neighborhood has already gone to pot.

  33. Of course. Any blogger critical of Baykeeper must be paid by Arkley, right? So, who pays James Faulk to blog the humboldt Herald?

  34. Simply put, Baykeeper 1, SN 0. Final score. A loss is a loss, and any others considering the same should consider themselves on notice. A new day on the Bay.

  35. Simply put, your an idiot. New day on the bay, go look at it dumb fuck. Show me where Paykeepers has provided one thing that improves anything on the bay or anywhere else.

    How much of anything have they done anywhere. Unless your of the no progress, stop everything bunch of monkeys. This is just stupidity. Pete took the money, watch what happens now. Pete always takes the money. Just like a whore, you don’t get shit for free. The worse part is all the little minions that have no goals who support him.

  36. just checked out that picture of Lark Movelace all dewey-eyed, I think that might be the library of a local elementary school! Looks like a place I gave flu shots in a previous life.

    Looks like he was trying to pick up some pointers in regards to establishing his true liberal, cutting edge cred.

  37. Wait for the ruling, chick-little. Just wait. There are a few interesting provisos as yet unannounced. They might just change your mind.

  38. Pete is a scum bag and only in it for the money, So is Savage. Enviro’s my ass. A whore is an honest person, These two are lower than pond scum,

  39. Jennifer Savage? What’d she do? Go easy now, because you know how we feel about hot chicks.

  40. Ya know, it’ll be a shame if this project is not built. This more comprehensive cleanup plan will probaby cost SN atleast 15 million or more. Atleast Baykeeper lost some serious money themselves on the deal. It’s only fair in my mind.

    Rob really needs to fire Gans off this job. He has been a real disaster as project manager, especially given the way this lawsuit played out.

    Rob doesn’t put up with losers. Gans should be fired immediatly. Enough already.

  41. Anonymous, consider the possibility that the whole story has not yet been told. I hear there are provisions in the settlement agreement that change the game considerably. Besides, if some freeloading sack of shit wants to sue you every five minutes, there’s not much anyone can do to stop it. That’s not Randy’s fault.

  42. Are those ducks on the Balloon Track in that pic? That means wetlands…….uh-oh….better not let the coastal commission see that! Speaking of hot chicks, did you check out Randy in drag at “Bat-n’Rouge”?

  43. If baykeeper really wanted to save the world, they’d file suit against Squealy Neely for all the hot air and carbon emissions she’s spewing without a permit. Christ, someone tell the Coastal Commission, they’re more than happy to regulate without authority.

  44. Gans said something about Baykeeper not being allowed to testify at Coastal Commission hearings, which may make a difference. Regardless, Gans has failed miserably in the public relations department.

    Time for Rob to hire someone bright enough to change a light bulb.

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