Finally a news story that makes Paul Gallegos look good

Sadly, it’s not about him.

Attorney says ‘sexting’ prosecutor to resign

 CHILTON, Wis. — A Wisconsin prosecutor facing removal from office over accusations that he abused his position in seeking relationships with vulnerable women will resign instead, his attorney said Monday. Attorney Robert Craanen said Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz will step down before Oct. 8, the date set for a hearing to hear testimony on his possible removal from office.

Mr. Kratz initially became famous, you’ll recall, for firing off dozens of sexually suggestive texts to a woman whose ex-boyfriend he was prosecuting for beating her. He then–

–Wait a sec.

Do you mean to tell us this Kratz fellow prosecuted someone for domestic violence?

Shit. This doesn’t make Gallegos look so good after all.

Our bad.

Read the rest of the Kratz story here.


12 Responses

  1. Any attempt to make Paul look like anything but the douchebag he always will be is like putting lipstick on a pig. Gags still looks like hell, and now you’ve got a pissed off pig.

  2. Gags and DV? What a total joke. You should have heard him at the DV forum. Barely comprehensible, barely.

  3. Look at Gags endorsements on H blog. His own people. Every progressive piece of shit in Humboldt who holds an office, and DA from his own political party far and wide. Ya real endorsements, everyone of them needs to be removed from office for being political hacks. Like a list of who is responsible for lack of jobs and any sort of real progress in Humboldt.

  4. There is no story that will ever make Paul Gallegos look good. That’s why his campaign employs two full-time liars.

  5. What ever happened to the investigation into Larry Glass and an underaged kid? It seems like the local press is shielding a potiental pedophile by not looking into these allegations.

  6. Inquiring Mind the daily is too busy regurgitating press releases and doing their best to protect the public from facts.

  7. Don’t expect James Faulk and the other flying Heraldos to expose any relevant facts on that other blog….

  8. And then there is the Worth Dikeman is a racist story.

  9. If there truly was a Eureka PD investigation it sure would seem to be a legitimate news story. If only we had a legitimate press to report legitimate news.

  10. Man , you guy’s are lazy. A week! The Bon-Bon works harder.

  11. NOW –
    “You need to make people feel welcomed. You don’t have to agree with them. That’s not the role. The role is to provide an open forum for the community to get its issues before its public servants,” LaVallee said.

    THEN –
    He cut off , Jerry at the Council meeting when he mentioned ,
    ” homelessness dominating out Streets “.

    ” one that hides and cuts off the very people that elected him off at Council meetings far short of their 3 minute allotment time ”

    Taken from , So Hum Parlance , Nov.5 , 2006 ………..” Peter LaVallee lost my vote a long time ago “

  12. It’s like a douchebag competition.

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