Post-earthquake search turns up epicenter of dumb

Photo credit to Kevin Hoover, just to be on the safe side.

41 Responses

  1. It’s kind of amazing how few Gallegos signs you see. He’ll get plenty of votes, but I get the sense there’s going to be a whole lot of people holding their noses when they mark next to his name.

  2. So what’s your take on Kuhnel? He acted like an independent publicly when he ran against Jones, but privately he was vehemently opposed to the Marina Center. I’m never sure what to make of him, but I think he’s been too cagey by half about his positions on the issues.

  3. If nothing else it’s gotta suck to lose to Jones. Ouch!

  4. He lost to Leonard. Jones ran against Nan Abrams and won.

    Kuhnel’s a decent guy just too far into the glass pitcher of cool aid

  5. The question is is it in the 1st district or the 4th. An when did it change.

  6. Oh Mirror, I love you guys. I can always count on you to put a smile on my face.

  7. Glass live near 1st & J, Gallegos next to Cash and Carry, and Kuhnel just around the corner from the World Cup Coffee House.

  8. It never changed dots. Just a ‘clerical error” on the part of Bonnie’s County.

    You should know about all those clerics.

    Heralda’s conspiracy theory just smacked into an old growth palm tree. Gonna need an EIR and full characterization on this one.

    While not yet endangered, the palm trees of the world are suffering from a loss of context.

    kinda like you dots……I mean, how can you expect answers when you don’t understand the questions?

  9. This site just looks like an angry 12 year old writes it.
    How is it funny to make up what people say or do?
    I cant tell if your con or prog or whatever. I just see
    bitter yelling.
    Do you all DO anything? Or just tell fart jokes?

  10. FART JOKES RUlE!!!!!!!!

  11. I see another quote for the raves page!

  12. That’s right, dog. Nan Abrams losing to Jones makes a lot more sense. I’d love to see something like a loser run-off with Nan Abrams facing off against George Clark just to see who really was or is the worst prog candidate of all time.

  13. What did the Rabbii say to the Catholic Priest?

  14. Do you know how to spell “rabbi”?

  15. So what do thinking people do during a dumbquake? Where do we hide? Can we prevent a dumbquakes?

  16. You guys started that cleanup at the BT yet?

  17. So what did the Rabbi say to the Catholic Priest?

    Maybe thinking people go to the Courthouse during a quake – certainly seems like there are quite a few dummies there already. Don’t know about a dumbquake though – is that like having an attack of the dumbs?

  18. The balloon track will not be cleaned up by SN. Rob will sell to Walmart once the zoning is changed by the voters. No way can he justify 15-20 million on Baykeepers cleanup plan.

  19. With all due respect Bugs, this epicenter of stupidity is missing the Mike Thompson sign, and the Wes Chesbro sign.

  20. Nice try Anonymous 5:25; the ballot measure language prohibits Wal-Mart…. or any other “discount super stores”…..

  21. I didn’t take that photo. You’re ripping off someone else’s labor this time.

  22. Kev. That’s funny we miss you here and miss your pithy wit.

  23. There is more than one Kevin Hoover in the world you know.

  24. I agree with Josephine 100%

  25. Amen Josephine.

  26. Any more signs and it wouldn’t be an epicenter, it would be a black hole and begin sucking the lifeforce out of the surrounding community.

  27. Does it creep anyone else out that the Sun Valley Mole/Bass Bulldog knows where so many people live? Shouldn’t Holmquist have gotten a local politics timeout after that creepy phone call. Virginia does not need your help, Chris. Go back to your mole hole.

    If you see Chris Holmquist sifting through your garbage, call the cops. Better yet, call Sun Valley.

  28. “Shouldn’t Holmquist have gotten a local politics timeout after that creepy phone call. Virginia does not need your help,”

    Him following Bonnie while she knocked on doors was much creepier than the phone call.And the campaigns have already heeded your advice about getting the cops involved,so at this point I can’t imagine there is much need to worry about things he may do.

  29. Kuhnel is a Pretty good guy all in all but for the life of me I can’t understand why he hangs with all these dumb f###s!

  30. It would be nice if you guys had proof, but its really too bad that you don’t. You’re making up this bull shit to gain political control.

  31. Political control over who, Mole?

  32. Well the proggies now realize that their movement is dying off like flies and they are realizing that they’re a lost cause. Naturally out of fear they point fingers and make up baseless accusations in a desperate effort to take down the candidates that the progs oppose. They just don’t appreciate us calling them on their bluff. They’re guilty and they are too ashamed to admit it.

  33. The douche bags have had control for years. Its time to get them out and get this county going. We need small development, we need an inflow of capital. Problem is no one wants to put money into Humboldt cause it infiltrated with progressive scum.

  34. My my, Heraldo sure does get all butt-hurt when folks bring up the Bon Bon’s campaign donations from Bill Pierson & Blue Lake Casino.

  35. Yes, I saw that whole angel wing bullshit response. what a proggie pussy…

  36. Are you guys drunk again?

  37. Inside sun valley,Chris, you have helped the proggie movement take a dive as seen in your relentless attempt to get into any political forum you can. The one thing you will never be forgiven for is your campaigning for Glass.

  38. Forgot to mention he also campaigned for Nan Abrams. By now your “Bulldog” ways have you shunned by the proggies and the right. The only thing left is to amuse yourself by pretending to be a secret blogger.

  39. What jumps out at me first from that link, anon, is how much less illiterate he is than Larry Glass.

  40. “how much less illiterate”………….. if anybody knows, it’s you….

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