Picture this

DA Dodo and his grow hos sing to the choir in Neely Country.

Who knows where the Graphics Dept. finds this shit, but it looks to us like it could be a shot from a fundraiser–for Bonnie Neely.

As John Osborn notes on the NCJ Blogthing, Ms. Neely finally managed to round up some campaign cash from inside Humboldt County–particularly the southern part thereof.

While one might expect a District Four race in Eureka to get a big ho-hum from SoHum, this particular District Four race is generating a lot of–shall we say–buzz.

Consider the following list of donors and donations from Neely’s most recent filings:

Trim Scene Solutions
J Burger Enterprises
Matthew Scott
Kristen Nevedal
A Patrick Woods
Congruent Enterprises
Sylvandale Gardens, Inc.
Just Rent It
Acme Rocket Bike
Sandra Collier Clark

Mike Miller
Constant Construction
Molly Hickey Singway
Sage Koenig
Redwood Garden Supply
Myers Flat

We’re sure there’s nothing weird about this. It couldn’t possibly be related to the Bon Bon’s curiously belated interest in the issue of marijuana legalization, could it?

Nah. Probably all of these people are just avid raw milk enthusiasts.

(“Trim Scene Solutions”? In Redway? Really?)

But one insider remains mystified. “I didn’t know she had so many supporters in SoHum,” said he.  “Too bad she doesn’t have as many in the Fourth District.”

11 Responses

  1. Is there any cause Bonnie wouldn’t espouse in exchange for a handful of votes? And how is it these new supporters don’t see through her newfound support for all of their causes?

  2. The SoHum connection, eh? It’s prescient. Just today the Bon Bon waded into the marijuana wars. Who saw that coming?

  3. You finally got a good laugh out of me.

    Might I suggest another title?
    “Green Washing”.

  4. You laughed at this? Really? Jesus, Tom. This post is so dull that while we were writing it we had to masturbate like five times just for something to do.

    But we admit your title is way better. Thanks.

  5. Follow that last link. “The [cannabis] workshop is sponsored by 4th District Supervisor Bonnie Neely and the HGA, which includes at least one of Neely’s campaign contributors.”

    Does Neely do anything anymore that she doesn’t get paid for?

  6. Dork, what do you mean “anymore?” Did she ever do anything she wasn’t getting paid for?

  7. I think it’s funny. I would have had to masturbate only once or twice.

  8. More grow hos!

  9. Trim Scene is cool, they sell those automatic trimmer machines to eliminate the need to bring a bunch of grow nothings in to do work. It’s in that industrial area away from the main Redway area where they got that security place and Humboldt Hydroponics.

  10. Thoughs are NOT Humboldt Honeys.

  11. Nice “Dancing Bonnies”!!!

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