Were Larry Glass heading toward his own political Alamo, would anyone explain to him what that meant?

Re-elect Larry Glass, because entrusting our future to a semi-literate bumpkin has worked out brilliantly so far.

As support for Eureka Ward 1 challenger Marian Brady continues to grow, some are wondering whether the political aspirations of the great Larry Glass may have hit the skids.

How could that be? It seems like only yesterday he was voted the county’s most popular public official. Although by stupid people. Who never met him.

But after his rental ordinance debacle, his breathless support for massive rate hikes, his hopelessly convoluted position on the Balloon Track cleanup, his public–and private–displays of immaturity and his general boorishness, Brady might just teach Glass a lesson he sorely needs.

While it’s far too early for a eulogy, just the thought of a Glassless city council has us waxing nostalgic for 2006 when the CREG spokesman was gearing up for his first run for office.

That’s when he said fun stuff like this: “We think there’s a better way to provide good jobs without handing over control of our future to wealthy elitists.”

Four years later, he still hasn’t figured out what it is.

And this: “It’s time for our City Council to follow the leadership of Peter LaVallee and demand that cleanup” of the Balloon Track.

Four years later, he’s still doing everything he can to stop it.

But our absolute favorite is this: If the Marina Center were built with a Best Buy, Glass said, “I’d be like Davy Crockett at the Alamo.”

Four years later, we wonder if anyone’s told him how that whole Alamo situation ended.

Oh well. Maybe next month he’ll find out.


43 Responses

  1. If Larry were Davy Crockett, I would be completely in love with Mexico.

  2. Semi-literate seems a bit, you know, generous.

  3. Classic!

    But actually, I like Brady more than I dislike Larry.

  4. He’s Bonnie Neely without the awful pantsuits. A guy who says no to every job and yes to every tax.

  5. Word is that Larry has already contacted a buyer for all his store inventory. The Works is scheduled to close the month after the election. Maybe that’s why he allows it to look like such a shithole.

    So much for Larry’s contribution to jobs…

    The worst part is that he actually does employ a couple of stoners at minimum wage and even picking up Larry’s jerk off rags is a job. We need all the jobs we can get.

  6. I don’t know Brady and I like her more than Larry Glass. But then I like the homeless dude at the corner of 4th and “R” more than I like Larry Glass.

    And Lavallee gives me a serious sour stomach just thinking about him. Yuk

  7. I went into The Works k store years ago. Bad service. Never went back. Am wondering how a shitty business can exist so long. Gee. Just wondering.

  8. Uh… Maybe like “dr” ken miller stays in “business?”

  9. I don’t know why Larry’s so worried Rob will put him out of business. It was obvious years ago his belligerence and outdated business model were going to do the trick instead.

  10. Actually there are a lot of “businesses” which are “suffering” since the bottom dropped out of the pot market due to over supply. No way to artificially keep them afloat. So sad. So sad.

  11. Ok fine I admit it, I am indeed selling my store inventory the day after the election because I have noticed all of Eureka screaming for the Marina Center and I just know it is going to go in for sure. I give up, Rob has won and he’s going to put me out of business. I throw in the towel in this fight. Go to http://twitter.com/Reallarryglass for my twitter

  12. Wow…having to impersonate Larry to gather a bit of support,quite a low but not surprising since his opponents campaign is losing and needs whatever it can to pick things up.Be prepared for another “Eureka Coalition For Jobs” stunt soon.

  13. Shit Mark, now instead of drinking the koolaid, your fucking mainlining it. Stunts is what Glass is famous for, Oh he push me, mommy mommy.

    This is your hero, give it a break.

  14. Mark you are such a loser. Nobody but a complete moron like you actually thinks 10:57 is Glass. You do need professional help and a sense of humor.

  15. well, I heard that there is a major fundraiser for Larry to be held in the resturant in the basement of the Alamo, margies, chips and pico de gallo all around. The excess from this obviously cash-filled event will be used to fund the artwork for the Community Center at the former Jefferson School site.

    I also heard that Sue Brandenburg will be giving lap dances to the winning bidder at the auction.

  16. Jo blow….I would be honored to be your escort. Just promise me this……do not under any circumstances let me bid in the Sue Brandenburg auction.

  17. Hello I am larrys daughter just so you know the twitter account @reallarryglass. Isn’t my dad if you couldn’t tell by the posts and the 10:57 isn’t my father as well.

  18. Uh the only one who can’t figure that is mresquan who actually is Mark Konkler. The rest of us have the IQ to have figured that out!

  19. Quick Rose, call PJ, Konkler, NAN, and the rest of his crew and let them know,cause they are using that twitter account now. Ya know there just followers, can’t think for themselves.

  20. Yes, Rose–Not cool to impersonate unless it’s obviously a joke. I’ll correct the comment to reflect this.

  21. L A M E post and L A M E blog.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

    Re-elect Larry Glass!

  22. oh, and H U G S!

  23. Carol you truly are lame. Glass and Gags are your idols. Sheesh Tim Stoen is probably your idol too. What an embarrassment!

  24. I wrote “Wow…having to impersonate Larry”

    So dumbshits,how does this reflect that I thought it may be Larry himself posting?
    Maybe you folks should look up the word impersonate in the dictionary before casting out lame statements towards me.

  25. What a dufus.

  26. im·per·son·ate
    Definition of IMPERSONATE
    : to assume or act the character of : personate
    — im·per·son·a·tion\-ˌpər-sə-ˈnā-shən\ noun
    — im·per·son·a·tor\-ˈpər-sə-ˌnā-tər\ noun
    Examples of IMPERSONATE

    1. He was arrested for impersonating a police officer.
    2. a comedian with a talent for impersonating famous politicians and actors

    Bye all….have a good one.

  27. Bye to you Konkler. You checked out years ago after you destroyed what few brain cells your parents gave you. Light up the bong and give us another whacko post. It is amusing to read.

    Are you and Carol related or have you been drinking the same hooch?

  28. Quick, I need a drink, Konkler thinks I a dumbshit. Mark the whole fucking world knows you have shit for brains. You know that the shit they use to grow dope goes right into the final product. Explains a lot in your case. So it took you 19.5 hours to look up a word. Did someone help you or did you do it by yourself.

  29. I really enjoy the comments from Mark “mresquan” and Carol Conner. Is it weed or happy pills that make them so lame (nice way of saying they are foocking morons).

    As the world turns. Glass continues to use his blog (Humboldt Hearald) to push his bid for re-election and slime his opponent under the name of hearaldo. I would expect more comments on Glass’ unusual relationship with the Eureka chief of police? It seems as if Glass has a significant hand in running the police department.

  30. Carol is REALLY familiar with what/who is “lame”.

  31. Carol from loleta supports Gags from the planet “I’m lying about everything and pLagiarizing my ass off. Coupled with her “vote” on folks she’s not even in the area of being able to vote for qualifies her as a big butinsky windbag with a vacuous brain caVity. but hek thanks anyway Carol.

  32. Oh forogt. H u g s

  33. Yes, Carol. Hugs right back at you, girlfriend. But just a quick FYI: After all the years you and Greg have been running around the blogosphere commenting under all those different identities, we would think you’d have learned the most rudimentary basics about IP addresses, avatars, etc., so that you could avoid the most rudimentary errors, such as the one immediately above. We had thought you were smarter than that, but that’s okay. We, at least, are able to learn from our mistakes.

  34. Oh effing A there’s gonna be some crying in Loleta today. Can’t wait til Greg and his 10 IQ points come rushing to her defense.

  35. Hopefully he’ll wear that hat of his. There’s no amount of stupid that a pretentious hat can’t make stupider.

  36. Anon 8:18, the only difference between Glass and the police chief is that at one point the police chief was an ethical man. Glass has never even been a man, much less an honest one.

    And Greg and Carol are among the best known dimwits in Humboldt County. Being called lame by one of them, let alone several times under assumed identities, is fun stuff.

  37. I swear to God if Brady beats Glass I’m gonna drive down to Loleta and stand on the Conners’ front porch laughing until I piss myself all over their welcome mat. Not because they’re dishonest, conniving pricks, but because they have no business getting involved in a city of Eureka race. Just like every other carpet-bagger who comes to town and wants to tell us how to live our lives. Fuck you.

  38. SPANK, bugs. Normally I’d say you shouldn’t hit a woman, but I’m not sure Carol qualifies.

  39. Over at the Larry Glass Herald they’re saying Brady has three nipples and an undocumented housekeeper. The good part is, she isn’t having sex with any of them.

  40. Carol certainly is not to bright, her husband Greg is a real douche bag ( ex republican ) among other names.

    But the truth is the biggest douche is Plain Jane who would give Larry, Gags, and Bonnie head over the internet if it was possible. She spends every waking hour defending the progressive agenda for free. The ultimate groupie. I’ve seen hero worship but this stuff is pure stupidity. I think She even tops Mark Konkler at worshiping the everything left.

  41. Stop it, Larry Glass is saving Eureka from METH LABS. I heard it myself on his advertisments.

  42. Oh yeah 1:15, everything you see on tv and the internet is true because nobody ever lies in those mediums. How’s that for sarcasm?

  43. I will vote for the first person who suggests and wishes to work for removing all county entitlement programs from the county back into the county and out of the city. I want the City of Eureka back!

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