Democracy, evidently, is meaningless


Democracy No! Progs tell Eurekans their votes don’t matter.

When opponents of Measure N were unable to fund and field a team, they decided that instead of participating in any sort of exchange of ideas they would simply tell Eurekans that voting to rezone the Balloon Track would be meaningless.

Tom Peters did his best to make the Progs’ case against democracy in a letter to the editor of the Times-Standard, in which he called the measure “a popularity contest bought and paid for by Security National.”

Which makes it quite a bit more pallatable, in our view, than the popularity contests known as Measure T, Measure F and Measure J, all of which were actually bought and paid for with public funds–which, from what we hear, are, like, in short supply or something.

But remember those ballot measures? Measure T in 2006 promised local control, and instead got us a bunch of local legal bills to defend the piece of shit. Measures F and J from 2008 promised to get military recruiters out of public schools in Arcata and Eureka, but instead got Eureka’s City Attorney pulled off of real work so she could work on this snipe hunt instead. Not to mention the thousands of dollars it cost to put the measures on ballots in the first place.

Opponents of all three said from the start they would never pass consitutional muster, and indeed they didn’t. None of which stopped every prog in town from telling us it was our democratic duty to vote for them anyway.

So when Tom Peters tries to get his moral indignation on and tell us “SN must go through the regular lawful process like everyone else,” we have but two things to say. One, this is a lawful process, moron. And two, if SN went through the same process as everyone else, the only difference we see is that the taxpayers of Eureka would be picking up the tab instead.

31 Responses

  1. Thanks Rob. Now will you now pay me to vote for it?

  2. I’m stunned you recognized me without my pitchfork and pointy tail.

    Love always, Rob

  3. We know this one got on the ballot with a $30,000 bribe. What about the other ballot measures?

  4. Heb and Anonymous, Are you crazy??? I am glad that you people from the big cities came to Eureka with trust funds; some of us actually need to work for a living. We want and need the Marina Center! What is wrong with all of you? Do you geniuses have any other brilliant suggestions to keep the community alive? Thanks, get back to me on that one.

  5. The people fighting this sound like misfit trolls hiding under a bridge. When, oh when, is Humboldt going to join the 21st century? Vote for Measure N!

  6. Same old progressive bullshit. At least RA funded the thing. Not like all the prog shit that cost us taxpayers money.

  7. Wait, Carol Conners said she wanted to help with the no on measure M. You mean it is measure N?

  8. Capdia-dumshit, take your no billboards on 101 NCRA somewhere else. We will rebuild the railroad & port the right way. You losers haven’t done a single thing in years. Must be the magic underware or something.

    Rob will get it done right.

  9. Huh? Can anybody understand any of that?

  10. Sorry, my medications just kicked in again. I’ll be all right now. Sorry for those earlier outbursts. I just get so confused.

  11. I have always said Richard takes meds.

  12. Classic Carol, Cap. It’s almost a shame she doesn’t have anywhere to go. Waste of a perfectly good small bus.

  13. Bugs: the picture of the Bonster….classic! At my house we are having our annual and sacred viewing of “Young Frankenstein” and I am so proud to note that my offspring know ALL of the dialogue! They have no idea what it means, but they can verbalize.

    Too bad the progs cannot verbalize the words: :”um, well…you know…uh….” democracy, vote on it, you know, the will of the people (all that shit they can’t be bothered with)

    The very individuals which clamor for a vote on everything little thing from a hang-nail on Gags to “local money”, well, here we have a vote and they still piss and moan!

  14. Hey Bugs

    Check out the Eye. Hagen makes a pretty good point…late and perhaps too late for a reality check. But, it’s not without its poetic value.

    But (sigh) my poetic license was revoked so long ago.

    Maybe the Graphics Dept can help me with a facsimile credential. Yes I know you need a picture….maybe you could mock up a Peter Lavalley stock shot with a shaved head and a bone in his nose? It would be close enough. A palm tree in the background would be well…traditional.

    But do check out the Hagen un-endorsement.

    It’s poetic


  15. From the Arcata Eye

    Paul Hagen: Gallegos Is No Alternative–-october-26-2010/

    “Having already shared my experiences in running for district attorney this past spring in an open letter to the media (Arcata Eye, Oct. 6), I just read a public plea to my supporters to vote for Gallegos, headlined that he is “the only logical alternative for Hagen supporters.” (Jeff Schwartz, Arcata Eye, Oct. 20) That is absolutely not the case.

    Now my opponent is calling for my supporters, and that calls to me. Those who know me know that I am “honest to a fault” (Eye endorsement, June 2), and while I completely refrained from negative campaigning and wish to keep it that way, Mr. Schwartz’s article calls for my unvarnished (albeit restrained) opinion. Here are my thoughts on the subject:

    First, there are three things I wish to make perfectly clear: One, I have made it very clear to anyone who has asked that I am not endorsing anyone in this race. Two, I have unequivocally told this to Allison Jackson directly. Three, the reasons for this will not change.

    Next, please know that I have never had a problem with Jeff Schwartz and I do respect him and those who agree with his statements. I learned a lot campaigning, including insights into what moves Gallegos’s supporters to believe in him. If they still do after reading this, I respect that, too.

    My life’s experiences and core values, however, absolutely do not allow me to agree. To the contrary, what I know from hard years of direct experience is that the man is congenitally unqualified, and in so many ways. His defects lie at his core. This, too, will not change.

    I write to comment on three areas of character–competence and ethics, with courage spanning them–and I write about the intersection of these in politics as it affects the public good. Please bear with me:

    In a professional, one first looks to competence: Can the person do the job well, or learn to in a reasonable time? While many believe that Gallegos was courageous as well as competent in prosecuting Palco, or the Eureka police in the Moore case, neither was actually so. I spent 11 years as an environmental prosecutor, and it still hurts for me to read the Palco appellate court’s decision rebuking District Attorney Gallegos. Read it yourself, it is embarrassing. The police prosecutions were fully as disastrous in the damage done and their cost to the county, not to mention their national coverage for likewise being thrown out of court for failure to meet minimum standards and a crazy legal theory. There are also the Grand Jury reports still finding incompetence in Gallegos’ office. These are well-known facts. All of this he addresses by explaining away, but the facts remain.

    As to courage, I would expect nothing less than the DA taking on corporations, etc. I criminally prosecuted two multinational corporations for killing a man at work in Mendocino County, winning a court ruling that corporations have no Fifth Amendment rights and receiving a quarter of a million dollars in settlement in doing so. I also prosecuted Palco twice criminally and got literally every last penny available in penalties, and once civilly receiving $80,000, $35,000 of which I sent to three grade schools in the Van Duzen River valley for violation-related science education. In all that I did as a prosecutor I never once thought about courage, but rather always about displaying high competence at every stage from investigation to settling. To me, doing “the right thing” is at best worthless when you badly screw it up.

    Which brings us to ethics. Telling your staff you are going home sick while they stay at work and then going surfing during business hours is not ethical. Nor is using your taxpayer-paid office staff in political campaign announcements, whom we hear on the radio and see on TV and in the newspapers. Nor is deliberately smearing your political opponents, and it’s undeniably not ethical when you lie doing it.

    Nor is it ethical to take full credit for what others have done, as in the Big Oil and Tire and the Skilled Healthcare cases, the settlements of which are now being used in ads which the Gallegos campaign is touting was “all because of Paul.” This is not ethical because it is not true.These cases were not “all” Gallegos’s, not by a long shot. Check it out yourself. The Attorney General representing the Regional Water Board did the great bulk of the Big Oil case because the Humboldt DA and the responsible county agency would not, yet Gallegos’s supporters and his ads take full credit. Three private law firms initiated the Skilled Healthcare case and again did most of the work, but in his ads Gallegos takes full credit. His ads are neither true nor ethical.

    If you really want the truth about Gallegos’ professional ethics, inquire of him why the other affected DA’s and the Attorney General all refused to join in his Skilled Healthcare settlement due to their ‘ethical concerns’ over his use of secret settlement monies and more. Ask Gallegos himself to explain directly, honestly and openly the formal rebuke he has received from the California District Attorneys Association for his unprofessional use of DA authority in settling that case. Go ahead, ask him to explain honestly and directly. He won’t. That would require real courage and the capacity to tell the truth regardless. He has neither.

    I realize that many in Humboldt admire his willingness to file suit against Palco, fight evil corporations, etc. I respect such admiration. And I agree not only in principle, I’ve been there and done that. But this is not what people in Humboldt are really getting.
    For an office holder, these character traits take their most telling form in campaigning. While being dishonest is more than bad enough, vilification, smearing, and divisive politics are worse. This is Gallegos’ fourth campaign and in each of the others he has done these things and won. In announcing his first campaign Gallegos shamelessly copied Bobby Kennedy’s announcement speech for U.S. President as his own, without attribution (Tri-City Weekly, Feb. 26, 2002; more plagiarism followed, Eureka Reporter, Sept. 7 and Sept. 8, 2006), promising great progressivism. The recall campaign, however –which I have already publicly condemned – was used as an opportunity to drive Humboldt’s cultural wedges all the deeper; and in the 2006 election his campaign depressed the county’s voting middle and polarized its tails. This does not enhance the public good.

    In 2006, opposing candidate Dikeman was made into someone to hate and fear, with the same to Jackson this time. Schwartz himself is using fear in his appeal, using PG&E’s nuclear power plant – a field strictly under federal regulation, no DA can touch it – as the basis for not having Jackson and her “nuclear-plant crowd stick together and take Humboldt County back to the dark ages.” Really? Is that what will actually happen if he loses? Either Gallegos saves us from radiation or “the Humboldt County environment and much more goes down the drain?” Really? This simple dichotomy is more senseless than taking credit for a drop in crime based on gross statistics. Any thinking person knows that simple correlation does not equal causation. And yet, appealing to fear, Gallegos tells us he has made the county safer. Really? Then explain exactly how.

    If the Gallegos campaign wishes to “ask, beg and implore” “those progressive leaders who supported Paul Hagen to endorse Paul Gallegos,” it can. Again, I realize that many in Humboldt admire his willingness to file suit against Palco, fight evil corporations, etc. I respect such admiration. And I agree not only in principle, I’ve been there and done that. But this is not what people in Humboldt are really getting.

    Regardless of what Gallegos has done or says, he is not my idea of “progressive.” That requires truly living to progressive ideals and delivering solid results. Based on publicly known facts, I have tried to show here why Gallegos’ so-called ‘progressiveness’ is at best just political form without professional substance. Good intentions delivering incompetent results does not equal being “progressive.” Based on my direct personal experiences, my knowledge of Paul Gallegos’ utter lack of what I consider true ethics, courage and honesty, as well as his now-proven political campaign-trash tactics, I believe these things fundamentally disqualify his being a progressive. Or a district attorney.

    For all those reading who aren’t concerned about the progressive/dark ages argument, good for you. What matters is results, not talk. So just look to what Gallegos has actually done as DA and how he went about it – his actual results, not what he says they are. After two actual elections he has shown us his best, and just as the Palco appellate court unanimously wrote, he has “failed to prove, on [his] third try, a reasonable possibility that [his] defect can be cured.” And so, making new law, it threw out the case.

    Ours is a participatory democracy, a great gift. Each vote matters. Vote your hearts, vote your minds, and vote for the future you want. If it looks anything like my envisioned future, Paul Gallegos is not a “logical alternative.” Like Dan Quayle, Paul Gallegos is no Bobby Kennedy. He is no alternative.

    Paul Hagen served as a criminal and civil prosecutor in four North Coast district attorney’s offices, including Humboldt’s. He is currently is an attorney in Eureka and believes deeply in participatory democracy.”

  16. This from the lawyer who lied to his own central committee about candidate endorsements. The tripe only smells worse laundered through Hoover and this ignoramus blog.

  17. Fuck off Richard.

    I think Hagen has a lot of of knowledge about the whole situation. Notice he does not bad mouth Jackson.

  18. aight, screw you OP….

    “When opponents of Measure N were unable to fund and field a team,”

    …no fucking shit, dipshit. You fucking loser piece of turd brain. Let the poor just give up. No funds = no argument, the millionaires win by default…again. Security National, a multibillion dollar international corporation, is blanketing the whole area with CALCULATED PR THAT THEY PAID TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR. Residents are being blindsided by a one-sided bat.

    Get a clue, fucktard.

  19. …also, the ORIGINAL REASONS for the current “balloon track” zoning HAVEN’T CHANGED. If Security National cared about our area instead of their own bottom line on a shady real estate investment, they’d “play by the rules”…and you know good n’ well what that means. Fuckem, seriously.

  20. Maybe they wouldn’t be so fucking poor if you stopped blocking job opportunities in Humboldt County, shit brain. I’m left to conclude you enjoy having an underclass. You and your prog friends seem to be doing everything they can to keep the poor in the place.

  21. I am poor, needledick.

  22. Consider the possibility that your politics keep you that way.

  23. hmmm….holy shit, you’re right!!!! Bring in more out of state minimum wage retailers and apartment buildings!!!!!! Them rich folk not only know what we poor folk want, they know what we need!!!

    We already know YOUR politics keep YOU that way.

  24. Un-named, are you just shit for brains. If your poor, why not work hard and get more. I was raised poor, worked my ass off and now am comfortable. Oh and Fuck you and your whiny self.
    How many Mexicans have come to this country in the last 50 years and are not poor. They did not even speak English, and in many cases had little education. But hard work, sweat, and the land of the free, hell of a combination. All that’s promised in the constitution is that your equal in the eyes of the law. Not special because you can whine and want to suck the tit. Go back to H blog.

  25. I am comfortable and content.The fuck do I care about “illegal” mexicans? I could earn nine bucks an hour forever except everytime a new walfart or home pisspot or McHouse of Flying Waffles opens up the value of my dollar goes down. Life is about a lot more than money. Money is very low on the list. Shit luck for you if not. Hard work only pays off if it’s going somewhere…one of my “where’s” is right here in Humboldt County, where McMoney hasn’t taken over. Your cash cow is bull. Do us all a favor and move to Fresno. I don’t care what you want to build there.

  26. You have my permission to make the closing argument. Just remember next time you leave Humboldt and see a walmart or a home depot or a quickie-build retail center surrounded by apartments, how much you’d love to live and work there, and how much you’re looking forward to your kids and grandkids inheriting that ghetto here. Maybe if they bust ass they could be floor manager….someday.

  27. You are one stupid shit. But keep running your ignorant face, its quite amusing. Permission from you, to fucking funny.

  28. Rob should quickly give Jerry Brown some serious campaign cash so to get some influence on his selection for the Northcoast Coastal Commission rep. If not, an environmentalist will get the position and kill your project as payback for ousting Bonnie.

    You can guarantee that a purchased ballot measure won’t carry any weight with the rest of the state commissioners.

  29. You’re right, Heb. Look what happened with Measure T, Measure R and Measure J. Progs purchased those and that didn’t work out for shit for them, did it.

  30. Why hasn’t Security National started the cleanup already at the Balloon Tract? Wasn’t that officially signed off on several weeks ago?

    Too expensive?

  31. Little issue with Bonnie’s board I imagine. I can’t believe the Sub-Standard did not even have the ball’s to support/deny. They were at least a c-paper when they had to compete in the market. Now they are damn near worthless

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