Hagen: Gallegos ‘congenitally unqualified’ for office

"Someone bring Abe Lincoln back. I swear this guy's eyes are following me around the room."


Remember our old friend Jeffrey Schwartz? The boob who practiced law as http://www.YouGoFree.com before carpetbagging his bad self up here and taking up space in the offices of our very own Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office–where he, without actually trying cases or any of that employment-related nastiness, managed to get himself paid more than anyone else in the office, before deciding he was made for even better things and becoming a part-time hostess at Sizzler?

Yeah we made that last part up, but what fun we had doing it!

Anyhoo. This same Jeffrey Schwartz wrote in a letter to Paul Hagen supporters some of the most intellectually dishonest shit we think we’ve ever read, including equating a vote for challenger Allison Jackson to a vote for mega-stores, clearcutting and nuclear power plants, none of which Jackson is believed to support, and none of which actually falls under the purview of a district attorney anyway.

The mild-mannered Hagen–fittingly–went nuclear. His must-read response to Schwartz, from the Arcata Eye website, describes Gallegos as “congenitally unqualified” for the position and lists just a few of the many ethical lapses that have defined the Gallegos administration.

One of our favorite bits comes toward the end:

Based on my direct personal experiences, my knowledge of Paul Gallegos’ utter lack of what I consider true ethics, courage and honesty, as well as his now-proven political campaign-trash tactics, I believe these things fundamentally disqualify his being a progressive.  Or a district attorney.

Yeah. That’s gonna leave a mark.

61 Responses

  1. Jeff is just one example of how desperate they are now, Check out guest post on H blog by George Clark. Both Jeff and George are total losers. Examples of the folks who make up Salzmans army of dirt bags.

  2. You’d be surprised how many Democrat candidates consult with Salzman for advice, if not actually pay for his services. It depresses me. I’m sure the Republicans have advisers of equal caliber, but when unsavory actions actually get outed in the NC Journal and you still talk to the guy? Sigh.

  3. Salzman needs someone to suck him off, and since he’s never going to have an intimate partner it might as well be Jeff and George. And what lookers they are, too.

  4. This is all about money and power with Salzman. He can’t lose his meal ticket. He’s got Gags,Bon Bon, lovelace and the Appleboy. He is running Cleary (which is sad cause I like the dude). No power and connections means no bucks for R Trent.

    Hagen did well by that letter. Good for him.

    I know so many folks who are too scared to speak out cause of Gags’ vindictiveness. Damn anyone in the criminal defense bar won’t do it or their clients will get screwed.

  5. If you can somehow confirm for me beyond doubt that Clearly is paying Salzman for services, I’ll reward you with a vote for Sundberg. I don’t like Sundberg’s stance on development, but ethics trump all.

  6. That business with the defense bar cuts both ways, Anonymous. They benefit from his incompetence. Some may be afraid to speak out against him but others are wildly enthusiastic supporters because their clients get off over and over again.

  7. Isn’t Rob partially responsible for Gallegos being in office in the first place?

  8. Was at lunch with a man who does some criminal defense work though primarily is a civil attorney. He said he is endorsing Gags because his clients need a good deal. I was disgusted and told him so.

  9. FPPC 460s showed modest financial support from the Arkleys I think through the recall. Then they figured it out. It took me longer. I supported him three times before I finally realized he was utterly without anything resembling a conscience and would do anything but his job to stay in power.

  10. A lesson learned the hard way.

  11. This is my favorite thread on the Mirror so far. Keep up the great work . If I only had the wit of Bugs and the graphic design skills of the art department.

  12. Jaws were dropping at this house after purusing the Arcata Eye! Who knew that Hagan had those big, brass cojones?

  13. Democrat, Look at the picture of Clearly when he declared. Look at the folks who are writing letters of support. This is all the Salzman team. Has been for years, long as I can remember. I happen to like Clearly as a person but he is running with the pack of dogs. Clearly’s experience has been way overblown. Big Lagoon water dept. has like 30-40 clients. The 4 radio stations employee how many people. My guess would be a hell of a lot less than Cheri Heights Casino. How much does he put into the community compared to the tribes. In the 15 or so years I have been here I have had many interactions with Ryan Sundberg out in the community, until he declared no one in McKinleyville even knew Cleary lived here. Let alone who the hell he was, or what he did. He is another carpetbagger from the house of Salzman. .

  14. So Hagen has this huge bombshell in his piece noting that the DA got spanked by the California District Attorney’s Association for his misconduct in handling Skilled Healthcare, and Natalimp’s “Save the Progressives” rant totally ignores it?
    What elephant? What gorilla? Where?

  15. Salzman only sends out campaign blurbs on Redwood Progressive for his people and he has sent out material for Cleary so he is in there somwhere.

    I recently received campaign literature from Cleary in the mail. It says he expanded telemarketing for Open Door – well if his one vote on the Headwaters Fund Board counts he did. The funny part is that the Board turned down Open Door the first time around until the BOS sent it back to them for reconsideration which is their way of saying the BOS thinks it is a good idea.

    The other statement was that he fought for investment in organic farming, wine and grass fed beef industries – another Headwaters Fund Board vote to hire a consultant to try to come up with a way to market these industries and design a brand name.

    Good for Hagan for writing the letter.

  16. I love the DA Office’s response to Paul’s lies: The truth is whatever he says it is. Brilliant! And from Wes Keat, no less, who is not nearly as good at demonstrating integrity as he is at killing Mexicans. That’s right, I said killing. Why doesn’t someone ask him how his Southern California law enforcement career ended? Anyone?

  17. The Region
    Man Slain in Shoot-Out With Deputy
    November 10, 1985
    A 60-year-old man was killed and a Riverside County sheriff’s deputy shot in a gunfight that erupted after two deputies responded to a family disturbance call in the small desert community of Thermal, about 35 miles southeast of Palm Springs. Crescensio Chavez Sr. was shot inside his home after allegedly opening fire on the deputies and died a short time later at John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Indio, Sgt. Steve Hadley said. Deputy John Ammar, 28, who was shot in the right forearm, was listed in good condition at Kennedy. The second deputy, Wesley Keat, 26, was treated for minor injuries and released. Chavez’s 22-year-old son, Crescensio Jr., and wife, Maria, 58, were arrested in connection with the incident, Hadley said. Authorities have not yet determined why the elder Chavez allegedly opened fire. “It’s a mess right now,” Hadley said.

    Litigation followed. Keat was found to have wrongly killed the man. Look it up.

  18. Well this is a peculiar turn of events. We told Insider to provide evidence or we would remove the posts, and among other documentation he provided this link to the LA Times story above. We’re not sure this is relevant, but it seems if the number two person at the Times-Standard getting pinched for a little heroin is news, the number two guy at our DA’s Office ending up in court over shooting a man to death ought to be fair game as well. Make of it what you will.

  19. It’s a bit unclear as to what the jury was thinking. It’s pretty clear the other guy fired first.

    From the opinion

    At approximately 6 p.m. on November 8, 1985, Keat was on patrol when he responded to a dispatch concerning a verbal argument between two males inside a particular residence in Thermal. On his arrival, he observed two males, Crescencio Chavez, Jr. (“Chavez”) and an unrelated neighbor, in the front yard of the Chavez residence, which is next door to the residence mentioned in the dispatch. Keat recognized that the addresses were different; nevertheless, when the two males went into the Chavez residence, Keat followed them into the house without knocking or announcing his presence.

    Keat was met at the door by Chavez’s father, Crescencio Chavez, Sr. (“Mr. Chavez”). Keat pulled Chavez and his young son, Steven Chavez, out of a bathroom and down the hall into the living room. At that time a second officer, John Ammar, arrived at the house and came through the door into the living room. A struggle ensued involving Keat, Ammar, Chavez, Chavez’s mother, Maria de la Luz Chavez (“Mrs. Chavez”), and Steven. During the midst of that struggle, Mr. Chavez left the room and returned with a gun.

    In what may have been a misguided effort to get everyone’s attention and stop the struggle, Mr. Chavez fired the gun. Keat and Ammar responded by shooting Mr. Chavez at least six times, killing him.

    Chavez, Mrs. Chavez, Steven, and the administrator of the estate of Mr. Chavez (“Chavez Estate”) sued Keat, Ammar, and the County of Riverside under state law for damages for wrongful death and other torts, and under section 1983 for the violation of their civil rights. After the trial, the jury returned nine separate verdicts, each dealing with a different claim or group of claims brought by a different plaintiff or group of plaintiffs.

    The jury rejected all claims against Keat on the state law tort claims.

    The only claims which the jury decided in favor of the plaintiffs were those alleging that Keat had violated the plaintiffs’ civil rights, i.e., those brought “under federal law for excessive force, illegal seizure, and illegal search….” To Mrs. Chavez, the jury awarded $400,000 in compensatory damages and $100,000 in punitive damages; to the Chavez Estate, $6,200 in compensatory damages; and to Chavez and Steven, nominal compensatory damages of $1 apiece.

    There’s a rule they teach in law school: widows win.
    So they gave the poor woman one count and what they probably thought was not that much money.

    It’s not clear just what facts the jury found violated whose civil rights. It’s pretty clear they did NOT find that there was a wrongful death. Weird.

  20. But they found that our Assistant District Attorney violated a man’s civil rights through excessive force, illegal seizure, and illegal search—-while killing the man? How long have people known about this? It’s kind of unbelievable.

  21. Before I forget. The big thing about this blog is that they do not block comments that are from folks they disagree with, I know of at least 10 people who are in elected positions in government in Humboldt county that are blocked on the H blog. Progressives ideals can not stand up in the light, they need darkness, hence Richard Salzman, cause he is a dark SOB.

  22. The jury did not find he killed the man. They did not find the killing wrongful. That’s clear from the rejected claims. What is not clear is how the hell they found a civil rights violation given all the claims they rejected.

  23. I have long complained about Gallegos and his tactics. But some of the comments I observed on the Eye article and here confirm that the political nastiness is more prevalent than with just the campaigns.
    Too bad.
    It would be nice to have, I don’t know, a little higher tone in our local politics than the jerks who run for state and national office.
    Guess not.
    I was disgusted to see that the Humboldt Growers Association threw a shindig for him. Why?
    Because if the HGA was growing opium or manufacturing Meth? It would be called a DRUG CARTEL.
    Pot is still, at this time, an illegal drug. It’s not supposed to be grown for sale and distribution. That law may change, but if it does, it SHOULD be regulated and taxed just like every other damn substance we allow on a free market.
    However, looking at my choices, it’s hard to escape the pervasive arm of pot in Humboldt. Isn’t anyone free of the taint?

  24. The killing was not subject to debate. The man is dead. At issue in the trial was whether he was WRONGFULLY dead, and the jury decided he was not. Keat fared less well on the federal civil rights allegations, though, and WAS found to have engaged in illegal search and seizure, related to his method of entry, and utilized excessive force in shooting the man to death. You can act like it was no big, but It ended Keat’s career as a cop.

  25. Well, I am glad that the DA’s office with all of its commando “investigators” don’t have fully automatic assault rifles. Oh wait, nevermind. Move along, nothing to see here.

  26. OK, I think this one will bite them on the ass. I just got a robo phone call and it was obviously done by a digital voice. They claimed it was David Crane, who is a member of the Rep. central committee. NO WAY IN HELL would he have made this recording for Gags! If someone could get the TS or Ch 3 to call Mr. Crane and get him on the record denining he made the call, Gags would be toast.

  27. Jen

    I hear you. It appears that the Bon-Bon is as deeply mired as the non-estimable Lark Movelace. And Bugs! Dude, Jen as this sexy little icon and I have a shocked slice of pie? What gives?

  28. Whatever happened in Riverside count 25 years ago, the only reason that the DA’s office has not collapsed into absolute chaos in the past 8 years has been Wes Keat. He has been running that office since day 1 of the Gallegos regime; he has trained all the baby attorneys, he assigns cases, and he generally does all the stuff Gallegos is supposed to do but lacks the knowledge, skill, or brains. You fucking Humboldt County sea monkeys owe that fat walrus a damn gold watch. I don’t know what happened 25 years ago in Riverside, but i am quite confident that if Wes Keat shot a guy, the guy deserved to be shot.

  29. 7:06, I just checked Gags website and sure as shit, no David Crane there. I did notice that pot doc Ken Miller is there twice though. Guess somebody was too stoned to notice.

  30. Hey Red, it was the upstanding EPD officers who risk their lives every day protecting us that were targeted by Gallegos in his lawsuit because the DA didn’t believe Cherie Moore deserved to be shot and killed and that her civil rights were violated. Interesting parallels, don’t you think?

  31. Josephine, the svelte and sexy Jen provides her own avatar. And–by the way–she’s a famous novelist. So she’s basically beaten the shit out of all of us.

    As for the Keat thing, we’re not sure what to make of it. Truly. The guy who supposedly holds Gags’ perps’ rights platform together kicked down the wrong door and killed a guy? Civil rights violations? Excessive force? Personal judgments? Ruined career?

    That’s a shit-ton of smoke for no fire.

  32. All I’m saying is that for the past 8 years that fat hillbilly Keat is the only reason anything went right in that office. My opinion, for what it is worth, is that Wes Keat is a person of great integrity who has thrown himself on the grenade by working for Gallegos and making some effort to see that justice is done in Humboldt County.

  33. DDA Allan Dollison:

    Bar records show Dollison was disciplined in August 2000 with a 60-day suspension and placed on two years’ probation after stipulating to 16 counts of misconduct in four consolidated cases.

    Those included failing to perform legal services competently or respond to client inquires; improperly withdrawing from representation; failing to return client files and unearned fees; and two counts of failing to cooperate with the bar’s investigation.

    ”As part of one case Dollison was handling, he agreed to file a motion to set aside a default that had been entered against his client,” the bar summary states. “After not responding to his client’s inquires, Dollison told her he had filed a motion that was denied in court. He provided a copy of the motion, a notice of ruling which stated an attorney had appeared on behalf of the other party.”

    ”In fact, Dollison never filed a motion, there was no hearing, he fabricated the notice of ruling and forged signatures on documents he sent to the client,” the report continues. “His misrepresentations were acts of moral turpitude.”

  34. C’mon, now. No stoner would write that.

  35. Uh, bugger, I think he’s casting one.

  36. Ron has taken a position on the Marina Center & he wants to make it perfectly clear ;
    One bar on every corner & a liquor store in between bars .

    Ron Kuhnel Says:

    I am a fanatic beer geek and beer taster. I am rkuhnel on BeerAdvocate and Hayduke on Ratebeer. I am also Hayduke on The Beer in Me

    Election predictions ; Kuhnel 2 % X manns 79%

    third part candidate = 19%

  37. The DA has gone into hiding since Hagen wrote. Wonder why? What is Dick gonna do now? Het dicky?

  38. Speaking of Dick. How lame do you have to be to write letters to the editor under a bogus name to compliment letters you wrote under your real name? Or letters to the eiditor from you praising you?

    And speaking of Dick, has Larry Glass ever given an example of any meth lab he personally saved us from ? OF course he hasn’t because he was lying about that too.

  39. He will not come out because he has been touting the skilled healthcare lawsuit and the fact is he got spanked by CDAA and several big time DA’s over that, and he’s not going to answer any questions about it. And neither will his flacks like Natalimp or Patrik.

  40. I love any site that calls me svelte and sexy. LOL!!!!
    The Larry Glass ads are a joke.
    It’s funny, in this day and age, do politicians really think we won’t fact check?
    I don’t understand the continuation of lying as political practice.

  41. “The DA has gone into hiding since Hagen wrote. Wonder why?”

    Well he has plenty more things to do then worry about a virtually meaningless hit piece.If I am going to want to hear about Paul taking undeserved credit for the Skilled Healthcare case,I would much rather hear it from someone directly involved in the case going forward,not an outsider to it who has a personal grudge against Paul.
    Paul doesn’t need to respond.He is going to get re-elected on Tuesday,so he has 4 more years ahead of him to run the office.Responding to petty editorials like this are a waste of time.

  42. Poor Mresquan.

  43. Pretty brave Mark, posting here where people can answer back. Not like H blog where its censored one way. Here we go.
    Just how fucking dumb are you. As someone who was familiar with the Skilled Heath case from start to finish, Hagan is right on the money. How hard are you going to whine when he is defeated. Are you Richard Salzman’s butt boy or what, that or you did you spend a lot of time riding home on the short bus.You and Plain Jane are just groupies, its sad, you lick feet and whatever else they give you both.

    In fact Skilled Health violations had been put to his attention literally hundreds of times and he did nothing about it. Real criminal stuff not just staffing issues. He was to busy with R. Trent work and Ken Miller projects. He needs to be replaced. How much damage can he be allowed to do to Humboldt before he is handed his walking papers. Walk up to any police, sheriff, or highway patrol officer and ask them who they are voting for, it won’t be Gag’s. Ask any employee of the DA’s office in private what they think. You will not like the answer, cause none like him.

  44. mresquan or markie mark is such a f’ng dweeb.

    What causes such a twisted thought pattern in a person?

    When Gallegos is defeated I’m going to laugh at you mresquan. Hell, even if he wins I’m going to laugh at you

  45. We’re laughing already, Anonymous.

  46. Connect,I didn’t say familiar with,I said directly involved with.Shit,I’ve been familiar with it from the get-go as well.Now if you are directly involved I’d expect that you’d have no problem whatsoever with stating who you are and what your exact involvement was.
    And I don’t really give much of a rat’s ass what and who in law enforcement would or wouldn’t support him.He does a fine job at getting convictions,and frankly I believe he panders a bit too much to law enforcement in general.Anyways,the D.A.’s office should treated as a separate entity and not be beholden to interests of individual law enforcement departments.
    Anon 3:30 pm…Gallegos is winning,and is going to win on Tuesday.

  47. Oooh Mark. Can’t wait to see you whine on 11/3

  48. Take a look at the latest piece in the Arcata Eye. Hoover puts Gay Eggos in his place.

  49. Paul had his young son helping him serve beer at the Race for the Ridge event in Arcata today. Definitely not good judgment and definitely not legal. Par for the course for Paul Gallegos.

  50. Yeah Paul. Always above the law. What an fing crook

  51. Maybe the new DA will do something bout it?

  52. Mark, Do you understand that people who read your crap think you are an imbecile. What the fuck happened to your ability to add a few facts together.

    No asshole I’m not just familiar with the Skilled Health situation. I know every management person, every administrator, every DON, every MDS, almost all the RN’s, and a shit load of the Aide/staff at all the Skilled Health facilities for the last 10 years. Yes marky- I know about a lot about the fucking company, what has gone on there and the lawsuit. What you think means so little as to fit on the head of a pin, about equal to you Shit for brains ability to reason. You would have no problem IDing yourself, god are you stupid.

    Now go back to your silly ass H blog and whine.

  53. “I’m not just familiar with the Skilled Health situation. I know every management person, every administrator, every DON, every MDS, almost all the RN’s, and a shit load of the Aide/staff at all the Skilled Health facilities for the last 10 years.”

    Why are all these people you know staying silent in regards to Gallegos taking undeserved credit?

  54. Because they are scared of their jobs, its called, CYA. Also unlike you they have lives. Most of them would never have anything to do with H blog, also like many they are just trying to survive and could not give a shit about who said, he said, stupidity that makes up your life.

  55. Or perhaps even more likely is that they would disagree with your assessment and are grateful that Gallegos went to bat with them like he did,as everywhere else they turned to for help snubbed them away because they were unwilling to fight the good fight,which is something they received from Paul.So with his help and leadership they were able to get the best possible settlement that they could.

  56. Bull. Do you know anyone who was a plaintiff? I do and she says Gags was just a mannequin and didn’t do squat. She is offended by him and his commerciaLs. She said Hagen was right on and has an AJ sign in her yard. Mark…..nothing will slap you into reality.

  57. Gallegos? LEADERSHIP? Now that puts me in mind of the evaluations posted on line of British military officers, including

    The only way an enlisted person would follow this officer is from a perverse sense of curiosity

    my personal favorite, clearly written by a country person

    I would not breed from this officer

    A sample of the evals

    — His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of curiosity.

    — This young lady has delusions of adequacy.

    — She sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them.

    — I would not breed from this officer.

    — This officer is really not so much of a has-been, but more of a definitely won’t-be.
    — When she opens her mouth, it seems that this is only to change whichever foot was previously in there.

    — He has carried out each and every one of his duties to his entire satisfaction.

    — He would be out of his depth in a car-park puddle.

    — This officer reminds me very much of a gyroscope:
    always spinning around at a frantic pace, but not really going anywhere.

    — Since my last report he has reached rock bottom, and has started to dig.
    — Works well when under constant supervision and cornered like a rat in a trap.


  58. Christina allbright has gone nuclear on ths web re ajax. She forgets us who work with her and know bout the naked pictures she has sent to clients. Its a big ooh yuk!

  59. Albright has been smearing Jackson since day-one. What is it about women who just plain hate other women?

  60. Hmm. Seems Allbright has issues. Big issues. Is she married to Salzman? Both seem to have inferiority complexes.

  61. Poor Mark, has not the ability for rational though. Gags is going down/and you will have no hero.

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