Kuhnel goes on the Pierson payroll


Hey. No one ever said maintaining a monopoly would be cheap.

After weeks of declining to state publicly his opposition to the Marina Center, Third Ward city council candidate Ron Kuhnel made his stance refreshingly clear when he accepted a $2,000 campaign contribution from the man who stands to gain the most from the project’s continued obstruction.

Bill “the Big Hammer” Pierson previously ponied up two large for First Ward incumbent Larry Glass who, when he’s not lying about his support for the project, studies some of the finer points of American history and tells everyone how he’s chased around town by rich people in Cadillacs, or some such shit. Who knows. Fucker’s nuttier than squirrel crap.

Regardless, so much for the ol’ $500 contribution cap, yes? Apparently the only contributions these two are interested in limiting are their opponents’.

14 Responses

  1. That’s so awesome! That graphic is perfect. Humboldt County is so privileged to have our own “Pierson Bunch”!

  2. Yes, gosh it’s so awesome Mr. Arkley.

    Who do YOU think we should vote for?

  3. I am sure that in no time you will provide any link to where Ron states that he was holding to a contribution cap.

  4. Oh no…I am so disappointed. I thought this was a “different” candidate, not another bought one..

  5. Still thinkin …………

    Just look at who’s on this guys list of supporters!

    How much has “the BIG HAMMER” spent in the past four years on selected Eureka city council and the board of supervisors races. It’s tens of thousands of dollars.

    I also want to say that Mark is a total assho

  6. No shit anon 8:52. Poor bastard must have someone tie his shoes.

  7. So you are surprised? Really? Now that IS surprising.

    In Ron’s own words,

    “In the grand scheme of things I fail to see why the Marina Center is so important to so many Eureka voters.” He goes on to talk about a Home Depot not being a good fit for “Old Town”. Kind of a stretch IMO because Home Depot would be at the end of the development and fit right in with the businesses down there. I don’t think you could consider it part of “the old town development”.

    Then (are you paying attention Heraldo) this brilliant remark that shows he does understand measure N is not “meaningless:

    “As I said the property is privately held. Any opportunity to suggest any different zoning that might result in a different outcome was lost when Measure N went on the ballot.”

    Ron is for closing the Zoo ( which he has publicly testified to), the true ward system and against the Marina center. If he wins, he will have won swimming against the current of majority views Eurekan’s hold.

    BTW, He actually has not been in favor of capping campaign contributions. He testified in front of the council that he thought Jeff’s proposal would limit the ability of political candidates.

    Just setting the record straight. The quotes are from an e-mail a friend of mine received from Ron last week after an inquiry.

    This election will be interesting. I don’t have a voice in the city or district 4 race, so will just be an interested bystander. However, I hope the pubic display of disrespect and rudeness of Larry and Linda toward their peers on the council and the city staff will not be compounded by allowing them to have the majority say on the council…..and yes, Larry is lying about his support of the Marina project. Interesting the TS hasn’t noticed something that important to report to the voting public.

    Oh, that’s right the Times Sub-standard has actually endorsed him. Well, that’s usually the kiss of death to any candidate. LOL

  8. Only $2,000?

    Shit, maybe if he’d throw down some real cash like Rob, he get somewhere! I’d suggest starting the bidding at $30,000. Then you can play with the big boys.

    Pony up Big Hammer!

    PS- Rob, where is the rest of your photos from Hurricane Kates?

  9. Ron K, along with Larry Glass and Linda A., will control the Eureka city council, which will protect the big hammer from Home Depot and stifle jobs and economic growth in Eureka and Humboldt County.

    If Eureka is to recover Glass has got to go. Glass should be gone for other reasons too! Ron K. is part of the Glass (and even Neely) circle of doom.

    Larry Glass is slimey slimey slimey

  10. I can’t believe the absence of comments regarding his illegal construction over there on the island. The chair of the planning commission was involved in a bonifide zoning violation! Ethics???

  11. Hey Arkley, how much will you pay me to vote for Measure N?

  12. How many people would be employed locally, right now, if the Marina Center construction had began in say 2008?

    Shovle Ready JOBS ?!?!?! who knows

    Pierson, uses his contributions to keep his local monopoly, Neely gladly takes the money because that’s what she does, and Glass just hates Arkley and maybe he is affraid of some competition for his business (assuming he makes a liavable living off “the works”)

    Humboldt County needs a real change.

    vote for Brady and do not vote for Ron K.

  13. Do any of you know how much money Arkley has given to this year’s races? I haven’t seen him give one dollar to any candidate.

  14. I saw a sign today for retail space for rent, (on Broadway) the sign was obviously weathered and appeared to have been in place for quite some time, it was paired up with a Bonnie Neely sign.

    I do appreciate the irony. Mr. K, hand in glove with the prog bunch and now has the $$ to prove it!

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