Oh well. Laws are for other people.

WARNING: Consumption of alcohol can make people even stupider than they already are.

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos displayed more of his trademark integrity, legal acumen and just plain common sense when he enlisted his underaged son to help out in the beer booth at a fundraiser on Saturday.

The person who sent us this photo said the child was “pulling the tap and helping serve beer.”

California law specifies a minimum age of 18 or 21 to serve alcohol, depending on the setting.

The legal issues aside,  so much for all t hose deeply held convictions about the evils of strong drink.

Our informant said Gags was not fit to be a parent, let alone a district attorney.

We’ll drink to that.


49 Responses

  1. It’s not even PBR. What the fuck’s wrong with that man?

  2. Ask Kevin Hoover.

    “Paul Gallegos’ listless DA Office leadership is defined mostly by constant explaining and excuse-making, a supposed law-and-order DA with an uncanny knack for letting bad actors off on technicalities.”

    Read the whole thing here. You’ll be glad you did.

  3. Classic. Idiot.

  4. PBR is too déclassé for such a hip DA, his beer pouring minor, and the throngs of his microbrew swilling fans. I’m sure Mad River Brewery co-owner and way-far-lefty Boob Ornelas donated the beer for Gags to give away at the fundraiser rally.

    Whatever. We’ll tip our PBR bottles to Allison on Election Day in hopes she’ll have the support to overcome our smarmy excuse of a District Attorney. With letters to the editor like Paul Hagen’s and Editorials from Kevin Hoover, it’ll be interesting to see what’s receding faster, Gag’s support, or his hairline?

  5. Is the APD investigating? After all, no one is above the law. Everyone should be treated equally. Equal justice for all without fear or favor.

  6. Terrible DA, but a REALLY cool dad. My parents never let me bartend. I bet that boy can’t wait to tell the other elementary school kids what he got to do.

  7. Who saw the kid pour a beer? It is one thing to sling mud, but anonymously reporting a crime on a blog especially one involving a minor, I hope you have your ducks in a row.

  8. Oh we do. Thanks for your heartfelt concern.


  9. While I am a little concerned about the precedent of posting pictures of kids on a political blog. It is clearly the fault of Gallegos and his poor judgement that has allowed this to happen. What an idiot. In the end I say kudo’s to the Mirror for helping to point out the hyprocrisy of a guy who wants to continue as DA.

    BTW – Richard Salzman the man of a thousand aliases has been working the phones trying to get the post removed. Bugs – If for no other reason, please leave this post intact. Do not let Salzman push you around.

  10. If there is proof that Gags let his kid pour a beer someone needs to call the ABC asap.

  11. I think people did that, the questions is how will it take to get a response back? Quick, see if Jerry Brown will comment on the case.

  12. I have dedicated most of my summer and fall as a volunteer for the event to which you refer (6-months of hard work by hundreds of volunteers with proceeds designated to the non-profit) and I take my volunteer work very seriously. If you have substantiated evidence that corroborates your anonymous witnesses story, please let me know. Personally, I have spoken with the majority of people who were involved in beer sales at the festival and although for a moment the child at the booth standing next to his father helping to clean up and arrange cups, at no time did the child handle alcohol. Immediately upon notification, I asked the child to leave the booth. Please do not let hard work and dedication of our volunteers get in the cross-fire of this humboldt county election!

  13. Debi. Its Gallegos not the event. He’s the one who let this happen

  14. Btw doesn’t it bother you Debi that you had to get the boy out of the Booth? A witness said he pulled the lever on the beer. This dimwit IS the DA. Above the law.

  15. Anybody know why the Eureka ABC is the only office that closes at noon?

  16. Debi, your concerns about sullying the good name of your event would seem more plausible had we identified it. But we intentionally didn’t. So it’s not hard work and good causes that are being put in the crossfire of this election. It is, yet again, the deplorably poor judgment of an elected official who can’t be trusted to run a fucking beer booth. If you don’t want him screwing stuff up, personally I’d stop inviting him. As for evidence of an offense, we have an eye witness who can do with the photos and testimony what he or she sees fit.

  17. Oh Salzman is crying his bitch eyes out over this one. And Debi, looks like substantiated evidence of a child in a beer booth, don’t it? What the eff else do you want?

  18. God I’m loving this one. You can smell the fear pooling in Richard’s folds of fats.

  19. Anonymous, being the volunteer PIC I take full responsibility for any and all challenges that may have occur when planning and implementing fundraising events and take my role very seriously. I have allowed any and all politicians running for office to participate, and welcome their help. It is very important to show our children the pleasure you get from volunteering and that hard work and dedication to a cause is important . As far as “getting the boy out of the booth” personally I didn’t see him doing anything wrong or illegal other than wiping down a table. I asked him to leave to avoid this exact sitution. I’m not political nor do I participate in blogging (because I used my real name, I’m hoping that what I have to say holds some validity), after reading the post, I felt the need to respond. I am defending the intergity of the event and its orgainizers.

  20. This child learned the pleasure of slinging beer.

  21. ‘I am not political nor do I participate in blogging’.

    But we should ignore that you worked for Plumley for his run at Supervisor, that you endorsed Paul (or was that fabricated by his campaign?) AND you are blogging!

    Your community work speaks for itself. It is good and so are you – don’t take responsibility for Paul’s lack of parenting judgement.

  22. Christ Almighty, I’ve found the local Temperance blog!

  23. Debi, Debi, you been around those people way to long. You don’t even know what the truth is anymore.See what a slippery slope it is they travel on.

  24. Does my heart good to see a dad teaching his son how to tap a keg and pour a glass. Would you rather have them learn this at a fraternity, or does it just make sense to teach them at an early age. After a beer or six and a couple hits of his sponsors finest, maybe he could take a couple of those AR-15’s and teach the boy to shoot. Who new Pauli was a redneck hiding behind a progressive front.

  25. Progressive my ass. Hagen dispelled that. Now its business as usual and that is how to make this Ok when its illegal

  26. This isn’t about Debi. And we stand by the post. We have photographic evidence, eye-witness testimony, and the opinion of counsel that Richard Salzman can just suck it. That said, we understand the concerns of several of you who have privately acknowledged Gallegos’ unabashed stupidity but also sympathized with both the cause and the good people raising funds for it. They’ve asked us to consider removing the photo to avoid problems with the Alcohol Control Board. We are reluctuantly considering this request.

  27. Richard. Suck my dick. I am so done with you. Came to my work to tell me why you trespassed on my property. F U. I am disgusted I let u hang signd. I aint voting for U dude. No way

  28. Debi Darling, take some valium. No one and I do mean No One is going to get all puffed up , and indignant with you over this. Puffery and indignation with the sitting DA, oh yes!

    Yet again, we have evidence that this guy is a MORON! I am in the mood to spill…..a few years ago I was working at a local hospital and the Coast Guard flew the worthless piece of shit (the DA) to the hospital for a “surfing accident”. He had a laceration in the groin, missed the ‘important stuff’. He WAS surfing on the county dime and got a ride on the Coastie helo on the taxpayer dime as well! For a fucking 2 inch cut!!!!!

    He walked around with a cane for a week because he is a complete cry-baby loser! I took great pleasure in shredding his $600.00 wet suit with trauma shears!

    But, I digress…..he is a complete joke as DA.

  29. Bugs

    Closed session of the Eureka City Council? Come on, spill, has the Glass/Underage Stalker rumor really got game?

  30. It seems to me that the right thing to do is to turn himself in and take responsibility for his actions so no other parties suffer from his mistake.

    Paul has the golden opportunity to really show his integrity, judgment, and that no one person is above the law.

  31. It seems to me that the right thing to do is for Paul to turn himself in and take all the responsibility for his actions to no other parties suffer from his mistake.

    Paul Gallegos has the golden opportunity to live up to his values of integrity, judgment, and that no one is above the law.

  32. Here’s the right thing to do:

    Vote Allison Jackson. Not because Paul let his little boy pour beer. Who fucking cares? His kid is just a kid. Paul is just Paul. Allison is a classy woman who knows right from wrong. Good luck Allison! This county needs some strong leadership and an absence of the Salzman douchebag types.

  33. Oh come on. Seriously. It looks like the kid is asking his dad a question. Give me a break. If he was pulling the tap why not actually take a picture of THAT instead of trying to make this into something it isn’t. Fight fair. Don’t manipulate situations and photos to make someone else look bad.

  34. All right anon 1:13, why defend a dumbass? Maybe he didn’t do ANYTHING wrong this time. ***sarcastic smile***

    Maybe the Mirror slime is just TOTALLY making this all up. But why is there someone at this event who was willing to pass along a picture to “The Devil Mirror” to make Paul look bad if he was totally innocent? My guess is that his kid DID pour some beers and Paul is too stupid to have prevented it and the organizers are shocked at his lack of responsibility but were too late to stop it. Wake up. This man is deciding the fate of criminals and victims.

  35. He called at work to solicit votes too…I work in a federally funded social service office. Not legal either. He is above the law and must be taken out of office. Go vote.

  36. Get our and vote the Dumb Ass out

  37. I’m reminded of what Hagen said about Gags being “congenitally unqualified” for the job. As if we needed more confirmation.

  38. I seriously doubt he would have allowed his child to pour beer at any event. He doesn’t even allow his kid to do it at home. This is obviously a sore loser. I’ve been to many events where his family was with him and Paul poured beer while one of his kids would mosey next to him so they could be by his side ( they rarely saw him during the campaign). He would then shoo them away. Looks and smells like a hack job to me! By the way, didn’t even know this rag existed until this pic.

  39. OMG! His kid poured a beer. Say it ain’t so…
    I wonder if there are any underage kids drinking at family events too…
    These people must be stopped.

  40. Josephine is a real firebrand! Well executed remarks as usual!

  41. Seriously Doubt, thank you very much. What you just described is illegal. I can understand you not knowing that, but I’d like to think a district attorney would know better.

  42. And by the way, this isn’t the sore loser site. In case you hadn’t noticed.

  43. so if this person seen him serving beers then why is there not pictures of him doing this. It seems like you had a up front shot and the only picture you get is him hugging his son. It seems like Jackson was so desperate to get elected seeing how she was fired from the DA’s office that she sent spy’s out to do some dirty work that did her no good accept show a father hugging and caring for his son. I think Alison needs a little more time before we all start bashing her. She needs to climb out of the booze bottle and the mountain of debt she put herself in to fund her failed election. Give me a break

  44. Bitterness, friend. Not a good look on you.

  45. ya sure: head on over to Heraldo. They are still at Def-con 2 over there! Plain Jane appears to be forgoing sleep and nourishment in her despair.

  46. Gallegos is over $60,000 in personal, family and ‘friends’ debt while Jackson is only $10,000.

    Funny how the progs are lamenting how much money has gone into these races, but conveniently forget Cleary is $126,000+, Paul is $136,000, and the BonMaster is over $130,000. It’s all a wash.

  47. It’s not about the amount of money. It’s about who it comes from. Prog money good, all else bad. Dumb fucks.

  48. Is it not illegal to post a childs picture to a website without a parents permission? If so, you could be seeing a lawsuit soon.

  49. not if the child’s in a public place.


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