Go get your vote on, kids

Behold the Beard of Victory

What’s better than elections?

Seriously. Name something.

What’s that you say?

Oh. Well, okay.

Yes, tits are better than elections. That’s true.

The Giants winning the World Series. Also very good.

And unexpected evidence that Brett Favre’s man-junk is notably smaller than our own–all these are better than elections. Admittedly.

But still. Elections are up there. Like top five or ten.

So in the spirit of this great democracy, each winning candidate–friend or foe–will be awarded the Beard of Victory as results are known. And the Graphics Dept. sobers up. And we get around to it.

So go vote already, will you?


15 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to see that beautiful beard of victory!

  2. Suprised you’re rooting for a team from the epicenter of progressive politics

    Good sign for the Dem’s on Election day!

  3. Fuck the progressive politics.

  4. Well, there’s the spirit of compromise that makes America great.

  5. That beard would do wonders for the Bon Bon, but I for one hope we never see it on her.

  6. Do you think if she does win that she learned anything from seeing how unpopular she really is, and that she’ll do a better job next time?

  7. http://www.northcoastjournal.com/blogthing/2010/11/02/i-facebook-friended-richard-salzman/

    He went nuts!

  8. No 12:30. I think she’ll be fair and honest. That’s her style.

  9. Oh. My bad. I take that last comment back. Its bon Bon. She doesn’t know what the truth is!!!!

    Slezman is going after Terrence? F’ing sick.

  10. The temptation to call Lumpy Altizer and find out if he actually had to follow-up on the Slezman compliant is strong! But I am resisting.

  11. Go Virginia! Go Allison! Go Marion! Go Mike, Ryan, Frank and Lance. WIN this RACE.

  12. So far, so awesome!!

  13. For what it’s worth, I did vote Sundberg and Jackson and generally more conservative than ever in my life. Salzman and Heraldo have really gotten to me in the past few months.

  14. Right on Bugs. I did not think that anything could top last night. I was wrong.

  15. Let’s not forget tits. Also still awesome.

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