Quote of the day

I fucking hate politics.

That gem from none other than Joan Gallegos.

Yeah. Stay classy, Joan. Stay classy.


11 Responses

  1. Wow, this election is crazier than I thought. It’s awful sad in Leftyville tonight.

  2. I’d hate politics too if I was married to that fuckhead.

  3. They are over there on the Herald crying doom and gloom for Eureka. Hilarious!!!

  4. Joan dear, have another beer.

  5. Overall, a pretty good day.

  6. The DA’s race is not over yet, and a couple others could shift. But the Bon Bon is gone gone, and tonight we will settle for that.

  7. Actually, Joan is a very classy lady. Being the wife of a person running for or being in political office is not a bed of roses. I understand her sentiments.

  8. Agreed, Barb. The remark actually almost made us like Paul. A little. For a minute. Almost.

  9. LOL! See? This is why my husband can never run for office. I’d say exactly the same thing.
    I can’t believe we’re stuck with him again, but Joan has a right to relieve a little tension.
    Screw the beer Joan. Hit the whiskey.

  10. I side with Bob Dylan: “Politics is the right hand of the devil”

  11. or maybe she meant ” I hate fucking politicians!”

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