Following decisive defeat, Neely says she’ll spend final weeks in office working on jobs (for herself)

Here’s one possibility.

She can do it, we can help.

22 Responses

  1. She’s been if office long enough. Can’t she retire, or do supes get retirement?

  2. Oh, Bonnie has a hefty retirement package, and it’s on us Fred.

  3. Humbugs, you’ve done your part. Thanks.

  4. Great night for Eureka. Really good night for Humboldt County except for the DA race. It’s unbelievable to me that so many people want to put that conscienceless piece of shit back in office. But on balance, it’s hard to complain.

  5. Bonnie has a hefty retirement package, and it’s on us Fred.

    As will Virginia, assuming she keeps the job for 20+ years.

    As an aside, I heard years ago that one past supervisor, I believe it was Sara Parsons(?), ended up working some minimum wage job after she either lost her seat on the Board, or gave it up.

  6. I wouldn’t worry about the Bon Bon. She’s been taking excellent care of herself for the past 24 years. There’s no reason to think things will be any different now.

  7. The DA was selected by Humboldt state students and a little by Arcata. That was what was counted last. So people who will not be here, have no investment in the county, and will be gone within 1-4 years in most cases elected our DA. That cunt Plain Jane wants to talk about all the ads others posted, lets talk about all the shit Salzman pulled at HSU.

  8. LMAO. To quote Mr Rogers,it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

  9. Congratulations to VIRGINIA!! She’s been through hell with this campaign. I am SO happy for her and the City and County. What a great day!

    Also, congratulations to Marian, Mike, Frank and Lance!

    Oh happy day.

  10. Bonnie will get PERS retirement, but she is only 61 and that is not retirement age. Actually she did not retire, she was fired by her bosses, the voters. Her Salzman based negative campaign did not work and she did not go our gracefullty and will have a hard time getting any government appointment or job. Serves her right and a lesson to others about this smear the opponent technique.

  11. oh, I bet the kinky haired one is pooping his pants

  12. Plain Jane is having a VERY hard time with the whole democracy thing. It’s a bitch………….

  13. I think this election was proof that ratcheting up the rhetoric never trumps elevating the dialogue.

    None of the winners, including Paul, got mired in the name-calling. It’s no co-incidence that the strategy of civil discourse won the day.

    It’s a win win for all of us when negative smears don’t get the job done.

  14. Who will the Gov appoint as our next Coastal Commissioner??

  15. Gerard was at the post office this morning, probably doing a mass mailing to cities and counties looking for a Planning Director.

    Hoffweber will follow after, having not gotten a good return on his $3,000 investment to the Bon.

  16. Fear not Bon-Bon! You can always suck up to the new gov. or failing that….Tip-Top club is always looking for something exotic and unusual.

  17. Maybe some banana republic is in the market for a new despot. She’s got 24 years experience doing that.

  18. Now, instead of whining like H blog, I would like to see everyone who voted for change to sanity get working.

    See what you can do to increase production, support the economy, create work thus jobs, and do what you can to support Humboldt. There is no excuse now. Reach out to others if takes that to whoever can help. This is a boat and we need all rows in the water to keep it afloat and going forward.

    Fuck Larry and Bonnie, their gone. Hopefully for good. Salzman is a piece of shit but as long as he can suck tit he will be with us. So sorry about Gags not being thrown out, it is really tragic for kids and women.

  19. She looks so happy.

  20. If the new majority (as in the same old majority plus Brady, it’s not like there’s a shift of power here folks) wants to get this boat going (as if they weren’t in power for the last few decades to do just that), they could try prying open the doors of City Hall with the next city manager chose through a transparent public process.

    Arcata is an example of what NOT to do by hiring their own police chief as city manager through a corrupt process w/no public input. Just try getting any public records out of that incestuous little cesspool.

  21. In response to Anon – Nov. 3rd: The Governor will need to appoint another local elected official to the Coastal Commission. He is probably getting “input & recommendations” now. Bonnie Neely will likely recommend her successor. If you have someone in mind, the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors has he details.

  22. May I just pipe in and say “whoopie the wicked witch is dead!”. Bye Bon Bon.

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