NCJ reports 12,960 ballots still uncounted

That’s slightly more than 25 percent of the total number of ballots cast.

Roughly 6,000 of the uncounted are said to be leftover early absentees, which typically trend conservative.

Another 5,500 are reportedly absentee ballots that were walked into the Elections Office on election day, and these historically lean to the left.

Most of the rest are believed to be provisional ballots, of the kind that, interestingly enough, showed up en masse at a polling station near HSU. Campaign staff will almost certainly scrutinize these one by one to make sure no one’s get-out-the-vote effort involved rolling up a bunch of ineligible students to ratchet up their numbers.

Not that anyone would do that.


So what does it all mean?

Crap if we know, but we should probably hold off putting coveted Beards of Victory on Sundberg, Newman and Gallegos. Maybe Stillman and Wheetley as well, because Meserve could conceivably gain enough ground to tip the Arcata race as well.

See the NCJ Blogthing blurb here.


84 Responses

  1. That puts Measure N back in play too. With all these new votes, it might hit 80%.

  2. Most of the rest are believed to be provisional ballots, of the kind that, interestingly enough, showed up en masse at a polling station near HSU. Campaign staff will almost certainly scrutinize these one by one to make sure no one’s get-out-the-vote effort involved rolling up a bunch of ineligible students to ratchet up their numbers.

    Oh please!

  3. Because god knows how upstanding those prog campaigns have been, eh Eric? All that talk of truth and justice, but when it comes to winning neither of those qualities matter.

  4. Okay, Eric. When the counting starts, you tell me which campaign that’s still in play DOESN’T want to take a peek at those provisional ballots. Okay?

    You progs are more self-righteous than the fucking tea partiers. So much so that you still can’t figure out why so many dems won’t have anything to do with you.

  5. I find myself voting republican more often in local races these days, because I can’t bring myself to climb down into the slop trough with the “progressives.” Besides in my experience, most republicans are less fascist than most progs. I was really happy to see moderate democrats do so well in this election. Hopefully it will mark a return to common sense and common ground.

  6. What does it mean? No matter what, Bonnie’s gone and Larry’s toast and no amount of fancy math or provisional votes will change that.

  7. Word.

  8. For Cleary to overcome the lead that Sundberg has he would have to pull votes at a level that he did not achieve on election night. There are 5687 permanent absentee voters in the 5th and 2212 were counted by election night as reported on the first report. If the level of absentee voting were to be at 75% then there would be an additional 2053 ballots to be counted in the 5th. For Cleary to pass Sundberg he would need 55% of those votes and Sundberg would get 45%, an unexpected change of pattern. We also know that at the Hoopa pricinct, there were 100 absentee ballots, which would be nearly 90% for Sundberg. With that in mind, Cleary would need to pull nearly 60%, and that is most unlikely.

  9. It seems there are always uncounted votes at the close of election day. However, I can’t remember an election whose “final” results were changed after the “final final” count. Sometimes the winning totals narrow a bit but the results remain the same.

    I don’t see Jackson overcoming 1054 votes and I don’t see Kuhnel gaining with a 171 difference in votes. Maybe Cleary will gain some, but Sundberg will too and Dave Meserve has to pick up a couple of hundred votes to win.

    My guess is we know the results and nothing is going to dramatically change the totals we already have. If it does, it will be a first.

    It’s a guess but I base it on past experience. If you are behind in the vote count after 3/4 of the votes have been tallied, it’s just very difficult to gain enough votes to pull out a win.

  10. Oh please. Gosh Eric this is a standard ACORN tactic. You think Salzman, Twomby, and the rest just dropped into town 10+ years ago from nowhere. The university has been used like this before, it will be interesting.

    Ben and Barb are right, don’t think we will see any huge change in final results. Be nice to get rid of Gags but Dick is really tricky, looks like he lied his way in again.

  11. Over 800 students were registered to vote right up to the deadline and many of these students NEVER received any information or sample ballots and were forced to vote provisional.

    Maybe the County Office of Elections should be prepared that Arcata will have an influx of new student voters every year as they move here or change their address.

  12. Or maybe the voter reg drive should be hitting HSU right when school starts in late August from now on — then they can register as absentee voters and get all their voter info way ahead of time. Doubly for the June primaries, since the mail-in ballots arrive prior to Graduation Day.

    Will these thick-skulled Dems never learn. They were told all this 10+ years ago and wouldn’t listen.

  13. My god you can hear the whine from the H-bloggers in Trinidad. Plain Jane just melted down completely. Wants list from businesses of their politics, so she does not fund the enemy.

    One of the biggest mistakes ever was allowing students to vote at school instead of their homes. Allows people to vote on issues that they will not have to deal with because they are gone in 1-4 years. Screwed same towns with universities like Santa Cruz and Arcata.

  14. Us progs are self-righteous? I’m sorry. Who’s accusing the opposition of vote fraud with no evidence?

  15. Eric, Salzman has been doing dirty stuff here for over 10 years. this is just the sort of crap he would pull. An yes, you are a bunch of self-righteous folks

    Now lets see if moderation applies because of a word or my name.

  16. I just learned something today, its been a good day.

  17. Do tell, connect.

  18. As long as Larry Glass is out on his ass.

    No wait ! Who is going to protect us from Methlabs and crackhouses?

  19. Fuck hail Garr

  20. Eric, either your persecution complex is dangerously strong or your reading comprehension skills are dangerously weak. No one accused anyone of vote fraud. I said candidates from both sides would want to scrutinize the provisionals to make sure they were legit. Crnich herself said the number of provisional ballots was unusually high. That said, Salzman has proven again and again that there’s no line he won’t cross in the pursuit of power. I did not say he committed fraud, beyond the out-and-out lies he told about both Paul and Allison, but I don’t doubt for a second that he would.

  21. “It’s not personal, its just business”. Its the line that lawyers and Mafia types use all the time. I’m sure its how Dick boy justifies what he does. Sometimes Eric you don’t have to taste the shit on the sidewalk to know its shit. The smell gives it away.

  22. I love it! We don’t know if Salzman committed a crime. In fact, we have no evidence that a crime was even committed. But if it was, we all know he would do it.

    It’s a great frame. You can deny you made the accusation, but it’s still out there. My hat’s off to you.

  23. Erik why don’t you hang around Larry’s, I mean Hearaldo’s blog. He won’t let any opinion he doesn’t agree with stay on, which makes his rag look everyone is united on the pergressoives. But anyone with half a brain knows that isn’t so.

    That does raise the question??? What happens to his good buddy Garr once he’s out of office?

  24. Eric, who is a rather nice guy generally, is going to take offense to this? Now? I mean, with all the things he could take offense to, this is the one he protests about?

    Oh well, sour grapes are what they are.

  25. Whoa! Boys! Take a breath!
    Eric disagrees with HumBugs implication that some of the provisional ballots aren’t legit.
    That doesn’t make him a whiner or mean he has sour grapes.
    It means he doesn’t agree with the implication.
    That said, let me add this. The fear is that HSU students (which are more often liberal/progressive in their politics) may sway the election.
    We do know Salzman told a lot of lies during the campaign. Not embellishments. Lies.
    Now, is that a crime? Well, claiming that a candidate has credentials he doesn’t have isn’t a crime, but it isn’t very professional or honest.
    The one thing I dislike intensely about the way this election progressed was the hostility on one side and the fist-pumping bad winners on the other.
    None of that will help this county.

  26. Have to agree with Jen about may sway the election. I believe the Election Department will check to see if there is a filled out registration and if they don’t find one then that vote will not count. I can’t remember how they determine who the vote came from though. Anyone know?

    Prop 19 probably caused some students to register to vote that may have not voted before or that could not figure out how to get an absentee ballot from their home voting area and then just reregistered here.

  27. I have little problem with the fact that many people have different beliefs than I do, in fact I was married for 20 yrs to a lady that was liberal. She firmly believed in her values and was a very intelligent human being. I do business with people who know how conservative my political beliefs are and are more concerned with the job I do rather than my views on economics. I have many friends, business associates, and relatives who are extremely liberal. I love many of them very much.
    We also know that Richard and minions were at HSU several times registering voters. Is this illegal, no its not. Slick, yes it is, did they perhaps spike votes. Probably not, the problem given his morals is the probably. Old dogs are good at the old tricks that they have practiced.
    I am not fist pumping at all. Ideologues on both sides have caused huge problems in both California and the US.
    The trick is to get all sides to understand that we are all on this ball of mud together. You know in prisons there are many groups. The Woods, Mexicans, Blacks, and the others. They realize they all have to live to together in close quarters. When a member of one group violates the rules of the whole group, his group is required to deal with him
    All sides have allowed their bad seeds to go unpunished.

  28. Eric, I think when you took your hat off your brain fell out.

  29. Connect well said at 1:10 PM. Do I know you?

  30. Oh I haven’t seen too much fist pumping here. But I have seen a bit elsewhere.
    There is a disconnect here that some of the more conservative elements have. There is a belief that these candidates won because Humboldt has gone conservative. I would say it was more because the progressives were the incumbents and the economy is particularly bad than because voters are gung ho about a conservative movement.
    I could be wrong, but I hope the newly elected take note. How many votes were cast to get rid of Bonnie Neely rather than because they were “hooked on Bass”? And how many folks voted for Jackson to get rid of Gallegos?
    One of the things I noticed in the plethora of questions at the exit poles in several of the elections was that many, many voters voted angry.
    What I think is funny is that a Progressive friend of mine says he’s moving because this has become “Arkleyville”.
    I hope Rob doesn’t think so, because he will find, as many have before him, that once in office, those politicians he thought were going to smooth the way for him are going to follow the rules.
    Besides, there’s a tone of watch dogs around this county and I expect they’ll keep a close eye on these new victims–er I mean elected candidates.

  31. Actually the reality is old Humboldt is conservative. I think what happened is they got mad along with more moderate people of the blatant stuff coming out the extremists on the left.
    Its funny, I know Rob, an no matter what said on here this is a guy who lives to do business. It is a fundamental part of his being. This stupid hatred of anyone who is more successful than you is class envy garbage. It is a tactic that is used constantly, just read the shit Plain Jane spouts. I have to tell you, Robs wife tells him what do just like anyone of us not rich men are told by our wives. The trick is to dehumanize people so its easier to treat them as different. Practiced by both sides.
    In my case I first saw these tactics working in the late 60′ and early 70’s with a number of groups. Youth Socialist Alliance, Vietnam Vets against the war, and the Communist Party of America. Also the US Army, start with bullseye targets and advance to yellow head targets with sandpan hats. Great to be young and stupid.

  32. Well according to the Northcoast Journal’s John Osborn, young and stupid (or liberal or poor) means you won’t vote so….

  33. I just think you should have a little more information before implying anything. We can debate about whether someone is lying. Voter ballot fraud is on a whole different level.

    Hell, even the old racist Sheriff Gillespie had more than that.

    “I know that Coburt cashed a check for $900. I know that Sam made a big cash deposit. I know that you caught him in a lie. And I know that’s enough for me!”

  34. Eric ‘i’m never wrong’ Krik……

  35. Half truths, hyperbole and innuendo are a Humboldt Herald specialy, and yet you say nothing………

  36. Eric, we’re dealing with a man who posted on several blogs early in the campaign that Allison killed her parents in a drunk-driving accident. It would almost have been funny if her parents had not in fact been killed by a drunk driver. The fuckwad who does that will do anything. Your dainty little lines between moral offenses are unpersuasive.

  37. Without rolling your eyes and sighting, and providing instead facts, tell me exactly how you know it was Salzman making those reprehensible posts.

  38. The editor of a local newspaper, which I will not identify, asked him.

  39. To save you the next question: Salzman did not say he did it and did not say he didn’t do it. Instead he provided a list of reasons why it was okay to do it. You draw your own conclusion. I’ve drawn mine.

  40. He emphatically denied it to me.

  41. Salzman told Kevin Hoover that AJ had been “drunk dialing”.

    Digest that, Eric.

  42. And to which name, persona or alias did this supposed emphatic denial refer to?

    Richard is a scumbag, I know it, you know it, even Richard knows it, and most importantly, lots and lots of voters know it.

    Even partisan politics is supposed to have a certain amount of integrity and Richard Salzman has absolutely none.

  43. All this time, I thought Plain Jane was Richard Salzman, and it turns out, ‘she’ is actually Eric Krik.

  44. What exactly does “drunk dialing” mean? He denies accusing her of drunk driving, either openly or anonymously.

    So I would again ask for facts for such a serious accusation.

  45. ohhhh, Salzman denies it therefore it’s true.

    Are you daft Erik? Until given irrefutable evidence (IP addresses), he denied submitting LoE to editors too!
    Salzman excels at derogatory talking points and whisper campaigns to destroy the character of people he opposes.

  46. Eric,you are wasting your time coming here and expecting any facts to anything revolving around Salzman.You can keep on asking,but I’ll assure you that they ain’t coming.

  47. Well, Pffft gives me a fact. He lied once before, which is 1/3 of what Sheriff Gillespie had to arrest Sam.

    I suppose if I asked him, he would also deny that he is in fact the poster named “Humbug,” which will in fact prove that he is Humbug. I will contact Richard Salzman therefor to confirm that he is in fact Humbug.

  48. Eric, no one cares what you believe. If we were talking about Dick Cheney instead, you’d be up in arms. Here’s the good part, though. Your buy-in isn’t required for the truth to be the truth.

    Oh and Mr. Esquan, congratulations on your prescient election predictions. Did you come back here just to give us another opportunity to laugh at you?

  49. Thanks for that demonstration of your keen critical thinking skills, Eric. I don’t know what point you’re trying to make here, but if it’s that you’re an idiot, job well done.

  50. Fortunately there’s no need to contact Salzman to confirm that he is in fact a man without a conscience supported by a blogger without a clue. That’s already obvious.

  51. Eric, while this is being sorted out why don’t you prove that Arkley illegally funded this election. Lots of people have stated that on various blogs, no one’s offered a shred of evidence, and yet I haven’t seen you rushing to his defense. What gives?

  52. I think he should prove the world is round.

  53. “I can assure you” that means a lot coming from you little man. Though you grew about an inch to 5’1″ by posting on a blog that allows comment.

    If your opinion where solid gold you could not buy a cup of coffee Mark. Your a pest, shoee go back to the whiner blog. I love it what a melt down by PJ. Silly bitch.

  54. I will assume then that facts are not forthcoming?

    Basically, it’s the “we-all-know-it” game, which is the kind of thing that got women burned as witches during the middle ages.

  55. “Basically, it’s the “we-all-know-it” game, which is the kind of thing that got women burned as witches during the middle ages.”

    Kinda like you and your friends approach to HumCPR.

  56. I’ve seen the facts, Eric. Please continue to assume whatever you like. That has no bearing on the truth.

  57. At all.

  58. The bugs provided more facts than Eric ever needed to go ape shit over Dick Cheney or Scooter Libby. They’re both assholes and deserved much of what they got, but Eric has an epistemological double-standard that is all the more dangerous because he can’t even acknowledge it exists.

    I honestly don’t give a shit what Eric thinks we all know, other than that we all know he’s incapable of seeing how delusional he looks from here.

  59. All Eric does anymore is post shit from the radical left and when it turns out to be speculative at best act like it didn’t have anything to do with him because he was just repeating it. he wouldn’t know the truth if it crawled up his ass and bit gnawed through his small intestine.

  60. Whatever. It’s worth noting Richard Salzman has adamantly denied all of the shitty things he was eventually found to have done. So that means nothing. Eric’s attempt to muddy the waters with strawman arguments is equally meaningless.

  61. (And Doe, “gnawed” was definitely the way to go on that one. Very visual.)

  62. Eric will just keep repeating himself until we concede that he is right about everything and we’re all lousy thinkers if don’t agree with him. It’s what he does. It’s who he is.

  63. But I haven’t asserted anything. I’m just asking for facts. All I’ve got so far is that he lied in the past. Is that really enough?

  64. Uhh, no Eric,

    You have – from Kevin Hoover (go to the op ed endorsing AJ) saying that Salzman told him that AJ had drunk dialed him several times.

    Please don’t be obtuse and try and confuse that with any kind of drunk driving issue.

    Again, I’m not gonna hold your hand – go to the Arcata Eye site and read the endorsement, and while you’re at it, read Hagen’s opinion piece.

  65. You’ve gotten additional facts that you refuse to accept. So don’t accept them. Nobody cares.

    And now you’re coming up on troll status. Go be dumb elsewhere.

  66. Well I read the Eye pieces and even linked to them from my own blog. I’m not the one conflating “drunk dialing” accusations with anonymous posts containing drunk driving accusations. It was a comment Richard apparently made to Kevin about telephone calls he says he received introduced as evidence that Richard made anonymous blog posts much more serious.

    Hey, I don’t want to be a troll. Just thought I’d ask the question. Didn’t realize it was such a sore point.

  67. Eric, I find it exceedingly difficult to believe that you didn’t know Richard Salzman was a sore point in this community.

  68. Eric, At one time I thought you had the ability to be objective. Certainly you have always had goals and your own ideology which you made more or less clear. I actually bought in to the possibility that you were able to step back and see thru the spin and propaganda. Clearly, as you have repeatedly proven throughout this campaign cycle you have no such ability. Unfortunately you have been fully absorbed by the Borgian machine you have surrounded yourself by. It’s fine to be progressive but not at the expense of independant thought.

  69. Humbug – whether he’s a sore point is one issue. Whether he would commit voter fraud or make those reprehensible posts is another. I didn’t see accusations of either in Kevin’s piece nor Paul Hagen’s.

    The problem Humbug is this. You and others have built Richard up to dark overlord status. He is to the local right what Arkley is to the left, or Rove on the national scale. If he wasn’t winning elections which everybody says should be lost, he wouldn’t come up again and again. He’s trench warfare kind of guy, and he was way out of line with his sock-puppet letters. But that doesn’t make him responsible for every anonymous post made by some asshole who is probably using politics as an excuse for aggression more than vice-versa, and it doesn’t mean he would commit a crime to win an election.

    I enjoy your blog and you bring a sense of humor to the discussion which I can appreciate even when it’s aimed at my side (almost always). Salzman is a rough and tumble guy who knows how to win elections. He is passionate about them, and probably too passionate. He gets carried away sometimes. But don’t imply he’s a criminal or potentially a criminal without facts. Just a suggestion.

    You ought to be happy. Aside from the Gallegos race, your candidates won almost everything local. Wins call for grace.

  70. I really can’t believe what a sloppy thinker you are, Eric. We’ve somehow erred ecause we believe Salzman is morally reprehensible? He has erred, which is why we believe it. He has proven it again and again.

    I too heard the story the account of his drunk-driving posts. I know who asked him about it, I know what he said. Unlike others, I do care what you think. Just not enough to waste anymore time on it.

  71. I remember 8 or so years ago on a trip to Costco. I found a little lawyer friend crying and scared to death in the parking lot. Richard had just come up to her and told her he would bury her in the election and put her out of business if she stayed in the supervisor race in the 5th. She was shaking. This is what you refer to as carried away. No this is a bully and an asshole.

  72. I’m with you, connect. There’s a reality gap here that Eric obviously is just not willing to climb out of. However, we’re intrigued by this “wins call for Grace” business. We had no idea there was a prize. That’s excellent news! Give the little honey our phone number, will you?

  73. Face it.

    Plagiarism is merely something all lawyers do – innately – like, they just can’t help but misremember entire passages and rewrite them as their own, and publish them in the paper as an Op-Ed.. Right?

    And calling yourself a Professor, why that’s just resume padding. Everyone does it, dontcha know?

    And screeching about not wanting to go back to the evilllll old days of Terry Farrrrmerrr – oh, noooooooo, we would not want to do that would we? But it is PERFECTLY OK to take all the stuff that evilllllll old’ Terry did and claim that you did it. That’s cool, right?

    And, those grants you lost? Why we’ll just say you were doing that deliberately – you were WEANING yourself from half your funding, that’s it! Cool!

    And those Victim Witness Advocates that lost their jobs, who the hell cares.

    See no matter what – Paul never has to get his hands dirty. It’s all plausible deniability, because Salzman takes care of all of it.

    Sorry – but you have NO idea. You don’t know about the people who get calls from your buddy, or how they are treated. You have absolutely NO idea – apparently. But it’s all cool see, because it is “progressive.” And it’s “effective” and that’s all that matters.

  74. So Rose,Connect brought up an incident which occurred 8 years ago,when you and Richard worked together to get Jill elected,were you aware of this?

  75. Actually it happened a few days after a fund raiser or some type of event at which they parted ways. Mark are you so stupid that you just mouth what Salzman tells you to say. Cause buddy only myself, Salzman, and the lady know about that and when it happened. As if you had any credibility anyway. My god are you a dumb shit.

  76. No, that wasn’t eight years ago, Mark and connect. It was more recent, would have been 05 or 06, I think, long after Salzman and I parted ways. But the incident made the papers, I think. So, yes, I know who it was.

    It had nothing to do with Jill, except that Salzman by then had targeted Jill, and was planning to run someone against her, setting the stage in classic Salzman manner with the plain brown wrappers filled with “Dump Geist” bumper stickers – like I said, you and Eric claim to have NO IDEA… but the truth is these things are well known, and talked about, you just choose not to hear or see them.

  77. Oh – and btw – looking at the pic at the top of the page – check out THESE piles… haven’t tried embedding a vid in a comments thread so I hope this works:’re watching Extreme Leaf Pile Jumps. See the Web’s top videos on AOL Video

    Here’s a link if it doesn’t

  78. I may well be off on the timing Rose, I just remembered it after a dream. I do remember how upset said lady was after it happened.

  79. Salzman’s been playing these same dirty tricks for years in Eureka races too — in these cases it’s actually the real progressive left who gets targeted by his phone calls and harassment to ‘stay out’ of the City Council races.

    As if that strategy did them any good when they had their precious one-on-one races for Mayor and 1st Ward this year, or the 4th Ward in 2008 when George Clark was wiped out completely. Or in 3rd Ward four years ago when Kuhnel couldn’t even best tiny tim.

  80. Tiny Tim, as you call him, worked his ass off for Eureka. He accomplished more than any other city official I can name. That’s why he got my vote against Kuhnel. Well, that and Kuhnel’s campaigns are unengaging He tries to stay out of the hot-button issues and instead comes off as aloof and non-committal.

  81. said lady didnt lose by much as I recall….

  82. right about that. She lost by 41 votes to Paul Kirk in 1998.

  83. Richard Salzman believes not in Democracy, but in using Democracy for his own ends. In a Democracy people run for office. In his world, it is all about achieving “progressive” power – “progressive” meaning someone who will do what they are told. In HIggins’ case, that meant staying put in the chess square they put him in. In the case of others, it means being bullied into staying of the race, or, in Schectman “LLC”‘s case it meant getting in.

    The number of people who have been subjected to his bullying is staggering. Speak up, people – goddamit. Save someone else from the same fate.

  84. Their bullying of Xandra Manns was obvious, but to her credit, she didn’t follow orders. Good for her!

    …and the naked accusation from Ron Kuhnel on the Journal blog that all of Xandra’s votes would have been his, laughable!! Any of you see Xandra’s campaign team Sue Brandenburg or Ann White in action at Eureka Council meetings and think they’d be in Kuhnel’s pocket = real delusional Dems who can’t think straight.

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