Oh. How cute.

Look who stopped by to say hi at Bon Bon’s new job.  Hugs, friends!!

Anyone up for a little caption-writing contest?

Collateral damage, aisle five. Right next to the big hammers.

25 Responses

  1. I’m so glad Bill Pierson dumped a shit-ton more money down the prog hole on the day of the election. I wish he’d have given even more.

  2. That’s about the same shade of orange as Cherie’s spraytan

  3. Envying the rich is so 2008.

  4. Ding dong the the witch is dead la la la la…

  5. Oh. There’s the tool section.

  6. Whats funny is no matter who you are 99.9% there is someone who has more money than you. Some people just can’t get over it and live their lives. Fuck off C.J. , you will never be where the Cherie is, learn to live with it. Frankly she can afford to have sunshine brought to her for a tan.

  7. LOL…I love it…the tool section.

  8. ” I can’t believe that A-hole Pierson didn’t hire me, what a douche! “

  9. “Do you think I’ll look as cool as you do in the apron?”

  10. “I really wanted to be a greeter, but, I got passed over for some chowder-head senior citizen.”

  11. Oh the irony is just far too beautiful of a sight! Something tells me that this will probably happen for sure. She’ll probably throw a fit while going to Crescent City saying “Fuck you Humboldt!” Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Bonnie!

  12. “I’m not wearing the apron. It makes me look dumb.”
    “It’s not the apron, dear.”

  13. Ruh-roh. We may have a winner.

  14. “Bonnie, where’s Bill?”

  15. At first I thought of name tags “Dumb and Dumber” but really who would hire these two that are known only for “misrepresenting” everything and turning everything they touch into cow do-do?????

    Not Home Depot….

    LET the door hit their asses on the way out!

  16. ” Hey Bonnie, did you know that Plain Jane is Salzman with a vagina?”

  17. Sounds more like Richard Salzman without a vagina.

  18. “I can’t help you I’m on my break”

    “I told you it would be cheaper here”

    “I wasn’t invited to The Herald’s birthday bash either”

  19. “Hydroponic gear? That would be aisle eighteen. Eighteen, like the age of consent.”

  20. “What do you mean I can’t get my 215 starter packs in the garden section”

  21. If we double our prices and hire enough douchebag ex-politicians we might be able to beat Pierson’s in customer dissatisfaction.

  22. Larry G: Hi Bon, that bib makes you look like a punpkin.

    BonBon: OH Larry! Did you want to return all this plywood? OH my, one side is painted on each of these sheets. We don’t return used plywood. So sorry Larry. Pirsons has a B grade ply, maybe they can take them off you hands.

  23. “Do you match your competitors’ prices?”
    “We sure do.”
    “Well, Pierson’s bought me for $5,000. Can you beat that?”

  24. “Get away from me loser”

  25. Ok Bugs….here’s my entry

    Larry – “Gotta go Bons, I have to clean up a spill on aisle 10.”
    Bonnie – “Don’t forget to make it a real, fully characterized cleanup, hee hee.”

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