Fear the Beard(s)

The outcomes of several races are still up in the air, but there are a few we know for sure and a couple others we’re reasonably sure of. We were totally planning to wait until the final results were announced, but we’re impulsive and undisciplined, so behold the first Beards of Victory.

Hugs, winner-friends!!

Ravishing, no?

17 Responses

  1. When I was in Pop Warner football, our coach grew a “loser’s beard”. He pledged not to shave it off until our team won a game.

    He never got to shave it. The closest we ever came to winning was tying with the only other team in our league that never won a game, and we barely pulled that off.

  2. Virginia Bass has never looked better!

  3. Thanks, CJ! And enjoy your sore-losing!! Classic story, Fred.

  4. Frank looks like a cross between Jesus and LaVallee’s AA sponsor.

  5. That’s the kind of Jesus that turns wine into water.

  6. Frank sure looks like a ton of masculinity! And the Marina Center has never looked sexier!

  7. Hey, Where’s Madsen? He’s a bearded one too.

  8. Newman has a real beard. I guess that race may be one that isn’t decided yet, but he looks to be the winner.

    You guys can maybe fill his beard in a bit for effect.
    Looking forward to the next round of pix.

  9. Brady is a Rangers fan!

  10. And larry glass is the BIGGEST loser!

    and ha ha ha to you to Bonnie

  11. Hey, yeah. Where IS Madsen?

    Graphics Dept.??

  12. You people are sick.

    Sure Madsen won, but he didn’t run against anyone. REALLY? Madsen at best gets a half beard.

    Way to cheapen the value and meaning of the Brian Wilson beard you whiny fucks.

    And while we’re on a rant….the Giants didn’t win the World Series by competing unopposed. On a 3-2 count, Brian Wilson, struck out Nelson Cruz swinging to clinch the series in game 5. He’d be pissed if we just gave away beards to everyone.

    I am glad nobody is crying about the fucking Superintendent of Schools or Board of Equalization races, because nobody really cares about them.

    They don’t even deserve a Sergio Romo beard.

  13. Wow, Graphics are a little surly this morning.

  14. Hey Rob, remember your conversation with Peter Douglas at the now infamous Coastal Commission mixer in ’08? You made quite the first impression!

    All I can say now is… Good luck!

  15. Mr, Humbug

    What are your thoughts on the city of eureka settling the Tawnie Hansen lawsuit? HH and his ilk put the blame on Tyson for the $200,000 and the $100,000 for the investigation and so on. What about what started the whole thing,? The Chief of Police maybe?.

    Didn’t the chief of polioe have an “inapropritate” relationship” with a suborndiate. what about how about factoring that into the blame and the cost.

    And guess what? News about the settlement comes from Heraldo. wow that is certainly a surprise. Heraldo is Larry Glass one way or the other.

    Goodbye Glass, and work on the Marina Center can’t start soon enough.

    and larry, or H, isn’t there another lawsuit going on in the city of eureka? tell us about that one.

    what a great elelction

  16. EXTRA EXTRA, read all about it. Election cause a number of changes.
    Heralda changes name to the poor loser whiner blog.

    Richard Salzman makes up 6 new names to blog under, same angry lying asshole.

    Richard Marks is vindicated, he actually is a good guy.

    HCDCC suck wind bad, maybe local Democrat’s will kick out far left regressives and get back to their roots.

    Mark the whiner has lots to whine about.

  17. Just a suggestion Graphics Dept

    Since it’s late, I know yer going to be up for a while.

    Instead of getting goofy about Madsen (When you should be getting world class goofy over Glass) Why not just a mustache for Lance?

    Oh and before I forget, does this mean that the 12 Bonnie’s of Christmas are out this year? There is a lot of material out there.

    …..and a partridge in a palm tree.

    I’ll help

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