Post-election doldrums: There’s almost no one left to make fun of anymore

Too cute!!

Well, almost.

Because we’ve still got Mark Lovelace and his reported back-door attempts to shove through the General Plan Update before new supervisors are sworn in.

Too bad a certain planning commissioner has gone down the rabbit hole on that one.

Poor Marky Mark. It was much pleasanter at home, when one wasn’t always growing smaller and being ordered about by mice and rabbits.

(With deepest apologies to Lewis Carroll.)


15 Responses

  1. Now Ralphy, remember. This is satire. The bugs are kidding. Don’t run off to County Counsel again saying you need protection because there are pictures on the internet of you wearing a fluffy pink bunny suit, okay? It’s O-K-A-Y. Really.

  2. Too funny. Lovelace is hoist with his own petard on this one. He picked Faust, but Faust can’t stand that he does all the work and Lovelace gets all the attention. Faust is flatly refusing to let go of the GPU until it bears his imprimatur. If Sundberg holds on to win, that little power struggle cost the Progs Alternative A.

    As it should.

  3. Don’t worry, bugs. There’s still plenty of stupid to go around. Let’s not forget Cliffy Appleseed and his deer-in-the-headlights look of terror whenever someone expresses a two-part thought. It’s almost better that he’s actually a really nice guy. That will keep him around and providing plenty of material for years to come.

  4. The Bon will still be a Supe in December so this could be the last 12 days of Bon this year maybe with Marky Mark being the “New Year Baby” for next year. But then there’s Clif and what to do with him – twins for New Year??

  5. You’re forgetting Commie Shane Brinton’s latest fuckbuddy Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, catch that pile of delusional self-serving shit she dumped on the pages of the Times-Standard this morning?

    She needs to be removed from that Water Board ASAP before we’re all paying $200 water bills.

  6. OMFG. Now that’s funny

  7. Anyone catch kaitlin scopokni bitchslapps rant in the TS rag today? Pretty funny. Can’t wrap her head around the fact that Eureka rejects the regressive bull crap. Maybe she needs to forfeit her “Brinton kneepads” for a reality slapp.

  8. Melt down at H blog. Poor Ben gets to take all the garbage from the commies who are pissed about the election results.
    Rupp fucked Ben and those sorry SOB’s on H blog are dancing. Wo may be a nice lady but the dumb fucks think that because she is a engineer she will be a better director. Screw the fact that Ben was a leader as a director of MCSD for over 20 years. This is the funny part. Unlike those idiots he has actually created Jobs, build/managed a large water board( I say this because of all the prog fools who used Clearys experience with the 36 member Big Lagoon water board as showing he could manage as a supervisor), served the community as a leader of COC and Rotary for 25 plus years, and built several nice businesses. Thus many jobs. Katlin progressives are what has fucked up Humboldt, go away say the people.

  9. Bruce fucked himself. Those words he mouthed are Katlins. No matter how much he thinks they like him . the progs will never support him. Rupp is a fool and a coward. Ben was a bit more qualified for this position than Woo who is also qualified. This is worse that a Salzman,Lovelace back stab

  10. There’s no shortage of targets (no Ralphie, that’s not a threat either), between Loveless and Appleseed we’ve got lots of material for the Board. There’s Foust and who could forget what’s his name……rhymes with Fucktard but starts with a G. Speaking of G, how about that mentally short circuited douchbag who asks his magic eight ball what to do when a decision comes up. Arcata is always good for a laugh; pick on the city or many of it’s high profile/low thinking residents. There’s DUH with a C, Skanky Bellhop, David Cornhole or something related to corn, and many others to provide ample fodder for these pages.

  11. There is always someone to poke fun at Bugs! Consider the gift that Kaitllyn left us in the paper, complete drivel which just barely masks her deep grief over the outcome of the election.

    And dear Jane is always there to provide a giggle, well, actually an out and out belly laugh! I wonder how her canvas of local business on thier political views is coming? Do you suppose she has discovered where she can safely buy soap without contributing to the ‘war machine’?

  12. Word.

  13. Plain Jane is so incredibly dense it is unreal. JB hits it on the nose. Maybe the queen of the ideologues, or as has been stated before Salzman with a ******. Just read her tripe on H blog. Its funny as hell.

  14. After reading the post at Arcata Eye – Gags if he pulls out the win. Lots of days of Christmas for him. Surfing into a rock would just be the start.

  15. Gallegos told me about four years ago that he wanted to finish three terms and leave — so we’ll be rid of him in 2014 either way.

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