A grateful city says good-bye

We promised ourselves we wouldn't cry.

Tuesday night was Larry Glass’ last city council meeting as an elected official.

At least for the time being.

Parting is such sweet sorrow!

Be strong, friends!!

21 Responses

  1. “Grateful” doesn’t begin to describe it.

  2. Buh-bye

  3. “A grateful city says good-bye”? Is that all you got? Lame. You should have a contest to headline the post. Here’s my entry.

    “Larry Glass, asshole, leaves city after almost destroying it”

  4. Buh to the Bye, Glasshole.

  5. Ding dong the dick is dead. Now where is the investigation re the 15 year old Garr?

  6. A grateful city says hallefuckinglujah.

  7. Anonymous, it will be interesting to see if Nielsen gets himself a new patron saint. Given how compromised he now is, I think he’s going to need one, a good one, and Linda Atkins just isn’t enough to get ‘er done.

  8. Woo-hoo! Congratulations, Eureka!

  9. Floyd may get the last laugh yet.

  10. Squires? Floyd Squires was about the only thing Larry got right, and somehow he managed to fuck even that up. First that half-baked rental ordinance, then the vendetta against Squiers. For the city’s sake, I hope that suit gets tossed.

  11. Goodbye Larry, please let the door hit your ass on the way out you ass. I guess since you don’t really have a job now, I guess it’s back to writing The Humboldt Herald.

  12. Sadly, Larry ended his political career with another attempted grandstand issue that had already been put in the pipeline.

    How like him to act from his personal vacuum instead of checking with, at the very least, his buddy Gar.

    For those of us who do watch, it was a fairly sad departure and I hope Linda will be nimble enough to realize her mentor got fired because he didn’t really understand the job. She could use a little schooling in that area herself.

    I do thank them all for their service. Larry did have his moments, he just doesn’t play well with others. Fine if all you want to be is a political activist, but when you get elected to serve, you need to put on your “maturity hat” and not try to create wedge issues to stir up controversy. When those issues come up, the job you are elected to do is try to find consensus not anarchy.

    I guess we will always have that behemoth on Wabash to remind us of what bullies are capable of just for the sake of winning.

    I hope the new city council realizes they are now charged with serving everyone in the community, not just one neighborhood or one group of political activists.

    It will be interesting to watch and comment now that I am free from being the relative of an elected official.

  13. My God. On the H blog the minions are giving verbal head to glass. I just love it. Larry was and is an asshole, period. He was worthless. Play well with others, hell he was hardly human. Linda is going to need to learn what the hell she got elected to do.

    If the 5th holds and I think it will, Cliff is going to have to pull out from under Marky or the folks in South County are going to throw him out next time.

    An the really bright spot is there might still be a chance Gags is gone.

  14. This leave the Eureka City Council completely bereft of any appreciation for Screaming Lord Sutch. What a loss.

  15. Shit kevin. Wtf are you tlking about? Translate please.

  16. Ok now I get it…..Official Monster Raving Loony Party…..now that is funny Hoov.

  17. Larry and I are simply fans of Lord Sutch’s unique vocal stylings. And so should you be too. “Thumping Beat” is particularly evocative.

  18. We tried to post an album cover yesterday but learned to our dismay that our technical abilities did not extend to the insertion of graphics in comments.

  19. Kevin. Our taste in music differs. Politics, well we do agree an who is good ad who is plain bad.

  20. OK visualize the VonTrapp kids on the staircase singing “goodbye, Good Bye, GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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