‘Nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose.’

Coming to some lame guerilla street theater shit near you.

49 Responses

  1. If you ever really wanted to find Larry Glass, would you issue an APB or an Amber Alert?

  2. Neither one. You could just follow the pings off the cell tower over by Eureka High School.

  3. The first place I would check is Megan’s list.

  4. Why did Gans hold Rob back at Avalon? He should have let Rob deck the fuck out of Glasshole.

    Liquid courage can be a beautiful thing

  5. My 9-year-old daughter could take on Glasshole. Courage is entirely unnecessary.

  6. Don’t let Larry know about the possibility of a 9 year old beating him. He’d probably pay good money for that.

  7. Hah! Mouse over the picture and see what pops up. Sometimes I just fall in love with the Bugs all over again.

  8. What is Larry to do? I wonder if Chief Garr will still be Larrys Boy Friday !

  9. What a bizarre site this is!
    So nice to see Eureka has a website where bitter 8 year olds can type unfunny comments….

  10. Yes it is nice, isn’t it? Even Bob Doran’s wife likes it.

  11. I totally know what you’re saying, AnyMouse. The humor on this blog totally doesn’t play well with effete snobs. Fortunately, there’s another blog in town where I think you’ll feel quite a bit more at home.


  12. Ya know…there is almost just a wee bit of Charles Bronson there, around the eyes, needs to work on his squint though. Has not perfected that ‘rugged yet tender’ with women, small animals and abandoned school buildings’ yet.

  13. Charles Bronson? Hmm, no, don’t see it. I see more of a Martina Navratilova look. She’s way more butch, though.

  14. Actually, anymouse you would be much happier with the other effete snobs/left wing fruitcakes/ and just stupid shits on that other blog. My guess is you will be loved there

  15. I don’t know who I wanna marry more…josephine or connect.

  16. A guy looses his lady to cancer. He keeps going to his business to try to keep his life together. He has extra time on his hands so he decides to try to make the City better. He gets elected to City Council and like it or not, he did stuff, made some people happy with the Problem Oriented Police Unit and some sad with the vote to ban smoking just about everywhere in Eureka. He isn’t very warm or fuzzy and the people threw him out in the last election.

    Much has been taken from him but he still has a viable business to run and he’ll probably spend more time on his future than the future of Eureka. Maybe I’m wrong and in that case, I wouldn’t want to be you guys.

    If Larry puts on a cape and flies over and eats you guys, I’ll laugh my ass off, but shy of that, it’s not that funny.

  17. Did see Larry by the Marina yesterday, he was looking at the water and seemed depressed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he lost but I hope he gets on with his life soon. Who knows, maybe he and Bon Bon can take a long one way trip together.

  18. Larry has a viable business ? Really? I kind of got the impression he got some kind of subsidies >>>>>

  19. Tom, did you say that with a straight face. That’s pure bullshit. Do not know anything about his lady, would not wish anything bad on her. But this picture of Larry is pure crap. He is and was always a progy fuck. Has a shitty personality, huge ego, and behaves like a spoiled shit. He caused nothing but problems and yet you worship him. Is this how we rewrite history. Get fucking real.

  20. You gave to overlook Tom. He thinks Gags is smart and has integrity too. No amount of meds will help.

  21. Connect the dots you are right on the money about Glass! Absolutely right on the money.

    Wonder what he will do now that he can’t use his position to get inside information for his blog.

    Wonder what his buddy will do without him to cover and protect him? And vice versa?

  22. 8:55am,
    Glass has a blog? Is it funnier than this one?

  23. No Tom, but just as factual and lefty as yours. I have always believed that H blog is a group of folks who communicate together and change shifts as the moderator. Glass is very possibly one of them. As is Bird, Salzman, and many other prog’s. If you read It you soon realize that 80-90% of the posters are the same 4-6 people. It is purely propaganda of a leftist nature. Of course it draws in other socialist wingnuts. Also it is strongly censored. Only those who support progy shit are allowed through with a few exceptions. As I have stated before I know of at least a dozen elected officials, developers, builders, and regular citizens that are never allowed on. Very similar to the TS not printing support letters during election times. Leftist are the worst ever as far as restriction of information.

  24. “Leftist are the worst ever as far as restriction of information.”

    So what is stopping any of those dozens of people you know of from starting their own blogs?Let me guess,heraldo,or Larry Glass,Paul Gallegos,or Richard Salzman are somehow involved,and you will come up with some excuse as to why those people need to be reliant on heraldo to distribute information.In regards to the TS,well no doubt,it’s a crappy paper,for the most part.

  25. Mark (ahem mresquan) you are so fucked up that there are no words. Truly fucked up.

  26. Mark is, and has been, a complete asshole. My opinion of mresquan comes from reading the crap he posted on several local blogs over tha last two or three years. Makes you wonder what could have happened in his life to make him so FU !

    With all due respect “Connect” HH is almost for certain a Glass exclusive, of course you are correct about his like minded assoicates being the only ones being allowed to post. If you analyze the information he posts and the times (tiem and date) he posts it, it is fairly clear he is in direct contact with the chief of police and his posse . Glass gets (got) “exclusive” information because he has a direct pipeline to the cheif of police. He does a pretty good job of keeping outsiders off his blog, or all least outsiders that don’t spout his line of “progy” BS.

    I am so pleased that Mr. Glass will not have a position of power and influence in the City of Eureka anymore. Larry Glass cares about Larry Glass first and foremost.

    Ha ha ha

    And Larry should know that he’s not as crafty as he thinks, others know his business.

  27. “Mark (ahem mresquan) you are so fucked up that there are no words. Truly fucked up.”

    So true…..So true……But despite that,there is no excuse for someone who can easily start their own blog to put words out there that they want some people to hear to cry and opine about how horrid it is that heraldo does whatever he does with his blog,which he started,because he wanted to put words out there that he wanted some people to hear.

  28. Are you fucking stupid or what. You do not get the point you fucking idiot. H blog uses you. You come on here with your dick hanging out, on your knees and spew the crap they are spoon feeding you. I would feel sorry for you but you seem to have developed a taste for that shit. In fact, you go out of your way to eat it.
    Because I don’t start a blog and spew shit has nothing to do with anything. I’m never said that they have stopped anyone from starting a blog. Discussion with you as always is pointless, your to far gone. Just stuffed full of shit.

  29. Three s*#@’s, a cr#*. and two F’ bombs.

    Wow, C.T.D. And I thought I swore alot.

    We get it…Esquan is eating what Heraldo is serving and anyone who has perused the menu knows all that is offered there is propaganda and excrement.

  30. .”I’m never said”

    You’re never said?What does that even mean?

  31. Mark it means you are completely hopeless.

  32. Mark is completely FUBAR

  33. I love the left, correct spelling errors. This does not change the fact that you have shit for brains. I changed the sentence and forgot to take out ‘m. I actually started to say something unkind and changed my mind. Mostly because of your inability to process reality. Sorry, so sorry. really really sorry.

  34. Dancing….You forgot to put “irrational hatred for Dave Tyson” on the Heraldo menu. We all saw how much leverage that had for Larry’s re-election.

    BTW, Tom,
    Larry did not invent POP. The idea was born in the council prior to his election. There wasn’t a funding source, but the idea was out there with a task force behind it.

    No biggie, but the credit for POP belongs to every council member who supported the idea and found a way to fund it. Larry was just one of a team of five who took an idea from the previous council and applied it to finding a chief who would implement it.

    Larry, merely decided to report on it at every meeting for the past few months. Even if that was political ploy, I believe it’s a good idea for the public to know how effective POP is to our community. I hope someone on the new council will continue the practice Larry started.

    Do I hear balloons bursting or is that just a giant fart coming from Heraldo? ;-D

  35. POP has always been an EPD priority. No matter who was Chief. Buy Nielsen made it happen…made it happen in the way the City wished.

  36. You can’t blame Mark Konkler for any of this — he’s just following David Cobb’s orders.

  37. The nut following the nuttier.

  38. H blog idiots are melting down. Just wait until they bring Tyson back and appoint the new city councilperson. There will be blood on the screen. I pretty much have decided that Konkler has some sort of problem, loose wiring perhaps. Oh no I forgot he is not the kind of puppet with wires. He is the kind you stick your hand up his butt, move your fingers, and talk without moving your lips. No I am not implying anything of a sexual nature.

  39. The POP team goes back further than the last city council.

    Eureka PD had a very active POP team under Sgt. Butch Manos around 2000, 4 or 5 full time officers. They had to disband due to budget issues. As I mentioned they were very active, but did not have the PR that the POP team has now.

    With absolute certainty POP was not something new that Glass and Nielsen came up with. They just take credit for it.

    The new council makeup will be refreshing and i’m sure they will continue the POP team.

  40. Knowing Larry personally, and having corresponded with Heraldo I am very sure they are 2 different people.
    Heraldo uses slang that Larry doesn’t, and there are other signs that they are generations apart.
    I do think there are several Heraldos but Larry isn’t the one(s) I know.
    my opinion is there is a bigger connection to the T-S than the Works.
    you should all read the hate you spew here, little or no intellectual dialog, schoolyard stuff.
    you all need an education, or to use the one you got… (not my best grammar, I know , thanks)

  41. I agree that Larry is not in charge. Frankly the folks doing the H blog are considerably smarter than Larry. As far as spewing hate, you misunderstand. None of the folks on H or here are worth that much effort.
    Intellectual dialog, are you kidding. Have you ever read the crap on H blog using any kind of critical thinking skills. Its koolaid drinkers spouting the party line. An when they pop over here we probably take their crap a little personal. Again you can post here even if your ideas are not inline. Something you never could do at H blog.

  42. “Little or no intellectural dialog”? Completely false. We are contributing to the long and rich literary tradition of why don’t we play a nice game of hide-and-go-fuck-yourself.

    Oh. Wait. I see your point.

  43. Meanwhile, over at the Herald, they’re curing cancer and splitting the atom. One of them just wrote the Great American Novel.

  44. Which I couldn’t read on account of being stupid.

  45. “Big Al”? Or maybe a Big A.

    Glass = H.H. Why do you thing HH always has the inside scoop with chief of poice stuff and tawnie hansen stuff.

    Not that it matters much anymore. Probably won’t hear much from HH until the DA results are in.

  46. Girlie, you was only funnin huh. Cause I looked and they don’t show the cure for cancer. Don’t give a shit about no atoms. Can’t see the damn things. Just the same mental masturbation as always taking place at H blog. The Novel thing not so much cause of my low education and IQ.
    Big Al, don’t know that I would spread that thing about being bud’s with Glass around. You know you can be judged by the company you keep.
    Did notice that Salzman has two new names.

  47. Wow, first time at this blog. Obviously, the writer and most of the respondents are sick, brain-dead, scumbag, pieces-of-shit. All you right-wing fucks really need to die. Soon.

  48. You’re right, Auntie. Well-adjusted, decent persons such as your comment indicates you are should run the show instead. Because when I look at political discourse these days, I say to myself, “Hey self, you know what we’re missing? Death threats. There just aren’t enough death threats in local politics.” Thankfully, it appears you’re exactly the right person to meet that need. We’re so fortunate!

    Hugs, friend!!

  49. Wow Bugs, I think Auntie’s death threat warrants the rave page!

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