Election results Wednesday?

That’s the word on the street.

On our street, anyway.

But we live in kind of a ghetto, so who knows.


23 Responses

  1. That was their goal. I’ve heard that they are behind schedule…. so don’t go holding your breath.

  2. Paul is going to have a bad Thanksgiving

  3. At this point, I wish they’d wait until AFTER Thanksgiving.

  4. Howdy Strangers, thought I’d mosey over here to see if y’all knew knew anything about the election results. The Board is planning to certify the the e-results next week, so they should be done by Friday. Knowing Carolyn, she is working night and day to get the job done!

  5. They started counting by Sup. District, 1 to 5. They may get to 5 today, if not Friday. It will be a long day.

  6. Oh well, after Thanksgiving will make PVG getting dumped an early Chirstmas gift.

  7. Please dear God let Allison win.

  8. If Allison Jackson wins, regular people of Humboldt County win.

  9. Hope its over soon. If Allison wins, Humboldt county wins. Same with Sundberg staying up.
    Interesting article today in T/S about Marky Lovelace. They are not taking comments so only H blog is running their mouth. It will be a major problem if Marky gets on Coastal Commission. He is being set up to be the next Cheese. Another worthless piece of shit feeding off the people. Also he is one ruthless asshole.

  10. Hummmm…the magic midget on the Coastal Commission. I suppose this means that he gets a booster seat for his intimate lunches with Bill Pierson.

  11. Agree with anon @ 10:13 and anon @ 12:17 and agree with connect as far as the comment about Ryan and Allison. However anon @12:17 you posted exactly how I feel about the Nov 2 results so far.

  12. I heard that they might post a “preliminary” ballot count today. How do we get that one??

  13. Does anyone really know what Mark Lovelace did for a living prior to being on the BOS?

  14. Results won’t be in until Friday, or possibly on the weekend. Stay tuned.

  15. I heard Mark used to make banjos. Does anyone else have that recollection?

  16. Yes,he made banjos for Wildwood Music.

  17. Banjos, huh? So he really is a leprechaun. Nice.

  18. Yep. Making banjos gave him the necessary experience to be a supervisor while being a city council member and mayor didn’t give Virginia the experience. You gotta love prog logic (illogical!)

  19. Did ya know the Markster “volunarily” resigned fron Wildwood rather than be fired cuz he was so disliked by co workers. Ask anyone who worked there at the time.

  20. I heard he quit because nobody could understand him because of that crazy speech impediment.

  21. I think he worked for various non profits.

    May have some election results tomorrow so says the Election Dept.

  22. Fingers crossed!!

  23. the final results are in…

    Sundberg wins!!!!!

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