Lovelace ‘actively seeking’ Coastal Commission seat

Mr. Governor, I'm down here. Mr. Governor....pick me.

In related news, Humboldt County is actively seeking a swift kick in its collective taco.

Fortunately, the Wee Wonder has extensive experience dealing with wetlands and other critical habitats.


10 Responses

  1. Just the fact that the Hblog loonies love him should be enough to scare the shit out of any normal person.

    It’s interesting, every one thinks he works so hard, yada yada. Guess what, he has a whole group of support folks from the prog movement who do research for him.

  2. And give him shoulder rides so he can see what’s going on at sporting events.

  3. Rob’s got this appointment in the bag, right?

    I thought he had Arnold on his speed dial? Couldn’t he get him up to Humboldt “with one phone call?”

  4. we dont need this assclown on the CCC. He probably thinks its the California Communist Core anyway.

  5. lol,
    shoulder rides,
    thats ironic!

  6. It’s a not very well kept secret that Lovelace writes for the Herald.

  7. Again no way to comment on the T/S piece. Only on Mirror. What does that tell you about the T/S.
    I doubt he writes for them. He has a flunky do it.

  8. Mr. Lovelessss looks like he should be wearing a pointed hat and be on someones front lawn.

  9. Appearently he will not get that booster seat until he has worn out the knee pads

  10. The Graphics Dept. rocked that action shot. I can almost feel the breeze.

    Can we call this one “Still Life with Supplication”?

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