Afterhours video surfaces from Elections Office security cam


The official and final vote tally is supposed to be released today, according to the top Elections Office honcho Carolyn Crnich.

5 Responses

  1. Over the last few days I have spend many hours observing the ballot count and have developed a deep respect for the effort that Carolyn and her team have put in to complete this count. Most people do not understand what happens when there is a two page ballot, which considerably slows the process since the high speed scanner can not be used and each ballot must be hand fed into a scanner like the ones at the polling places. I left late yesterday when they had yet to count all of the provisional ballots, probably nearly a 1000. They are returning this AM to complete that and update the numbers.
    Again, without being there, it is easy to complain, being there gave me good insight and an understanding of the difficult task.

  2. Sundberg 5088
    Cleary 4934

  3. DA Gags won

    In Arcata it is Wheetley and Stillman

    Eureka – Newman

  4. Great about Ryan and Newman. Gags sucks.

  5. so who is in the skimask?

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