Election Results Final*: Gallegos handlers cling to power for four more years

The Graphics Dept. begrudgingly delivers a Brian Wilson victory beard to Paul. But here's a hearty Mirror congratulations to Ryan, Mike and the other decent folks who won their respective races!

According to a guy who knows a guy who handed another guy a copy of the unofficial final election results, who then e-mailed them to us, District Attorney Paul Gallegos received 52.08% of the votes to challenger Allison Jackson’s 47.61%.

Jackson will return to the Harland Law Firm where she will continue to be a successful attorney and partner.

Gallegos will return to the DA’s Office where he will continue to suck horribly and make our community more unsafe, thanks to the 25,238 voters who care more about keeping vacuous progressive ideals afloat. Honestly, we can’t wait to read what Paul’s crackerjack political team cooks up for his next “My Word.”

On the bright side, nothing changed much in the 5th District race. Ryan Sundberg, with 50.57% of the votes, held on to his lead and defeated Patrick Cleary, who had 49.04%.

The close Eureka race changed little also. Mike Newman received 44.18% of the vote and Ron Kuhnel came in behind him with 41.95%.

And despite her ability to get her hands on and manipulate damn near everything north of Sacramento, Bonnie Neely was unable to change the election results and has still been kicked to the curb by Virginia Bass. By a lot. A lot a lot.

The results, summarized by the T-S, still need to be certified and presented to the Board of Supervisors, who are expected to deal with the matter on Tuesday.

43 Responses

  1. […] Humboldt Mirror claims to have an inside source.  They are reporting no changes in the election night results, although I don’t think the Hospital Board results are on their […]

  2. Bugs summed it up and well.

  3. Bugs summed it up and well.

  4. Did the email happen to have the Sohum Hospital Board race results?

  5. Erik, the T-S did the hard work and posted all of the results. We’re far too lazy for all of that.

  6. “On the bright side, nothing changed much in the 5th District race. Ryan Sundberg, with 50.57% of the votes, held on to his lead and defeated Patrick Cleary, who had 49.04%.”

    on the bright side, the sun crashed into the earth and everyone burned up and died… just another example of the mirror riding a giraffe through a bar mitzvah making all the happy guests sick… when will it stop?… only eric kirk knows!!!…

    truth before plague!!!…

    oh, and chris holmquist is the sun valley mole… arrest him, officer…

  7. Too much scotch before supper makes one weak in the head my whisky swilling friend.

  8. It looks like Kim Jong Il is running with a dangerous crowd these days.

  9. Rob has yet to find a way to beat Salzman

  10. Considering the S-man was hip deep in Bonnie’s, Ron’s and Larry’s campaigns, I don’t think his batting average improved this season.

  11. Not sure what you mean Teddy.

    I don’t think Rob had a dog in the DA fight. Wasn’t it an Arkley that actually give Paul money during that recall effort?

    Whatever, dude. What is clear is that it looks like Bill Pierson has yet to find a way to beat potential competition or the will of the voters of Eureka. Or maybe he just didn’t throw enough money at it. I didn’t see any significant contributions from Rob, but I do recall seeing tens of thousands of dollars spent by Bill, his wife and his various business entities during each of the past election cycles going back the early 2000s.

    Nice one, but you can’t make everything about Rob Arkley–even if you say it over and over and over.

  12. Yeah Teddy, Bill Pierson has easily spent more than $100k in the Fourth District Supervisor and Eureka City Council races in the last decade. Hmmm, we wonder what all that money was for? What did he hope to accomplish?

    On a related note, Salzman hasn’t found a way to beat stupidity. But there’s always hope.

  13. I wouda thought Erik had a phone. The Election Dept. answered their phone today and would give the numbers to anyone who called – I got the voting numbers but who cares about the numbers of votes or the percentage of votes?? I wanted to know who was the “chosen one” in certain elections. I only wanted to know about Gags, 5th Dist. and Arcata and Eureka City Councils so didn’t ask about every darn thing that could have been voted in the county. If the SoHum Hospital Board was important for them then why didn’t someone pick up their phone?? Maybe they were too busy spending all their cash.

    Congrats to almost everyone who won their election. People may wake up in the next 4 years about the DA, but then maybe not. We can only hope. Guess Rose is on for 4 more years.

  14. Whatever Chris. He’s got your number and ya’ll know it.

    Good luck with the CCC Rob

  15. BTW Douchebag, Rob easily spent over 100K on Measure N and the anti-CCC/Neely radio blitzkrieg in this past election cycle.

    Maybe your Arnold donations will keep a progressive out of the Northcoast CCC seat?

  16. And Teddy maybe you’ll quit smoking your lunch.

    The good citizens of Humboldt should thank Allison Jackson for running against the mindless boob. As with the last presidential election, the right person doesn’t always win.

    But Larry Glass did get his ass kicke all over town !

  17. Here’s to hoping I don’t become a victim of crime in the next 4 years. Me no likey being abused twice.

  18. What would it take to successfully pull off another recall of Gallegos?

  19. It would take an electorate that doesn’t want Gallegos to serve as District Attorney. Something you don’t have.

  20. But the attempt would give local liberals the kick in the ass to step up and get out that it needs just like the first recall attempt did.The ensuing elections produced the best results for local progressives arguably in the history of the county.

  21. What,no beards for Stilman or Wheetley?

  22. Mark, we put up beards for Stillman and Wheatley, but we were ordered to take them down when the races appeared to be too close to call.

    But then we got drunk and didn’t give a fuck about sorting out which had been up or not after the final results. Nobody really cares about the Brian Wilson beards but you. Alex and Mark aren’t losing sleep because they didn’t get the nod from us. We’re just a stupid blog. Jeesh.

    We did put Paul up with beard you giant balloonknot and you’re welcome!

    There was no disrespect to Arcata, Ferndale, Rio Dell or the dozens of other not-so-high-profile or just plain inconsequential races. We like Stillman and Wheatley. They are smart, educated, articulate, successful and well-respected adults who know how to play nice with others–something you’d know nothing about.

    You need to get back to that bong. We need to get back to the PBRs. This election has been dizzying enough to sweat some stupid beards.

    Congratulations again to everyone who won and kudos to those who gave it a valiant effort, but lost.

    The fucktards who are stupid enough to actually vote in again a moron like Gallegos despite everything everyone knows about him get what you deserve. Just hope that you’re not actually a victim of crime during the next four years.

  23. Word.

  24. welcom to the socilist state of Kalifornia. Its the real deal now, from the top down.

  25. Memo to the Graphics Dept.

    WOW! Articulate, complete sentances and even written late in the evening when one might expect you to be well over the legal limit. Expect a semi-nice performance review this year.

    Oh, and take the night off, commit a drug-related felony, or two. Better yet, put your sexual predator hat on and live it up! You can chuck wood or weed-eat and it’s all good.

  26. Word up

  27. Ya, go fuck yourself Mark or should I say carry on Mark.
    Unfortunately there is still cancer in the body of Humboldt. Just need to keep exposing it to the light. Problem is some of the body is to stupid to realize that cancer will kill us. Got some of it out, can only hope the rest of the body gets stronger and we can rid ourselves of the sickness of progyfuckingitus
    ( socialism).

  28. Gosh. If you’re this grumpy having won most of the important races, imagine what your mood would have been had you lost!

  29. Eric the red, has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think. If you think this is grumpy you do not have a clue. I love Humboldt and this is my favorite time of the year. I did not win any races, Humboldt county did. Just missed an important one. We all know whats going on here Eric. Comment of H was great about clients losing their houses. Of course taking into consideration that my understanding is most of your business is defending folks who make a living gardening. Which it may amazes you does not bother me at all. One of last bastions of real capitalism alive in America.
    Your right though, I get a little tired of Mark sucking up all the time. An I hate paperwork, which is my day today.

  30. CTD – FYI, I don’t do marijuana defense – not that it should matter. And few of them are facing foreclosures.

    What’s going on here however is that we have an economy increasingly dependent on retail, which can only go so far until we start actually making something again. But that probably won’t happen while the current trade agreements stand as written.

    What is also going on is that another big box in Eureka will mostly result in a net loss of jobs. The irony here is that many of the marijuana growers down here will be perfectly happy with a Home Depot. They are not liberals in other than a very general sense. For them, a better deal over the counter is fine, and if those poor working people in Eureka don’t like it they should just join the party and make some real money. FYI, many of the growers down here oppose the plan A proposals and are happy that Bass and Sundberg won because they believe that they’ll be left alone to do what they will – suck huge amounts of water out of the rivers, and take huge chances with potential diesel leaks all over the landscape.

    In short, this election worked out completely to the benefit of the growers, at least as far as they perceive. Gallegos in office and a conservative majority on the Board of Supes is their dream result. Throw in the defeat of prop 19, and it’s practically a wet dream.

    I love the community I live in, but I have a number of problems with the industry, and it hurts my feelings that you haven’t read enough of my blog to understand that.

  31. “For them, a better deal over the counter is fine,”

    But that doesn’t necessarily mean that HD is any more enticed to coming here.The products that they sell in regards to pot growing and the prices that they sell them for are something that Pierson’s,or other grow stores can match if forced to.I can’t imagine someone driving right past Pierson’s to sit in traffic to get to the MC to go to Home Depot,when Pierson’s has a giant sign out front comparing prices of their products to HD’S.But certainly,just in case,people who don’t want to see Home Depot there need to be vocal and active about it,and not lay down like the Eureka progressive candidates did.
    And Eric you are right,voters in both the 4th and 5th districts helped give SoHum growers the power structure most suitable for their needs.

  32. Erik, you’re a swell enough guy. Just caught in that moral gray area that is lawyering. Hell, you even admitted that the Mirror makes you laugh every now and then.

    The problem is you’re close association with the ilk who hold their noses and vote for a guy like Gallegos when they know he’s a schlepp. Our community really is less safe with him in office.

  33. Actually anon,Eric supported Paul Hagen.You should learn from that.

  34. I have my criticisms of Paul’s performance in some matters, particularly high profile cases. But I don’t see him pleading cases out more often than other D.A.’s, and if you ask Ed Denson he is actually too aggressive with marijuana prosecutions. And while the stats are fluid enough to interpret in any side’s favor, there really is no crime wave over the past 8 years as compared to before.

    I voted for him because I don’t think the “law and order” approach to law enforcement works, and you need a D.A. who can evaluate the evidence of a case and offer pleas when there are difficulties with the case. Allison may have offered fewer pleas, but there would have been more acquittals. Charging into trials without evidence that can meet the rigorous beyond a reasonable doubt standard in kamikaze fashion may play into feel good wishes, but it is not good policy. It has failed in other counties, and we have a jury pool in this county which is heavily influenced by libertarianism from left to right. They don’t want to hear about punishing the wrong doers. They want to know that the limited resources are going to be allocated in a reasonable matter and that we aren’t going to try to punish defendants by forcing them to pay for trials they can’t lose.

    That’s really what this election was about. Just because the police bring a case to you recommending charges, it does not follow that you should push a case with questionable evidence, once you have interviewed witnesses and evaluated the case from a lawyer’s perspective. And it is a breach of justice to muscle defendants into plea agreements because they can’t afford a decent defense. That is what happens in many of the more conservative rural counties, and that’s not what Humboldt County voters want.

    If Paul G. is really the issue, then you should think about running a progressive who is not tied to the previous administration. That is if competence and not ideology is your issue – because with a similar ideology only competence would be an issue on the table. Of course, Terrence Hallinan’s opposition did just that in SF, and that’s kind of backfired on them as their weapon of choice went on to win the AG race.

  35. Ed Denson thinks! Who cares what Ed Denson thinks, he is just a long time cog of the marijuana problem in Humboldt County.

    You make it sound as if PVG gets bad cases from the police and then because he is so all knowing and wonderful decides not to pursue them.. This is inaccurate.

    PVG’s office gets all crime reports. Some are not prosecutable but most are. Many serious felonies, other than murder or violent crimes, are more or less passed over. Some get “misplaced” but others are just dealt away by a DDA that doesn’t even read the report. Some of this is laziness but some is just poor training or bad management.

    PVG has shown that he will waste untold resources and money to go after things his radical supporters want; ie: PACLO, charging the Eureka police cheif, the Fortuna city Council woman, and so on. Time and money tossed away just to make a few of his close friends and supporters happy.

    Call it sour grapes but it is pretty much a stone cold fact that regular everyday working people lost in this past DA election. The pot growers maybe pleased but Joe citizen and his/her family will be the ones to suffer.

    PVG won the election and the County will have to live with it. Just winning an election doesn’t mean PVG is or has been diong a good jo. It just means he won.

    Sorry for taking up so much space but I am saddened by the continued reign of PVG and the consequences to Humboldt County.

  36. The Douchebug is Grumplestiltskin, no?

  37. Eric bought the “progressive” vs. conservative bullshit. It was never and has never been about that. It is about competence vs. incompetence.

    Getting re-elected did not magically endow Gallegos with a competence gene. Getting re-elected will not improve his management skills. It will not fix what he has broken. And it will not help him as the thing unravels to the point that even you, Eric, will finally have to admit it.

    Poor Salzman – lost every race where he had a candidate he could have been proud of, and is stuck with the one he will have to continue to make excuses for.

  38. And poor Rose, the ultimate campaign cancer. Once she’s on board, you can count on a disastrous campaign.

  39. Eric bought the “progressive” vs. conservative bullshit. It was never and has never been about that. It is about competence vs. incompetence.

    If that’s what it’s really about then run a progressive who isn’t tied to the old guard and we’ll all see what happens. But if you keep running the hawks, you’ll definitely keep losing. That is if it really is about competence and not prosecutorial philosophy.

    Personally, I think he’s winning because the majority of Humboldt voters think he’s doing a fine job.

  40. Eric you never cease to amaze me with your plain stupidity. He was reelected because a majority of voters didn’t care bout much more than pot and more pot. Then you have the kool aid drinkers. Eric here is my wish for you. May one member of you family be abused or assaulted so you have a real good taste of Humboldt justice and what a fine job he’s doing.

  41. Well that’s pretty cynical.

  42. cynical! No. Honest yes. Since you easily dismiss what victims have been going thru for 8 years I think you need to feel it up close and personal.

  43. Another way to look at it, Eric – if the teachers throughout the county were telling you who they preferred in the top position for County Schools – would you listen? People did, and they got a fine person in that position.

    Why do you so disrespect the opinions of the people who actually have to work with the man?

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