A victory for tort reform?

An alert reader called our attention to an interesting item in the Times-Standard’s most recent list of DUI arrestees.

Jason Kendall Singleton, 44, Eureka

Could it be? The Jason Singleton? The one who makes a profitable if somewhat despicable living extorting money from local small businesses under the guise of ADA compliance?

It sure looks that way.

If so, it couldn’t have happened to a bigger douche.

Somewhere, somehow, the Arctic Circle is laughing today.

17 Responses

  1. Douche is right. Fucker.

  2. It’s a Christmas miracle. Ha fucking ha, asshole.

  3. I totally agree with the Mirror on this one.
    You guys put a smile on my face.
    Singleton gives the ADA a bad wrap.

  4. He just wants to get in and measure the handrails in the bathrooms for another lawsuit.

    SOB also hurt Central Station and 6-Rivers Brewery in Mck town with bullshit lawsuits that cause them a lot of trouble. Is Karma not a wonderful thing. Imagine what is going to happen to Gags. No vasiline and no kiss

  5. Singleton is a scum bag,no doubt there.I used to see people with disabilities enjoying themselves at Arctic Circle,despite the accessibility issue,and would have been much happier to see the problem worked out in a reasonable manner,and still would be enjoying the place.I know a few folks both in,and working with the disabled community who have some bad feelings towards Singleton.

  6. Hey, a subject on which we can all agree. Can consensus on the election results be far behind?
    P.S. does anyone know what his blood alcohol was?

  7. “Hey, a subject on which we can all agree.”

    Hey trust me Barb,I’m also pissed at Singleton for his dipshit act leading to a post from the mirror in which I wholeheartedly agree with!!Me and Connect agree on something,fuck a duck!

  8. Agreeing is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? I’ll pass on the duck thing. For openers, I don’t sport the right equipment.

  9. If anyone deserved karma more, I don’t know who. This shyster USED disabled folks to make bucks for himself. Once I saw him carry a woman out of his van to a wheelchair so she could “find” another place out of compliance. Wasn’t he out of compliance for transporting her in this way? Also, he was ushering disabled people all over town, whether disabled people had a problem or not. He gave them tape measures and made them report their findings. Amazing they got into those stalls to make measurements but could not seem to find them accomodating to other life functions. And basically, none of these people were paid for any of the service that Jason required/requested of them. Hell, they thought they were doing it for their OWN good. Chi-ching to Jason!

  10. The only difference between this POS and EPIC/ERF/PayKeeper is that PayKeeper only goes after deeper pockets. predatory litigants, parasites.

  11. Times-Standard’s ‘On the record 11/28/10’ ; marriage licenses…….HEIDI J. WALTERS and Kenneth R. Malcomson???????? It is a very small town, yes?

  12. You celebrate your way Mark and I’ll just have a drink.

  13. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer chap.

  14. Ah. He will get a cool plea bargain.

  15. Let’s hope for the County’s sake that the cold concrete room he was strip searched and fingerprinted in was ADA compliant.

    I’m dreaming, I know. A DUI doesn’t get him the miserable treatment he so richly deserves.

  16. it may be karma, but only for one of his misdeeds. He has more karma to settle up. A stoma would be nice. Oral cancer, hair loss, rectal bleeding, colitis, incontinence. Any and all in his future.

  17. You be the perfect candidate to give Singleton some nasty STD’s PZ

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