Mark prays for deliverance

We knew he used to make banjos, but we never knew he could play them too.


The Board of Supervisors meeting today got noticeably less dull when outgoing 5th District Supervisor Jill Duffy called bullshit on a move by her fellow supervisors to rush through the nomination of Mark Lovelace to replace Bonnie Neely on the Coastal Commission.

Fireworks ensued.

Duffy objected for a variety of reasons, including that Board Chairman Clif Clendenen should have contacted and solicited input from incoming supervisors Ryan Sundberg and Virginia Bass. But that wasn’t what Bonnie told Clif to do. D’oh!!

The decision on who will replace Neely will ultimately be made by the Govornator. (We’ll link to the video when it comes available, because it’s worth watching Duffy, and the other 20 or so people, bitchslap Little Lovelace.)

27 Responses

  1. Thank you Jill!

  2. Jill and I have not always gotten along swimmingly, however, there is no doubt that her honesty and integrity genes are switched on and fully functional. Big Hell Yah, from one Redneck girl to another!

  3. Dang! I missed it. I knew it would be worth watching but spaced it.

    You forgot to mention how the vote went down? ..or did Jill succeed in embarrassing them enough that they tabled it?

  4. Is Virginia qualified enough to satisfy the Governor? Is it even remotely possible that we could push her to the county’s nomination?

    Or wa this simply a move to piss on Mark & Bonnie?

  5. What ideas for protest do you guys have in mind to tell the governor that we don’t want him to be our coastal commissioner?

  6. We propose a minimum height requirement.

  7. Oh Humbug you are comically awesome! hehe. No one over 4 ft tall aloud. Clearly Marky is not able to meet those requirements

  8. Or maybe no sneaky, backstabbing, lying, manipulative progy’s. He is up to meet those standards.

  9. Red, do you think Bonnie was qualified ? Hell NO.

  10. The county can nominate as many people as they want, as can the other counties. The cities from each county (as a group) must also nominate at least one person. At a minimum there will be at least 6 nominees so Loavelace is by no means a lock.

    Mark is clearly too controversial a figure hold the seat and we need to make sure to let the governor’s office knows that.

  11. That’s why we need to write letters to the Governor so he can know just that.

  12. Please send any letters with your concerns about Mr. Lovelace to:

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Attn: John G. Cruz, Appointments Secretary
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, California 95814

  13. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Attn: John G. Cruz, Appointments Secretary
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, California 95814

    Make a point, express your concerns about Marky,

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if some sort of “technical glitch” prevents the County from posting the stream of the meeting. I have wondered if this was the case on certain meetings in the past when the Board discussed contentious subjects.

  15. It should be on a rerun on Friday some time on CH 10 or one of the Access Humboldt channels. Usually plays several times on different days.

    I plan on getting ready with chips and dip and my PBR to watch the rerun.

  16. Maybe the appointed Commissioner will find a loophole in the Coastal Act that allows big box superstores on wetlands

    Fingers crossed!

  17. As if the governor gives a crap about what anyone thinks …

  18. Virginia does not know her ass from a hole in the ground. Her knowledge base on issues outside of Eureka is extremely limited. She knows more about fucking with people’s lives than actually doing something that she was elected to do.
    Girlfriend is lucky I did not tear her tits off in this last election with the documentation that I have written by her.

  19. HumRed, have you come back as a liberal bitch. Being Real put up or shut up. Go back and visit H blog, your perfect for that site. All mouth and no brains.

  20. Could Being Real (above on December 2 at 8:31) be Bonnie Neely, or her “girlfriend” Patty Berg? TIT-ripping sounds personal.

  21. It think Being Real is Sleazeman……because it sure does sound like that Bitch took a beating in the last election.

  22. Must be something in the water, or maybe the freedom to speak the truth at the end of her term; but Jill’s got more balls than Appleseed, Loveless and Jimmy “The nicest douche you’ll ever meet”, put together.

  23. Right on Jill. Fuck you Bonnie and Cliff. And just wait Midget Mark you piece of morally devoid dog shit.

  24. Crazy shit going on in this county.

  25. Blah blah blah.

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