We all have our reasons

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Bill Ayers and Mark Lovelace: A love story

Enough said.

Hugs, The Humbug

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48 Responses

  1. What’s going on with Lovelace’s left hand? I swear he’s giving himself the world’s smallest hand-job.

  2. No. He’s just holding himself cause he feel so good. This picture is going to haunt this little prick for the rest of his days. Its one of my favorites. I have it framed and hung in my office.

  3. Can something that small even get hard?

  4. The best part is that Jason Robo, the kid who got charged with causing havoc on a Delta flight in Boston, is in the background!

  5. It didn’t work when Hannity pulled it on Obama. Why do you think it’ll play here?

  6. No one’s pulling anything, Eric. Just stating the facts.

  7. You guys don’t like Robo either? What did he do to you?

  8. As far as Lovelace shaking hands with Ayers, I would compare that to shaking hands with Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld. Not something to be proud of.

  9. Ayers is tainted. Ayers is a 60s washout who believed in the communist party. An ideal utopia. To make that happen the communist takeover had to eliminate all opposition. It happened all over the world. Read history if you are to ignorant to believe me. Ayers is an asshole for teaching his shit to students. And Mark is a fool for worshiping him.

  10. Mark is a selfish self centered prick who is amoral. Sold his mother in law out.

  11. Who’s his mother in law?

    I wouldn’t touch that piece of dung

  12. Bill Ayers that is. Come to think of it I wouldn’t touch the little one either.

  13. Rob, you gotta get Gans over to the HSU archives to destroy all the historical photos of the balloon tract covered in wetlands.

    Maybe start with this one?


    And while your at it, pile some more logs on every inch of that property

  14. Sorry “Hank” , but Bolithio has already debunked your specious conspiracy claims over at the Herald…

  15. Debunked what? You don’t see any wetlands in that photo?

    Nothing to see here folks, now y’all move along

  16. Hank take a bath and comb your hair. Lose the prog crap ok. You have really regressed over the last couple of years. I once thought there was hope for you but no more. Your literary prowess is defined by your disgusting fish hook photo.

  17. That’s one disgusting wetland, isn’t it?!?

  18. Actually, yes, it is one disgusting wetland. If I was a duck, I would pass on by and go to some other area in the bay. It isn’t like this is the only spot to land. Give it up. Eureka use to be a virgin redwood forest. So everyone should move and we should start reforestation today! Get rid of US101! Abandon your homes! Its the right thing to do! The world will end if this doesn’t happen!

  19. Ayers is worse than a communist hangover from the 1960s. In an interview published in the New York Times on, ironically, 9-11-2001, the Weather Underground member said ”I don’t regret setting bombs…I feel we didn’t do enough.”

  20. Color me naive, but….the magic midget was elected to serve the interests of the 3rd district, not to suck up to aged hippies with a bad combover and dubious credentials. He was elected (barely!) to address the needs of his constitutents, not seek outside appointments to further a narrow agenda propogated by a bunch of litiginous nitwits. His business begins in the 3rd district and ends at the Humboldt County Line.

    Why is this elected official even considering this appointment when he seems to be doing a piss-poor job of what he was elected to do? As, I said, color me naive with shadings of disgust.

  21. Call me naive, but I don’t think you can mitigate 1000 year old trees

  22. Well Hank, and how does mitigating trees have anything to do with the subject at hand, which is, to wit….why the 3rd district sup is not tending to business at home instead of chasing a State Commission appointment. In fact, how did mitigating trees come into a discussion of the so-very questionable company that said individual is keeping?

    Usual prog logic, I say apples, you produce an argument concerning pecans.

  23. See ‘Pharts comment above

  24. So, I take this to mean that all of you are packing up? Your homes are on the market, you are finding a new place to live, work, play….(that is if you do play?) Come on now, lead by example, you leave and the rest will follow, isn’t that how it works! Since ya’ll know so much better than the rest of us.

    It follows that good ole’ Pete, Jane the ignorant slut, Kaitlyn, Dave, Larry Glass…all packing up and leaving to start the restoration of the forest? Hummm? Or is it that ‘Phart comment was just slightly sarcastic and actually a lot funnier than you?

    You are still discussing nuts and you sound like one.

  25. so…what happened to Jane?

  26. Anon….I was referencing a classic Saturday Nite Live bit: Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin lampooing 60 Mins ‘Point/Counterpoint”. Actually, Jane is undoubtedly still around, I think still in deep mourning, and will any luck has found an amenable shop keeper to procure her staples.

  27. Calling a woman you disagree with a slut sure helps your cause

    Way to go buddy

  28. Hank, for pity’s sake will you lighten up? What is with you guys….radical liberals seem to have had their sense of humor surgically removed. Along with any semblence of common sense.

    And on that note, I have been called a lot worse by my liberal friends. Back to the real topic: the 3rd district rep is NOT tending to business, and should be. He is also not addressing mitigation of the trees and you should be up and all over his shit about that!

  29. I’ve been called a slut before. I think it has a certain cachet.

  30. Sluts are hot.

  31. Did anyone else hear that high-pitched scream? Must be Hank, primal therapy to cope with the tree issue.

  32. Hank you will never be a true lib. You are just a half assed mindless koolaid drinker. You spent the last election more focused on a gal being hung like meat on a cleaver. Way to gob. When the NCJ goes defunct grow dope.

  33. uhhh, this Hank is most assuredly NOT Hank Sims.

  34. And again, anyone know just exactly what became of Jane?

    Someone over at the flying Heraldos suggest she may have been outed, though if so, it’s been deleted from that blog…

  35. Ok. If Hank aint Hank guess its Sleazma. So hank is ok with Salzman. Point made hank. Hope you have to deal personally with him. Chuckle on fat guy

  36. Web of lies? Now all is forgiven? Disgusting.

  37. I’d like to see Mark’s resume.

  38. Yeah I was wondering what happened to Plane Jane. I just figured she had an aneurism when the sane people mostly won the elections. Then again there is hope that rather than posting once every minute each and every day she discovered the door to her room opened outward to a real world where happiness is possible when you mind what you need to do rather than try to control others.

  39. People like PJ never change. She probably got a cat and is teaching it to use the crapper.

  40. Nah. PJ is not a cat person.

  41. After this the cat is not going to be a PJ person.

  42. have a good look at that photo. See the body language?

    ML; idolize, adore, devoted, love, fawn

    BA: Authoritative, condescending, superior, vouchsafe

  43. Much has been made of this photo and it’s possible that Lovelace’s extreme adulation is a bit blown out of proportion.

    But when you combine this meeting and hand shake as a form of mutual respect with his direct involvement with Baykeeper, the NEC and other extreme environmental organizations, it’s clear he’s not anyone any Gov. should be appointing to any post–especially an agency as powerful as the Coastal Commission.

    Schwarzenegger will never appoint Mark. Brown may, but it’s clear Arnold wants to move ahead fast to fill the job. Good luck North Coast. We need it.

  44. You’re kidding, right? This is exactly what Mark was put into office for. Remember Woolley was pushed aside.

    The Coastal Commission seat is a very powerful chess piece for the “progressives” who desire power above all else. They have been carefully moving their people into positions on Water Boards and other lesser seats (and once they have a guy in place, they see it as “their” seat and do not want that guy to move while they work to secure the next round of seats, that’s what happened to Higgins and Mike Wilson.)

    Lovelace has earned his “progressive” stripes, he does his homework, reads his packet, and is a diligent footsoldier for the “progressive” in-fill movement. They tell you they don’t want this place to look like Santa Rosa but they push infill and “smart growth” which means denser subdivisions**, smaller lots, more cram-people-together lifestyles and more dictation of how and what you can do. The end result of their direction is city living, they tell you one thing and do another. There are many indicators, and they set the building blocks in place at every level – think ann Lindsy’s ridiculous study trying to tell you city people are healthier than country people. Selling you a bill of goods and providing justification for plans down the road.

    Make no mistake about it. Lovelace is planned to move up the ladder – think Chesbro’s seat, part of the new world order.

    He’s good at what he does – he’s been attending meetings for a LONG time, and if you watch him you’ll learn how he works, makes you think he is listening to you, but really constantly moving his ball into position. He’s gotten away with it, but only while no one was watching. People are watching now.

    ** Ask the “evil” developers – who is it that is pushing – dictating – smaller lot sizes, denser subdivisions, and ultimately a lesser quality of life. The answer may surprise you.

    Somehow – unless people learn how to discern when someone is talking out of both sides of their mouth, and learn how to cut through the rhetorical bullshit – well, we’ll just see what happens.

  45. No Rose, I wasn’t kidding. I just don’t think Lovelace is bowing down and licking this guys boots exactly. But I am also not kidding when I say that I have a hard time believing that Arnold is going to appoint such a far-left loser with no experience.

  46. Anon, Your not paying attention. I have been watching this for over 12 years. Mark is one of the players they have been moving up the board for just this kind of position. They provide him with research, notes, and all kinds of support. This is why is is on so many different boards etc. If you watch he has a pad with his notes on it and a whole bunch of other stuff that has been provided by the team. He is a true believer. What you see on his face is pure joy. You can bet his little panties are wet at that moment.
    Next thing to watch is the planning department. They are on the verge of totally screwing McKinleyville so they can get state grant money. They say its a state mandate, just if you want the grant money. Conners and all the low income whores will get money, and this lousy planning department will get funded. Watch it happening now.

  47. Hey 11:34, you’re right, he’s not licking the boots, but he’s definately licking below the waistline. Mark has been maneuvered into place by the proggies and lacks any real life experience. He’s a failed banjo maker who with a little help from his friends made up an official sounding name (Humboldt Watershed Council) and appointed him president in order to make it look like he was some type of expert. Somebody dig deep on where he got his money and you won’t be surprised at who’s pulling his strings.

  48. Mark sold his soul for POWER. He doesn’t give a shit about justice or anything else hat will get in the way of the “agenda”. Its an ends means thing. He should adopt Sleazman as his BFF. Oh shit. He already did.

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