SHOCKER: Pot vote pushed Gallegos to victory

Paul Gallegos looks slightly smarter when he squints.

Or as Paul’s spokesperson Thad Greenson likes to say, the “progressive” vote re-elected the assclown, and it’s just a fluke of geography that all those progressive voters happen to live in either the indoor (Arcata) or outdoor (SoHum) pot-growing capitals of the United States.

Yay happy chiefers!! Because now when your deal goes bad or your kid gets killed by someone else Gags couldn’t be bothered to prosecute, you’ll be too mashed to care.


39 Responses

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  2. Mr. Mirror, I think it would be hysterically funny to hear Paul Gallegos try to define “progressive”.

  3. That’s easy. It’s affordable auto insurance.

  4. I’m shocked that people voted their economic interests in this election.

    Oh yeah, and I’m way shocked that pot interests are so broad-based that they, um, dominated a countywide election. It’s almost as if our principal industry is–jeez, the mind boggles–our principal industry. Next thing you know Supervisors will try to help it! Criminals. Well, not since 215 but anyway . . .

    What if we all took a reality bath? Would we smell more like crime, or money? That was Paul and Allison’s real debate. I think we’re all better off living in reality than history. We still need an economy.

  5. Allison supported legalization too, longwind.

  6. The blood of the next victim is on the “progressive” pot growers hands. Period. You own it.

  7. Help me here, Rose. Did you and Allison argue that pot causes greed?

    As I recall, fishing used to cause prostitution in Old Town too. Bad fish!

  8. Pot doesn’t cause greed. Greed causes pot.

  9. greed about pot is caused by prohibition

  10. I’m a progressive and I didn’t vote for Gallegos. I voted for the lesser of two evils.

  11. If that’s true, Frank, then why did the growers oppose legalization? That was your chance. What happened there? Because it looks to me like greed won.

  12. There was a huge GOTV for HSU students. You can tell young people, who weren’t here 4 years ago, any scary story and they’ll believe it, especially if they think their pot is in jeopardy.

  13. Reality check, Allison vowed to charge every mope that officers booked. That was the principled commitment that just got Mendocino’s DA hooted out of office–after she broke the county justice system by doing what she’d promised to. Because it overwhelms the judicial system with cases that can and should be resolved sooner.

    A DA uses judgment but is not a judge. Allison didn’t get that any better than Lintott did. We can all be glad Mendo spent the money proving that Allison was wrong about that too.

    Final analysis: Allison “supported legalization” but would charge every case cops brought to her. Come on, please be serious.

  14. Is this a surprise? I think not, bought and paid for by drug money. Rose has it right, the next victim is laid at the feet of those so-progressive individuals who have it both ways right now, considering the loop-holes of 215, and would not welcome any change to their status quo.

    You bet the progressives put him back in office. If we had an economy based on something other than a FEDERALLY illegal substance, we might stand a chance of taking back this once-propersous, thriving community.

    Oops, forgot there for a minute, development, change, forward movment…..all BAD THINGS. As Hank points out, we all need to be gone so the trees can come back!

  15. Longwind, you’re talking nonsense. Cases don’t get resolved before charging, so what Jackson proposed would not have overwhelmed anything.

  16. Idiot. Show me where Allison said she would charge every case cops brought to her. I would have thought you were smarter than to believe Richard Salzman’s horseshit.

  17. Well I don’t think you’re an idiot longwind but that is a complete misrepresentation of what Jackson said. I understand though that a lot of people don’t actually know what she said because the TS so misrepresented her statements and positions throughout the campaign.

  18. Does Larry G. know that Thad is two-timing him with Gags? Maybe they share; now THAT’S progressive!

  19. Gang, Allison’s most-repeated charge in print and at the two debates I attended was that Paul plea-bargained instead of doing his job. Effective DAs, on the other hand, say that effective plea-bargaining *is* their job. That’s how 95 percent of charges are processed, if the perps are charged at all.

    Bud, one of her talking points was that she would respect the actions of police (unlike you-know-who), and if they booked ’em, she’d carry the charge forward.

    Josephine, you’re a hoot. Those trees and fish sure are keeping us prosperous, huh? Do you think they’re why our unemployment’s below the state average? You just keep right on blowing.

  20. Longwind, long mass of air blowing by…our unempolyment is below the state average, because, most of our able bodied individuals who in other counties would be deemed unemployed are #1) sucking at the Grant tit via some ‘non-profit’ #2) trying to get SSI #3) growing dope with a PG&E subsidy, food stamps and most likely a mortgage bail out.

  21. longwind. You are so full of shit you sound like Sleazeman. The gal said if she could prove the case she wouldn’t plea bargain murders and rapes to things like manslaughter and trespass. But you must like the killers, wife beaters and baby rapers. And let’s not forget the non tax paying resource sucking polluting dope growers. Now that is “progressive”.

  22. Jo B. I still wanna marry you! You are the be all end all gal pal. Gags suks and we have this crap over dope. Capitalism gone freakizod. We are so FUCKED. Where is the vaseline?

  23. Josephine, have you ever met anyone that got a mortgage bailout? If you have and would like to be a part of a bigger story, I would love to do a story about someone you knew that got a mortgage bailout. It has been done, its just that I have never talked to anyone that knew of anyone that did get a mortgage bailout.

  24. And oh yeah, I do know of a case where Gallegos has taken a plea bargain that is not called for. Some one I know that had almost everything stolen from him by a druggie ( not pot ) a real one, that should be up for 3 strikes at the least but is looking at a chance to turn his life around after 3 years. All I can say is dude, you better get your life in order and make it up to my friend or this is an injustice. If he does long time, it’s still an injustice because my friend can’t collect to get his stuff back. These are non win situations unless the perpetrator can be rehabilitated and pay back his debt to society. No one died but this person is old and can’t get the stuff back that he wanted to use to make his golden years a little more livable. If we legalized drugs, most of these creeps would just sit in their holes and get high. Problem is we still will face them on the streets on occasion and without some rehabilitation, they can be impossible to deal with.

    Current situation is that my friend is screwed and this guy doesn’t stand to do much better. How does a DA fix this crap?

  25. Effective plea bargaining is the key. Jackson never said she wasn’t gonna plea bargain. She knows how cases are resolved. She said she wasn’t going to do it with violent offenders unless she could get sentences that fit the crime. How longwind turned that statement into a campaign against potheads is a mystery to me.

  26. Tell the assfucked kid Tom. Your excuses are all fucked up.

  27. I’m someone many would call a “progressive” (and I’ll leave the labeling of myself to others), and I did NOT vote for Gallegos. I did, however, vote for pot to get the go-ahead.

  28. Doug, what’s funny are all these people telling us prohibition is the problem who did NOT vote for legalization. In other words, prohibition may be a problem, but making less money would be a bigger problem. That tells me what I need to know about them.

  29. (By the way, I too voted to give pot the go-ahead.)

  30. Speaking of mean spirited…when is Jackson going to say “THANK YOU” to the people who have supported her? Did I miss it? The only thing her site said the other day was “It is done”. Now the site is gone. I would expect at least that much instead of shrugging off the work that has been done for her. Or is this what we would have expected IF she was elected? The entire D.A.’s Office breathed a collective sigh of relief when the final numbers came out. A slap in the face to her supporters, and especially to the people who’ve come out and publicly supported her on these posts.Just a thought.

  31. No you are taking pot shots and we won’t play.

  32. I’ll bet the DDAs are relieved. They narrowly missed being managed by someone who would have required them to do their jobs rather than campaign for Paul on the clock and facebook their hubris.

    By the way, I volunteered for AJ and she thanked me. Personally. Maybe you were too busy breathing your collective sigh to take her calls, fuck nut.

  33. Hey Girlie! Over 1500 votes stood between them…I hardly call that a narrow victory. You must be feeling so proud of yourself. She thanked you “personally”. wow! You were really reaching for that one. I can tell she made your heart go all a-flutter! Maybe you should take her cock out of your mouth for just a minute and you will realize how much damage she would have caused in the office IF she were elected.

  34. Speaking of…..ungracious, nasty individuals, you are one.

    “…to everything there is a season.” Those of us who actively supported Allison’s campaign, we were happy to be a part of it, of course we are disappointed, but we also look on the other side, PG has 4 more years to fuck-up and he will, it is inevitable.

  35. Thanks, sore loser, because when all else fails hint broadly that a candidate is gay. Just like you lefties to consider that an insult.

  36. Yeah that was spoken like a true prog, wasn’t it? When someone has the audacity to have her own opinion, go all gender-bending homo on them. Because of all that tolerance the progs are so famous for. Right?

  37. I don’t doubt Allison would have screwed things up in the office. Those fucknut DDAs wouldn’t have known what to do with all that competence.

  38. Liberal tolerance as expressed by it’s oft-stated love of diversity applies only those diverse individuals who 1) enjoy the largesse of the liberal/prog machine 2) embrace and verbalize the mantra, idiom, current terminology 3) demonstrate their commitment by jack-boot obediance to all things prog!

    The Liberal/Prog motto: “if your not one of us, your against us.”

  39. The DDAs can fuck off and drink coffee at 9:30 and cruise old town on their 2 hour lunches while fucking us over for a few more years. No wonder the sigh….

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