Merry Christmas, Eureka (and Happy New Year)!

The Humboldt Mirror welcomes the new Eureka City Council.


10 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t worry about Larry. Last time I saw him he was playing Joseph in a nativity scene in Carson Park. He’s moved on.

  2. Anyone else here surprised he let someone else play God?

  3. Larry is an asshole always was a asshole, always will be one.
    I do owe him though. Its because of him I got into ordering my music on line and down loading. Went into his store years (10+) ago and his attitude was so bad I left without purchasing anything. Got hooked up downloading and its great. For you progy’s, no packaging material, saved resources, etc. Also saved young people from those low paying jobs that Larry provides so they can go on to living wage jobs that Rob Arkey provides.
    Oh and Larry did not move on the people moved him the hell out. Bye Larry.

  4. Although I’ll miss Larry, I am more excited for Eureka to have a fresh crop of councilfolk who will get to tackle our city’s many problems.

  5. I am sooooooo Glad Larry is g-o-n-e. Congratulations to all the new candidates. I look forward to Eureka moving forward!

  6. I just want to say that the City voted to move forward. We want business in this area so our kids don’t have to move away to have a life, I think the vote was for the Marina Center…hooray… and not to deny things already moving forward…the Jefferson School projec t, even though I think it sucked…this was what the community wanted. We voted.,.they won!. Let the Jefferson School project continue,lest you all be recalled because this is what the people voted for. The people have spoken and the new council needs to find its own windmills.

  7. When exactly did this project “become what the community wanted”?

    It may be what a small, vocal group of neighbors want, but I doubt it is what the majority of citizens want – I’d wager that most of us wanted CR to purchase the property so we wouldn’t be on the hook for the white elephant that is the Jefferson School property.

  8. Spending a bunch of money we don’t have on a pile of crap building we don’t need was not the will of the people. It was the will of a couple of busy bodies who need to start writing checks or shut the hell up.

  9. You know what would be really, really funny? They get their non-profit together and start the process to ‘renovate’ the school and the Costal Commission or some other regulatory agency (there is an abundance!) steps in and denies their permits!

    Or, better yet, they find some sort of rare fungus and Paykeeper/EPIC et al, starts screaming about preservation. This could be really entertaining.

  10. Totally agree Josephine. And Larry Glass would better understand what if felt like to be on the receiving end of a bureaucracy and litigious fringe group out of control. That would be poetic.

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