Three Stooges to make rare radio appearance

You do not want to miss this.

KSLG’s charity event Friday at the Eureka Co-Op will include interviews with three of the county’s biggest knob-jobs–one in power, one out, and one holding on for dear life while his well-worn resume is passed over by every cop shop in Northern California.

According to a KSLG media alert, the schedule is as follows:

8:45am Eureka Police Chief Garr Neilsen will provide a state of the city roundup.

9:45am Former Eureka City Councilman Larry Glass will talk about his time in office.

10:20am Humboldt County DA Paul Gallegos will be on to discuss the recent election and his plans for the future.

Maybe those plans include a major three-way in the parking lot of the Eureka Co-op.

Which would be business as usual for them.

Tune in to 94.1 FM to hear their slap and tickle routine for yourself.


86 Responses

  1. That’s excellent news. Now Larry will have an opportunity to explain why he skipped the swearing-in of the new council.

  2. It would also be nice to know the average age of his text recipients. A rough estimate would suffice.

  3. He didn’t go because he’s a really poor sport. It’s the same reason he didn’t go to Chief Smith’s retirement. The same reason he broke a door after a council meeting didn’t go his way. Hey did he ever pay for that? Someone should ask Tyson. We now how concerned the progs are about budget issues.

  4. How cute is that? It’s Winky, Blinky and Naughty. Perfect.

  5. Seriously, you could sell tickets to that shit. I know I’d pay.

  6. Assclown McDouche is the greatest name ever!!

  7. Amen to that Bugs! Ha, just too funny!

  8. Larry, Gags, and the Garfish pretending their world isn’t collapsing while they stroke each other; now THAT’S progressive!

  9. Whoa, you bitches are mean!!!!…and mean-spirited, but you already know know that doucha?

    btw, that’s not my real name, please don’t come after me, I just love the beaches…without European beach grass, the north jetty…. without the mill effluent and Eureka…without the Marina Center.

  10. Grace speaks the truth.
    This ‘blog’ is the most juvenile thing Ive seen in a while. What a sad life.

  11. Well thanks both of you ‘people’ for your ‘contributions’ to our ‘blog.’ Your ‘feedback’ has really caused us to ‘re-evaluate’ our values and our lives, espeially when it comes from a ‘person’ who has visited this ‘blog’ almost 100 times in the past three months alone.


  12. The parking lot of the Eureka Co-op?

    You mean the ugliest building ever designed?

    Who came up with that color scheme? Ronald McDonald?

  13. Assclown, the tickets are warm clothes, blankets and such. They are having a warm fuzzy radio drive to get warm stuff for people. You know, regular folks that can’t afford heat or housing, or both at the same time. Show up with nothing and you really are an Assclown. It’s not socialism because you don’t have to be a part of the solution. You can just stay home and be an Assclown.
    By the way, why don’t you just stay home the first Tuesday in November from now on. And no fair voting by mail, that’s socialism. Assclown, if that is your real name and I have no reason to believe it isn’t.

  14. Totally off topic here, but MarkyMark Konkler over at Heraldoville is claiming that Marilyn Brady is deeply involved in running the Mirror, and smeared Larry Glass with the whole underage girl thingy.

  15. Well Anonymous, we’ve been called worse by better.

  16. Here is the comment

    mresquan says:
    December 9, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Prior to the election,the humboldt mirror blog,which Marian Brady was closely tied to,began a smear campaign alleging that Larry had an inappropriate sexual encounter with an underage girl.The claim was completely unsubstantiated and disgusting,and since the election that blog has not a word to say about their prior smear and a follow up.Just on that incident alone,I commend Larry for not showing up.I would have less respect for him if he did.

  17. Which is a fancy and fanciful way of agreeing that Larry is a sore whiny-bitch loser.

  18. Mark evidently has traded pot for mushrooms. Total loser. Or is that poser?

  19. Anonymous 9:19 pm said:
    “Totally off topic here, but MarkyMark Konkler over at Heraldoville is claiming that Marilyn Brady is deeply involved in running the Mirror, and smeared Larry Glass with the whole underage girl thingy.”

    Then this post dissapeared from a regular internet search of the Humboldt Mirror. I have a copy of it and it is also available at

    Is Marilyn Brady deeply involved in running the Mirror?

  20. disappeared. I got my s and P mixed up.

  21. Totally disappeared, Tom? It’s four or five posts above yours, ya big galoot!

  22. Oh, and Mark, how about a bit of, uhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm PROOF.

    You are so full of shit. Lets have a source. Lay your cards out on the table.

  23. Not directly running,but certainly closely tied enough to it.

  24. Yeah. Smoke another bowl Tom. Too fucked up to figure shit from Shinola? Who would of guessed. Yep aand glass and gags are each jesus christ. Or maybe lying backstabbing doorbreaking corrupt moneylaundering plagiarizers. Or maybe just lying incompetent assholes. You pick.

  25. Uh Tom, step away from your ’70s flashback for just a second. That comment is right where it was left, with our response to it also intact.

  26. Proof, Mark, PROOF.

    BTW, when did you stop beating your loved ones? We all know you do, after all, I just typed here on blog, for god’s sake!

  27. Oops forgot……Mark you are such an ignorant slut. (Sorry Jane and SNL)

  28. And yeah. Miriam Brady’s our momma. Didn’t you know?

  29. So where is the proof that Larry committed the act he was being accused of?What happened?How come he isn’t behind bars?

  30. Jesus H. Should someone dial 9-1-1 for the poor bastard?

  31. That’s the problem with you progs, Mark. No actual ethics. Not a one. Someone once said something awaiting proof, so you can justify fabricating a story whole cloth about someone else. An eye for an eye, and you weren’t seeing too well to begin with.

  32. That’s not what I am asking you ass. I am asking about your specific assertions that Marian Brady smeared Larry Glass with the allegations about an innapropriate relationship with an underage girl.

    As to whether or not this happened, this much I know for a fact – there was an investigation by members of law enforcement. But then again, I never made any allegations. YOU have.

    So, where is your fucking proof? Turns out, you just like to spout shit that you just make up, like Home Depot is not going to be here, as if it is a fact -not an opinion. (and you could be right – HD might not, but you are gonna look like an idiot if it does, but you’ll just move on to your next wild ass claim).

  33. For a good laugh Anon go back and look at Mark’s pre-election claims. If he was to be believed, Marina Center went down in flames, Glass killed Brady, Neely pulled ahead in the end, Cleary beat Sundberg, and we whiny fuckers made peace with our new prog masters. Given all the shit he promised we would eat, I wonder why only his breath smells like ass.

  34. I’m sorry, I spent the night on a mountain with a sick transmitter last night after working a full day. Got to work on time today and am a bit tired.

    Still, I couldn’t get the link to work for about 10 minutes.

    The Eureka politicians that recorded their radio ads with me, won. I may not agree with them, I just do my job well.
    I could give a rat’s ass about most Eureka politics, I don’t live there. If you want to play games and turn a warm fuzzy radio event into a political attack event, that’s what you’ll do.

    It is after all your motto: Do good, look good. Do bad, look out.

  35. Seriously, this is the most attention he’s ever gotten. Why do you think he says stuff like that? No life at all. It’s kind of sad.

  36. Tom, you might want to get your shit screwed back on right before you do anymore blogging. You’ll notice in the upper left hand corner of this blog that we tweeted a plug for the event. Today we talked about a set of three interviews that would be conducted during the event. We made no unfavorable comment at all about the event itself. We think no unfavorable thoughts about the event itself. We really are going to take clothes to it. Do you just need something to feel victimized about today? Because while normally we’d be pleased to oblige, today we’ve got nothing for you.

  37. Maybe Tom needs a new motto that says Look Closely or Shut the Fuck Up.

  38. Word.

  39. Tom is the poster child for the long-term effects of substance abuse.

  40. That’s how humProgs operate. Make shit up. Put it on blogs and say its true. Look at their posts (esp at HH) since 2005 here in humboldt. They took the national prog model and brought it here. Sick bastards.

  41. You have that right, 7:44. I got into a minor pissing match with Heraldo about the time the meeting started on Tuesday night.

    Luckily, I was taking care of the real two year old in my life on Wednesday to remind me how silly it is to argue with the reality of a two year old.

    So, I decided to let Heraldo call me a liar when he actually has no idea what he is talking about. (no big surprise there) That’s how the two year olds of the world do it. Make stuff up so they feel more comfortable because they can’t handle the truth.

    The latest fantasy about “Marilyn” Brady is just another prog reality. It’s pretty telling when they not only start a rumor based on their unfounded speculation but also have to make up her first name because they really have no idea who she is.

    I guess we should all tune in to hear Larry’s noble excuse for not showing up Tuesday night .

    Should be a beaut!

  42. “so you can justify fabricating a story whole cloth about someone else.”

    Sorry Bub,the shit about Larry and the underage girl takes the cake.

    I’ll let the Bugs deny that they weren’t closely aligned with Brady and her campaign.

  43. Mark, we can’t deny that we weren’t closely aligned with the Brady campaign, because denying the negative would mean that we were aligned with her campaign, and we weren’t. We can however confirm that you should have paid attention in 5th grade English. Good enough?

  44. You win Mark your right and reality is wrong. Here is one to ponder. ” Perception is an active construction of the mind. Rather than a valid representation of objective reality “. It applies to most of progdom. You all dream shit up and declare its reality. when all it really is a mental masturbation. Except for you Mark, your spouting other dipshits dreams cause you are to stupid to even make up your own reality.
    My Christmas wish for you is that you get to have an original thought in what you call a brain.

  45. I’ll let Larry Glass deny that he hasn’t had a series of inappropriate relationships with young girls.

  46. Girlie, Mark will say he confronted Larry and that Larry said it was nothing. Mark doesn’t want to know the truth.

    But for the family of the girl who Larry had an inappropriate relationship, it’s all too real. Too many EPD officers know the truth and that probably has something to do with why Glass was tossed out so hard by Brady.

  47. Mr. Esquan’s logic model is neither.


  48. Substance abuse? If a lack of sleep and an over zealous work ethic is substance abuse then I understand why no one on this blog can relate to me.

    1.This blog has no substance
    2. This blog is of the investor class not the people that work for a liv

  49. Really? this is stupid! You think if there was really a sitch with Larry and an underage girl. Her family wouldn’t come forward and say the truth! thats because this is all a lie made by Marian Brady because she had nothing else to run on then a smear campaign. There is NO WAY IN HELL that EPD officers know something and are not saying it! please your gossip of bullshit is so lame. grow the fuck up!

  50. Tom, I’ve talked with you many times and you seem like a nice enough guy. I don’t always agree with you, but it’s brave of you to come here into the lion’s den and defend your world and political views.

    But here’s a fact or two for you: I work for a living. I work several jobs for a living, in fact.

    I believe that there are a few influential elected folk past and present who have an “I-have-mine, but-I’ll tell-you-if-you-need-yours-” attitude that frustrates me to no fucking end.

    You and I can agree on a lot of stuff in the middleground, but for Neely, Lovelace, Glass and the other progressive bureaucracy, there isn’t a middle ground they can play in. It’s all or nothing in their minds and its scary.

    Most people go through life having to compromise to get by. It’s normal. Not for those folks. It’s win at all cost and it’s not normal. It’s not fair. And it’s ruining our community.

    1) This blog has substance, although it can be crass and vulgar.

    2) This blog has more to do with working folk who have a lot at stake with how this county moves forward (or backwards) than you really care to believe

  51. Rose, members of law enforcement ARE talking. That’s how we know. So you might want to shut your caker until you’ve acquainted yourself with a few basic facts.

  52. Ermmmm – just for the record, the “Rose” above is not me. Perhaps “she” will consider adding her last initial to her posts so as to avoid confusion.

  53. Yikes. More rockets than love today. The 1980s would be deeply displeased.

  54. HEY 12:04, Reality is a tough concept for you to grasp, yes ?

  55. Wow, another Rose. Thanks but I like the real one just fine.
    Tom, your such a prog its unreal. That whole class bullshit is so communistic. I have several businesses and they all involve me doing physical work. No money in real estate, stocks or bonds. I work with my hands, back and head to earn a living. Almost 60 and been at it since I was eleven. Frankly I know may very wealthy people who do more work than I do and are older. The idea that you can not work and get rich is a scam. Does not work that way, never has and never will.

  56. Dang, Larry Glass with an adolescent and a steamy affair between Virginia Bass & Dave Tyson

    It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it? Wonder what’ll be going down next year? Stay tuned folks!

  57. C’mon, guys. Tom is a good guy. Seriously. He is listening. And he does grok a lot more than you think.

  58. Why is this site so against Chief Garr Nielsen. Hasn’t he delivered what was requested from him from the City, the Council, and many officers?

  59. Get with the program Rose, Tom is a prog fuck

  60. I am a progie but what I said about you guys being the investor class was in a tired bit of a rant. I believed it at the time sort of. I rant much better after some sleep. I hadn’t thought that much about who might be posting in here. I am still figuring it out. You are mad. Don’t like progressives, have taken over the City of Eureka and will now make things right. I thought that would make you happy and nicer people. Now I see that this is a modern version of a working folks bar that just calls it as they see it.
    I have run my own businesses, and ran two while going to college. I must come off as a defender of lazy people but quite the contrary. I have always had a good work ethic and don’t really like those that would take advantage of my good nature towards those that have nothing. People that outright lie to me are people I will have nothing to do with should I find out. I work in local radio and it isn’t known for good wages. I have many concerns about jobs and people being able to put food on the table. If you guys have any ideas or plans, do tell. I’ll can get the word out. I’m just not that connected or obsessed with Eureka politics.

    In future posts, I’ll try to remember where I am visiting. I may not visit much when I do, I’ll try to remember that some of you are just a bunch of folks that work too much too. I raise a beer to the working man, a tarp to the homeless man and a finger to the bankster man that would gamble with our futures.

  61. And woman, I am after all a progie.

  62. The path to success, Tom, lies in dropping the class-warfare mindset.

    But, no one here is a John Edwards, a John Kerry or a Ted Kennedy, nor even a George Soros.

    Why is it that those who say “Fuck the rich!” never mean THOSE rich. Not the D rich. It’s really all about partisanship in the end, isn’t it.

  63. Tom, we understand. Rants are welcome here. But with my two jobs and volunteer work, I might not always get a chance to read them. As for my investments, there’s a house the bank owns most of and a couple college funds. That’s it. I have a hard time believing that makes me your enemy.

  64. Yeah me to. My house, a 14 year old car, and enough to live frugally on for 8 months if my self-employment goes into the crapper. Tom you ARE closeminded. Me an investor? WHAAA? Just assume every stereotype Seborne as usual.

  65. Tom, you are correct in realizing that you have misread the haters that finds safe haven on this blog. Only a select few like Rose come from the so-called “investor class” and stand to benefit directly from right wing Republican anti-“prog” policies. Most are just guys who spend the day listening to Rush and Beck on the radio while they bust their butts for some rich guy. They don’t realize that they’re being played for fools.
    They don’t believe in climate change and don’t realize that the Koch brothers perpetuate anti-science propaganda because they’re in the oil business and don’t want regulations that will get in the way of profits. They actually believe that Security National really wants to clean up the Balloon Track and that it’s the environmentalists who are standing in the way. They support tax breaks for the rich and are waiting patiently for the trickle down effect, not knowing it’s a golden shower. They think Sara is cute and really wanted to see Bristol win on Dancing With the Stars.
    So what are you going to do? Smile and grin at the change all around you, pick up your guitar and play, just like yesterday, and get on your knees and pray Eureka doesn’t get fooled again.

  66. I am a reigstered Democrat. I don’t work for a rich guy. I don’t watch cable news or listen to talk radio. I believe environmentalists are blocking cleanup of the Balloon Track, because environmentalists are blocking cleanup of the Balloon Track. I don’t know who the Koch brothers are. I’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars, and don’t care who is on it. I voted against Sarah Palin once, and would be happy to do so again, although I hope I don’t have to. Also, I don’t play the guitar and don’t pray, in case you had any guns and religion comments to go with the rest of your stereotypes.

    It’s hard for people of limited intelligence to understand that those who disagree with you come in all shapes and sizes. Your failure to grasp this basic fact just cost you the Eureka City Council and the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors. Which is fine with me. But you might want to outgrow the binary thinking. We are not as different as we are alike. And our futures, yours and mine, are inextricably linked.

  67. Larry mentioned restoring the wetlands at the BT. This photo sure shows alot more than tire ruts-

    Good luck with the CCC Gans

  68. Basically many of us believe that you give tax cuts to the people who pay the taxes. Not to the people who don’t.

    But the current debate is not about tax cuts. It is about NOT raising taxes. It’s also about fundamental fairness, not punishing a select few.

    Many of us believe in smaller government, that the government should stop spending like drunken sailors, live within their means, and stay out of our lives, not just our bedrooms.

    Quite the opposite of Patty Berg, who said, “We don’t have a spending problem. We have a revenue enhancement problem.” In other words, she thinks she is entitled to take money from people who earn it, and spend it as she sees fit. She’s wrong on so many levels it isn’t even funny. It’s disgusting.

    And I have never watched Dancing With The Stars, either.

  69. Rose wrote,”Many of us believe in smaller government, that the government should stop spending like drunken sailors, live within their means, and stay out of our lives, not just our bedrooms.”

    And yet you had a link on your coffee shop blog to the White House so that your friends who read and posted there could thank George Bush Jr. for the wonderful job he did running the country.The same piece of shit who ran an administration which violated every single point you made in the paragraph I copied and pasted.
    I saw a bumper sticker not long ago with a picture of Naziboy with a caption under it saying something like ” I fucked you,but thanks for blaming the black guy for everything I did.”

  70. Card-carrying Republican here, so far to the right that I am almost Libertarian. Of course to Tool Tom and mresquan who so love labels, that probably makes me (in their eyes) a rabid, money gubbing, war-mongering, Palin worshiping, Rush addicted Dirt Bag.

    In reality, I am an individual who thinks for herself, votes her conscious, and is so very sick of the increasing inability of either ‘side’ to compromise! The fact remains, this county, this state and this nation cannot afford all of the Social Programs we have put in place. There are all sorts of reasons for this and all political ideologies can share some responsibility for it, but we are broke!

    How on earth can we continue when the national mindset seems to be: “you owe me.” If we, as a collective people do not start to learn and practice the art of compromise, we are doomed. The progessives have demonstrated, at least to me, that they are completely incapable of compromise. The Democracts and Republicans in the mainstream are not too far behind. So, since Tool Tom and mresquan and the Anon’s keep harping how morally superior they are, here is your chance…
    OK, we compromise in T-10 secs!

    I knew it……

  71. “The progessives have demonstrated, at least to me, that they are completely incapable of compromise. ”

    You have no interest in that.I too,am a card carrying Republican.

  72. mresquan, you little devil, I still think you are full of shit!

  73. As long as were all letting it out, I am still registered Libertarian. A problem with libertarianism is that taken to its extreme, we would have to pay a toll to drive down the block. It just doesn’t work. I voted green for president in the last election. I mostly like Ron Paul and have even voted for him in the past.

    I would support just about any candidate that has good ideas. Ideas that can make this country number 1 again.

    I think that unfunded public pensions need to be reworked in order to stop a collapse of local and state governments. I also think that the minim wage should be raised to at least 10 dollars an hour nation wide and higher in states like California and New York.

    I am against so called free trade that isn’t . When the world wide daily wage averages .50 cents a day, we have to have tariffs or it isn’t a fair playing field for US workers and businesses.

    I think that I would have gotten off to a better start with people on this blog if we were in a bar, face to face rather than anonomyous postings. We are miles apart on many things but overall most of us could find some middle ground and things to agree on.

  74. Left leaning Repubs have been pushed off of the cliff by the neocon sect of the party,who have had no interest in keeping government small and unobstructive.There is nothing conservative financially about the group currently leading the Republican party.George Bush Jr.was really just a socially conservative Democrat.It’s the same mindset and ideology locally as well.

  75. mresquan, there may be hope for you yet!

  76. Almost everyone I know that works in Humboldt, has a side gig. With this much time just trying to eek out a living, not much is left over for socializing with our neighbors and kids. There is a lot at stake that we don’t always have time to be informed about.
    The main stream media does a poor job of informing people about what is really going on that effects their lives. Some of those that try to get the truth out there are attacked like Julian Assange of Wiki leaks and Alex Jones.

    When we are uninformed about the other side, we don’t know how far apart we really are and resort to calling people Tool or Fucktard. That usually just takes the conversation right into the gutter.

  77. Tom, I called you a Tool for a reason and you just gave me another one….holding Julian Assange up as some sort of modern hero of truth. Would you please just remember for one nanosecond the reason he is in jail? Sexual assault. Oh, wait, next thing your going to tell me, “Oh well, he is a warrior in the fight for freedom of information.” He is a misogynistic predator.

    Maybe he is innocent and maybe not, but the fact he is in jail speaks for itself as far as I am concerned and there is some hope here…..PG is not practicing law in Great Britain.

  78. “Oh well, he is a warrior in the fight for freedom of information.” He is a misogynistic predator.

    He is both imho….had a problem with stop meaning stop.
    I won’t argue that wikileaks has been a fine thing for pushing for some government transparency,and exposing faults within our bludgeoning empire.
    Despite that,the most heroic person involved in the saga has been Bradley Manning,who now sits in a prison cell,pretty much abandoned of the help promised to him by Assange.

  79. Rose
    I know what you mean, but drunken sailors is not a good analogy and a bit demeaning to our service ment and women. The difference between the sailors and the politicians is that the sailors spend THEIR OWN money while drunk and the politicians spend SOMEONE ELSE’s money while drunk. Plus the sailors have strong patriotic beliefs and will fight for our country while the politicians are largely in it for themselves.

  80. Now Tom, we only call people tools and fucktards when they’re tools and fucktards. Fair’s fair.

  81. Josephine, one of Assange’s accusers fled the country and doesn’t seem to be cooperating with police anymore. Anna Ardin is said to have ties with US financed anti-Castro and anti-communist groups according to CounterPunch.

    Las damas de blanco is a feminist anti
    Castro group and is connected to the CIA.

    Most people that are raped don’t throw a party in their rapists honor at their home after the crime.
    Check it out, Ardin is as freaky as Assange himself.
    It’s hard to say who in this story is the tool and who is the fucktard but i’m sure you will figure it out.

  82. Whoa Nelly, I’ll agree with that. Apologies to sailors everywhere, drunken or not.

    Anybody have a better analogy? Spend like….

  83. Spending like a Wall St. lobbiest?

  84. Lobbyists? I can go with that. And now that we apparently have Pot lobbyists – is that going to change the local’s rhetoric on lobbyists? Oh, the evil ones….

  85. Thanks Rose. Drunken lobbyist, lobbyist on crack, Imelda Marcos in a shoe store, Mresquan in a 215 dispensary, Sebourn in a tin foil store, the graphics department in a liquor store the the Humbug’s credit card. Any of those would be fine.

  86. Nah, how about drunken Congressmen and Senators! They put everyone else to shame. Spending four generations into the future without even knowing how to read! I’ll amend it to Drunken Legislators…

    And Tom, I’d be a Libertarian, but I like to vote in the Primary… maybe I will change that.

    One more item of interest – Red-light cameras go dark across state Over the last five years, Loma Linda brought in around $200,000 from the project, the paper reported. But the bulk of the ticket fines went to the state or to Redflex, the Australia-based company that operates the cameras. “For that $200,000, we took $15 million out of the local economy” in ticket fines… California cities are starting to question whether the safety benefits are worth the high cost to their own coffers.

    Big government at work.

    Let’s hear it for smaller government that spends less than it takes in and lives within its means.

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