Another dark day in Progville?

The Humboldt Mirror’s crack team of investigative reporters has learned that Eureka Mayor Frank Jager has asked Ron Pierre to apply to fill Jager’s vacated 4th ward city council seat.

Pierre, a Republican, recently managed Allison Jackson’ s unsuccessful attempt to unseat District Attorney and Worldclass Douchebag Paul Gallegos.

Certainly there will be other applicants as well, but this one’s likely to be none too popular among our already beleaguered prog friends.

Hugs anyway! You might need them!!


28 Responses

  1. Interesting. I can smell the freak-out from here.

  2. *Gasp* A Republican? This is the last horseman of the prog apocalypse.

  3. Aprogalypse Now!

  4. Well, that certaintly explains the hellfire and brimstone from the H-Bloggers. This should really finish off poor Jane! Now, just to sit back and wait for mrsequan, Tom, the multi-talented and personality Anon’s to weigh in.

    “Repent ye sinners for the time of judgement is at hand!”

  5. I’ve met and worked with Ron. He’s a great guy and would make a fine councilman!

  6. Good for Eureka! Hopefully the conservatives will do better job here than they did for the country.

  7. Tom. May I be the first to say FU for the atta a boy. Try contacting mental health. So the real people take back our city our county is still screwed by SoHum crimes and arcata dope growers. So sorry you don’t like the oft arrested being released to reoffend. You turned your back on the aLternative. Now eat it and shut your mouth douchebag aka GAGS apologist. Ttfn

  8. Wow, Allison Jackson fans have the same personality problems she had in the election.

    You guys are a joy to be around.

  9. Tom you just said FU to the sheriff, the sheriff elect, three mayors members of three city councils, rape crisis, the former director of victim witness the founder of HC casa etc.and EVERY law enforcement org in the county You really are a fucktard. Ask us why a guy has been arrested and released 2 8 in a week. Eat me dude you are dummer than dirt.

  10. Hey bugs, I’m back

    So what’s up with Sebourn? I guess there is no presumption of impartiality in the media anymore. Well hell…there really never was.

    So ok, What about the 12 Bonnies of Christmas?

    I mean really, the 12 Seabourns would be not unlike the 12 Konklers of Christmas and in both cases….a few months short of an annum.

    I understand that Bonnie is already ramping up her campaign for assembly in a few years. Accordingly, there should be ample material for a nice new 12 Bonnies of Christmas.

    Yes, I insist on the palm tree and bikini shot.

    It’s becoming a tradition.

  11. Dog Darling, a bit late in the year for a julep, but I would enjoy an nice hot toddy.

  12. I did all that? Wow. I didn’t endorse either candidate, didn’t go to their fund raisers, didn’t volunteer for either of them and I still have that impact?
    Some of you seriously over estimate my abilities.

    If one fucktard can do all that without even trying, imagine what you all could do if you tried. The possibilities are endless.

  13. Oh Tom. Dumber than dirt. Yep. Dtd! Didn’t endorse? Or go to fundraiser? How about your posts and blog you closeminded elitist prick. My god progs are really out there!

  14. According to the paper, Jeff Lamoree has applied. He will have to recuse himself from Zoo issues, but that’s a guy I could absolutely get behind.

    Very reasonable and very articulate not to mention likeable. I understand Rex Bohn withdrew his name. So now there are just the two: Pierre and Lamoree.

    Of the two, I would guess the committee will pick Jeff. Of course, there may be more. The deadline is on Monday.

  15. Ron Pierre would make a terrific councilman. He is also a Cornel in the military reserve, I forget which branch.

  16. That’s Colonel. Military ranks can be so difficult to spell huh?

  17. Or is he a Kernel?

  18. Jeff Lamoree would be great. He could accomplish more for the city than he did at the zoo. Leave the zoo and move to city hall.

  19. Lamoree would be our pick. Pierre is a good man but not a good choice. He’s too partisan. We need a competent moderate who can cut through the ideological horseshit and solve some actual problems.

  20. An important lesson we learned from the progs is just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Discretion with this appointment may well be the better part of valor. I’m with the bugs on this. Don’t pick a partisan. Pick a winner instead.

  21. My darlin’ Josephine

    We may be the only shining stars in this strange blog firmament. Hot toddy? Tis the season.

    Let’s drink to the Bugs tolerance in allowing some of these complete nut cases to remain blogged here. Just as intelligence should be a condition of obtaining a drivers license so it should be to blog. But, as Seabourn and Resquan so adeptly demonstrate, the fiercely banal can also be amusing.

    Ahhh that Bugs,,,,the literary equivalent of Crenaldo in the Black Veiled troll bloggers on a Coach ride to Tours. He professed, while armed with only a Dell and a dial up modem, that he would protect their honor. “I shall do my best and my best, is considerable.”

    But for me the palm trees call and the toddy’s beckon.

    So it is the gentle Bugs endures the Resquan’s of the world. Here, Bugs offers an elegant chessboard and some only bring checkers to the table.

    Now how’s that for a toddy?

  22. Dog, my friend, I have it on good authority that the Graphics Dept. has heard your plea. But if not, they can kiss those Christmas bonuses goodbye.

    Are you back now to stay?

  23. The new folk on council had better shit can that boondoggle of Jefferson school on the 21st or there will be some really dissapointed voters!

  24. Dog was almost too poetic for me today but then I got to “the palm trees beckon” part and drank a PBR (or a few more) and felt a little better about the whole thing then,

    Let the 12 days begin! no matter who is the “chosen one”.

    Personally I feel that this should be the Bon’s last 12 days in celebration of her probably going on to a bigger position in the State (ugh). This is the Christmas season (or whatever season it for you) and we need to celebrate! Raising my PBR to the graphics department . . . . . .

  25. Are you back now to stay? asked Bugs

    Don’t rightly know.

    I don’t have the same predilection for mindless rhetoric or need to grind my halfbaked loaves into chicken shi…..(er, make that feed. Yes Chicken feed), than do the resquanalians of the blog world.

    I have no axioms to grind.

    But, in chief, I check in to lightly tickle the fancies of the as yet un-juliped, but still lovely Josephine.

    It is also of interest to see if palm trees are properly respected, PBR remains relevant and, if Resquan is finally getting any value from his Wheeties. Two out of three will have to do.

    So, I’ll check in when the spirit moves me or if the lovely Josephine entreats.

    To the GD, I’ve got your bonus and your back covered. Bring on the palm trees and of course the Fleeting Bonnies of Christmas, ‘a visual tribute to the triumph of decency over desperation’

    While frequent and abundant PBR can make for momentary inspiration, assholism is for life.

    My dear Bugs, that’s why we need the Fleeting Bonnies of Christmas, a few well placed palm trees and I dare say, that’s why we need you.

  26. We are coming up to XMas so may I say a big FU and goodbye o bonbon. The nastiest and meanest hag on the planet. Sold her family and soul for power then lost it. Thank you god for ridding us of her and thx Virginia for enduring.

  27. It is a good day in Humboldt, that’s for sure. got rid of Bonnie, out with the glasshole. Now if we could just chop lovelace off by 6 ” no one would know he was there.

  28. Actually, I think we progs are expecting the worst. But will he also convert to the Democratic Party before the next election?

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