Bohn out, Pierre and Lamoree still in the running

Rex Bohn has reportedly taken one for the team and withdrawn from the Eureka City Council appointment process. Ron Pierre is still in the hunt, and Jeff Lamoree is as well.

The likable Lamoree has been the president of the Sequoia Zoo Foundation for many years, although the Times-Standard reports he plans to step down from that role at the end of the year.

The T-S also says Lamoree reported being “encouraged” to apply for the seat. We might describe it more like being drafted, but no point niggling over terminology.

This one’s a no-brainer for us. Forget ideology. Forget partisanship. Forget everything except this: A man no one likes vs. a man everyone loves.

The only thing better than a Lamoree appointment would be a grip of hot chicks and a PBR kegerator at council meetings.

Try not to screw this one up, guys.


27 Responses

  1. Might I add that I personally find it distasteful when candidates are pre-screened and weeded out by the powers that be. As much as progs love to shriek about Rex Bohn, I can’t name anyone who has done as much for our community. Every fundraiser, every charity auction, every little league team, every sick kid, Rex is in the thick of it. He should be considered for the appointment. I’d still probably prefer Lamoree, but everyone interested should be given a chance to make their case..

  2. Bohn should throw his hat in. He I’d the best choice.

  3. So, this is a news blog all of a sudden?

  4. A few shity cartoons and all of a sudden he thinks the is the second coming of Trudeau and Caen. Pompous fuck.

  5. I like Joel but will never understand his absolute meanness to Fred to Rose. It’s like night and day for anyone who knows him. He’s a really nice guy in real life, but froths at the mouth when talking too or about either of them. Go figure.

    I agree about Bohn. More divisive than necessary, but certainly he deserves to be heard on the subject. He wants the job, while Lamoree’s arm had to be twisted pretty hard from what I heard. Pierre is a complete non-starter. Talks too much, does too little.

  6. It kills people to say you have three GOOD choices? Assuming Rex is in the picture…you have to stop hating anyone who steps up to point out that Emperor Gallegos has no clothes. You may not know about Ron’s many contributions to the community, may not want to know, but they are many.

    Three good choices – but based on what we see in terms of rhetoric, and knowing the guns that will be leveled at them, who knows why any of them would want to subject themselves to the acid bath that is local politics.

    All three of these men are an asset. Eureka is lucky to have them.

  7. A bit off-topic here, but can I deduce from the image on the top of the blog that Bonnie has been banished to the North Pole for the holiday? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  8. Joel,

    This has always been a news blog. What gives?

  9. News?


    Only when we’re too drunk to be funny.

  10. I’ll drink to that! Pass me a PBR.

  11. Bugs any of the three would be good. All different but their hearts are in it and none are corrupt. I’d be happier then all hell for any of the three but it looks like there are only 2.

  12. Its like someone threw water on the wicked witch over at HH. Total melt from all the usual players!

  13. Looks like Bohn and Melinda Ciarabellini have applied too. All 4 candidates are good and no progs. Cannot wait to see what GraphicsBugs come up with next.

  14. The commenter above can’t wait to see who’s head you paste on something (Larry Glass, or “Bon Bon”). Then he can post brilliant comments, like “LOL,” and “ROFLMAS.”

  15. “ROFLMAS.” ?? In CAPS!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROFLMAO? Vat ees dis “S”?

  16. Anyone who uses ROFLMAO needs help. Now.

  17. I’ll defer to Rose’s mastery in such matters.

  18. Oh don’t worry Joel, we’re not going to do cartoons yet. Your mediocre work is safe for now.

  19. Yeah, right. I was really worried.

  20. I’ll defer to Rose’s mastery in such matters.!!!!ELEVENTY!!!1!!11

  21. We tweeted yesterday that Rex was back in play. That’s good news. I know the voters don’t get to sort this one for another couple of years, but we’re stoked the selection process is going to include all interested parties.

  22. I wouldn’t be so smug Joel. What you do isn’t all that great.

  23. Joel, my brilliant comments are always more than a word and one-liners. According to your fellow bloggers that is your forte. On the rare occassions I do blog I prefer art and comments that don’t make assumptions about my intelligence and cartoons that are actually humorous.

  24. Since there’s no election for 2 more years – can’t we all just get along?

  25. “…my brilliant comments…”? Sorry, I missed them.

  26. Special Districts 2011 Rose! Let the games begin!

  27. We like Rose. She’s tenacious with a capital “t”

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