Crescent City cockblocks Coastal Commission climber

The wee wonder was simply born for the stage.

Mark Lovelace’s gift for self-promotion went entirely unappreciated by the Crescent City Council which, after he sent a request for support of his nomination to the California Coastal Commission, voted instead to back someone–or actually anyone–else.

From the Crescent City Triplicate:

[Crescent City Manager Rod] Butler said the city received a letter from Humboldt County 3rd District Supervisor Mark Lovelace asking for support. Humboldt supervisors nominated Lovelace last week.

Instead, the City Council decided to send a letter to the governor supporting whomever the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors chooses to nominate.

You can’t fault the little guy for having big dreams, but this power-grabbiness is not a good look.

On anyone.

11 Responses

  1. Once again I am compelled to point out that the Magic Midget is elected to serve the interests of the 3rd district not chase State appointment. There, I said it, again.

    Caught the replay of the BOS meeting, afternoon session and watching that guy absolutely ream Markey a new one was priceless! He actually used the words “duplicitious” and “deceitful” ! The best part, this guy lives in the 3rd district.

    2 more years, and then we’ll see, so I hope he is not getting too comfy in that big chair.

  2. Lord of the Dunce is right.

  3. How cute! I heard he also sent a letter to Santa.

  4. So, having never met him….how small is he?

  5. Josephine,like it or not,the Commission rep is required to be an elected official….so please extend your concerns to Virginia Bass,or Glaser,or Mark Wheetley…because they too were elected to work for their constituents in the same way Lovelace was.

  6. Think Thimblino.

  7. In addition to the Governator, please send letters to representatives in Del Norte and Mendocino counties to let them know this divisive, power hungry, little prick has no business getting anywhere near the Coastal Commission. If you thought the Bonster was a horror, just wait til this EPIC Baykeeper Buttbuddy tries to tell you what he thinks is reasonable.

  8. Thanks for the laugh girlie, “sent a letter to Santa”. To funny………….

  9. The Graphics Dept deserves a Christmas bonus for the “spit my coffee” hilarious creation.

  10. I read his resume and was not impressed… an industrial technology degree and some day junket subdivision classes? He is not as qualified as Wheetley.

  11. He is a mental amoral midget. Sold his mom in law out and the public for power. Has his paykeeper crowd giving him memos and a lazy fuck who won’t even prepare for meetings or return calls.

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