And all the Munchkins did rejoice

She's not only merely gone, she's really most sincerely gone

Today was the last Board of Supervisors meeting for Bonnie Neely, who was kicked to the curb by Fourth District voters after 24 loooooong years in office.

There were water works o’ plenty in the board chamber this morning, some of it sincere, as political types bade farewell to one of the most polaraizing figures in Humboldt County history.

It was also the last meeting for the Fifth District’s Jill Duffy, who stepped aside after two terms.

To her, we say goodbye.

To the other, good God it’s about time.

26 Responses

  1. With that out of the way…

    Prepare ye now for the third and final edition of the Twelve Bon Bons of Christmas!

    No one can say we’re not sending the old girl off in style!!

  2. Did she apologize????

  3. What? She should thank us.

  4. What ever will you Bugs do now?

  5. I’m going to take up vegan cooking and needlepoint.

  6. Angry McAngrypants!

  7. is that the new word of the day, Eric?

  8. more like Angry McNasty pants

  9. Political critique is anger when anyone but the lefties provide it. Didn’t you know, Rose? All those kids overturning police cars at international summits are freedom fighters. The bugs cracking jokes about a politician are angry.

  10. Yeah, I bet I can cite you 100 similar examples – how many can you come up with?

  11. The wicked old witch is finally gone. Melted by Dorothy. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey mark and the rest of you useless, two faced power hungry f’tards. See ya.

  12. I had the same joy when Bush was termed out. Problem is the flying monkeys are still there behind the scenes. Don’t be surprised if you are a bit less happy in a couple of years.

  13. How about, “Spending money like B of A is foreclosing on peoples homes?

    Somebody out there can do better.

  14. That last post was for Rose.

  15. is that the new word of the day, Eric?

    It’s two words, and I’m going to use them from now on!

  16. And the truth be damned. That’s the spirit.

  17. I can’t wait until the bottom drops more out of the pot market. Folks are already sitting on discounted unsold pounds. Ha!

    Tom, there is a reason no one goes to read your blog. Wish you’d go permanently into moderation.

  18. Bonnie should still apologize for all of the pain that she put the County through. The pain was not for our benefit. It was all for her. An objective DA would be snooping around her antics and deals.

  19. Bugs, Eric’s a lawyer. He doesn’t care about the truth.

  20. An objective DA, ANNON? A county that cared about something other than marijuana profits would have elected one.

  21. I can’t wait until the bottom drops more out of the pot market. Folks are already sitting on discounted unsold pounds. Ha!

    Well, would you buy it if someone sat on it?


  22. No I voted to legalize it to get rid of your criminal friends and neighbors. So they could get a real taxpaying job.

  23. Non-sequitur.

  24. Ooh. Wow. Non-sequitur. I am soooooo impressed!

  25. Because growing weed and eschewing proper employment are entirely unrelated. If people stopped growing, they would just sit there there and starve. Right?

  26. Note to pot growers – frosty mornings are a dead giveaway.

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