Oh unemployment, where is thy sting-a-ling-a-ling?

Okay, FYI, for all you literalists out there, we do actually know the 12 days of Christmas don’t start for another 10 or so days. But really. Who wants to see a bunch of Christmas crap after the holiday? Not us. And–we’re guessing–not our good friend dog, for whom we have left a delicate morsel on the sign holding the money pot.

Subtle, yes? Palm trees. To you. From us. With love and such.

We knew she'd land on her feet.

17 Responses

  1. Damn. Old girl looks like she has spina bifida or some shit. Should get that looked at before her plush insurance benefits are cut off.

  2. Bon Bon with a money pot? I’d sooner trust a hyena with a duckling.

  3. Well she definitely skipped her calcium supplement. Haven’t seen a dowager hump like that in quite a while.

  4. Whoa, spina bifida is sooooooo funny.

  5. Joel hates it when someone is funnier than he is, not that it takes much. There is not enough calcuim supplement in the world to help that hump, damage is done. You would think with the good health insurance she would have been Dexa scanned every 2-3 years.

  6. Joel is so funny.


    Really, remember when he used to be at least mildly interesting?

  7. Oh Joel, whose a McAngry Pants now?

    Something else to consider: if your kyphosis is severe enough, you can have difficulty ventilating properly, and maybe hypoxia explains some of the really, really bad decisions she has made….like accepting lots of money from ‘out-of-towners’ and throwing in the Progs.

  8. We’re going to try our hand at what Joel does. It’s time.

  9. Good luck with that.
    And “…whose a McAngry Pants now?” Obviously you people could answer that better than I.

  10. He’s actually in a huff. What a crack-up. Don’t go away crying, little Joel. Just go away.

  11. Joel’s not a bad guy. One of those sensitive artistic types. His ego tends toward fragile, but he’s harmless.

  12. Wait a sec. Did someone just say something nice about Carson Park Mofo?


  13. I guess the Battle of the D List blogs lives on, even after Joel’s blog died.

  14. Some wounds never heal.

  15. Aaaahhhh! These blessed palm trees that sway in the torrid winds of social outrage and sometimes mindless drivel ease us towards sleep.

    It is truth Joel that sometimes tragic deformities are more about the muleta than the mule………or, in your case, the muse.

    The ice of your stereotypes grows perilously thin from a literary perspective. Perhaps, you should return to your roots at the frozen, junk food display at Winco….I mean those frozen cheese dog (Ahem, no relation) photos were after all, inspired.

    A doubled compliment to the Graphics Dept: One for the ‘suitable for framing’ neo fauve illustration of contemporary art (Donatello would surely be pleased) and two, for dabbling in that curious art of trite, yet still joyfully juvenile art. Looking forward to the first editorial cartoon with gleeful anticipation. The mofo ain’t got nothin on you.

    So Bugs, I am deeply moved. The palm trees are a lovely symbolic touch. Let’s hang out those next ten Bonnies and publish a 2012 pictorial calendar. It will be a reminder for future generations as to the great risk that arises when one is more concerned with the coconuts than the tree that nurtured them.

  16. Bon Bon. “So, like, I get to keep this money, right?”

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