You better watch out, you better not cry

Well. Maybe mall Santa wouldn't be a good career path after all.

15 Responses

  1. Hahaha

  2. Or as I like to say, Ho ho ho.

  3. Bugs, you have got to stop exploiting images of children. They’re innocent.

    BTW, doesn’t Bonnie look like she might lean over at any second and devour the toddler’s head?

  4. I can’t wait for Virginia to take a seat at the Supervisors. It’s going to be so refreshing to have someone nice and less jaded to represent our city.

  5. Anyone have any ideas for a tribute cartoon to Joel?

  6. How about a “t-shirt” shopping guide for Humboldt’s cities? Oh wait, that one is taken.

  7. Ok, first off, surely one of the many beauty supply outfits can recommend a dipilatory cream or at someone who can wax her! I always kinda of saw her as an elf type…she and Marky-poo in their pointed hats, shoes and ears, singing “Holly Jolly Christmas.”

  8. Kids are better judges of character than most adults. This one’s got it right. Merry effing Christmas Bonnie. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  9. So, off topic but….any thoughts on the grand gathering of hot air at the Wharfinger yesterday? Sylvia, Ken and Co. taking on the US Navy. Iguess having had their collective butts handed to them in the last election, they are turning their collective nose up at such mundane matters as the Ballon Tract and are moving on, to bigger, better and more important.

    I would imagine that CINC-PAC is positively shaking at the prospect of facing off with Sylvia!

  10. Meth lover Sylvia is delusional as is Dr Pot Miller. What a joke.

  11. The Napolean hat was particularly – uh – fitting.

    He’s like the bad general in The Postman.

  12. Ok Graphics D

    You’ll need a three panel B&W. They are illustrated thusly

    Joel at 12 in the Piggly Wiggly in mid town Akron admiring the free sample weenies on a toothpick

    Joel at 22 at the Big Mac museum (with a sign arch that reads….20 served in the background)

    Joel at 66 attempting to interview the Historic Digital Cheese Whiz fountain at the Chinese Republic museum of Cute, yet culturally relevant American Historic Inanities display in Rutgers.

    Or, you could just do Joel at 12, 22 and 66 impassioned by the frozen fast foods of the eras.

    It brings a certain relevant generational sensitivity to a long needed social dialog that penetrates but, still lofts customary dietary juxtaposition within a contextual buoyancy of literary expression.

    Or………you could just take Joel as he is. A smart and decent artist who gets three panels more than most of the rest of us.

    But then there is the Milky Way analogy but, I’m going to have to work on that one. A celestial prominence with an affection for pop tarts.

  13. Okay, okay, but did you see the second set of palm trees?

  14. Joel and pop tarts? Well, that explains a lot. Don’t know why he is so down in the mouth lately, he has all new people to lampoon, he should be welcoming the challenge.

  15. Bon Bon. “Jesus Christ its like working with Lovelace agin!”

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