Del Norte County to Mark Lovelace: Spank!–now with double-spank update!!

Lovelace's love of the spotlight and bright, vibrant fabrics are actually what spawned his interest in dance.

We begin with a correction.

A post a few days back said Mark Lovelace’s gift for self-promotion went “entirely unappreciated” by our neighbors to the north who pooh-poohed his written request that basically everyone, everywhere, back his nomination to the California Coastal Commission.

In fact, his extraordinary suck-up skills left an impression after all, although perhaps not the one he intended.

It turns out he and his letter were a topic of some discussion at Tuesday’s meeting of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors.

Reports the Crescent City Triplicate:

Two men from Humboldt told the Del Norte supervisors Tuesday that they opposed Lovelace’s nomination. During  the public comment period, one man said he wants a leader with a more balanced point of view, noting that Lovelace is an environmental consultant.

Sullivan said he’s disturbed by rumblings that Lovelace has tried to fast-track his appointment and hasn’t followed the proper nomination process.

“Supervisor Lovelace seems to have hijacked that process and kind of jumped the gun,” Sullivan said. “There needs to be a reminder that the North Coast representative represents three counties, not just one.”

Not to worry.

The Del Norte supes voted unanimously Tuesday to nominate one of their own, Supervisor Martha McClure. Crescent City previously pledged to support whomever the county board put forward.

The Triplicate added,

If appointed by the governor, McClure said she will represent the North Coast by trying to find solutions that are agreeable to both sides of any issue.

Lovelace said if he’s appointed he’ll give himself another man makeover, maybe do something brand new with the beard, and buy a stack of the smartest neckties Kohl’s little boys section has in stock.

Okay, okay, not really. But the fact remains: No matter how you dress this guy up, he’s an idealogue who already has one bully pulpit too many.

Double-spank update: Local mayors hate him too!

Dorothy, you’re not in Arcata anymore.

Read Driscoll’s whiny Times-Standard article here.

15 Responses

  1. It’s such a shame his dancing career came to an end when his self-promotional activities began to cut in on his rehearsal time.

  2. I honestly didn’t know he could dance.

  3. Song AND dance are his specialties.

  4. I have this image of Donkey from Shreck with his pick me routine going on. Except no matter how much fairy dust you sprinkle on him. He doesn’t fly.

  5. The midget lovelace and his S an M gal pal kaitkin S.B. Got major bitch slapped at HCOAG too. Be the TS drivel written by dufus Driscoll all three of them haven’t figured out that their mindset was rejected Nov 2nd by EKA, MCK and Fortuna. Whaaa, whaa, whaa is the tone of the Drisoll TS drivel.

  6. Lobbied for the position a little too much? He lost a lot of dancing partners by sending letters around and being on the Baykeepers advisory board and some other things on his resume certainly didn’t help him with a lot of people.

    I hope enough no letters got sent to the Gov’s person so someone else will get the seat.

  7. How’d you do this, bugs? I thought the Graphics Department just went to work for Heraldo.

    Does he pay in microbrew?

  8. Having read the TS article and Auntie Arkley rants on H-Blog and recently here, I am starting to suspect that our Dear Auntie might be Kaitlin S-B. Really, one would think that her importance to the water board, and general busyness on all things Progressive would live little to no time for such extraneous activities as blogging.

  9. Then again, maybe Kaitlin is “heraldo” – remember they said maybe one of the reasons for remaining anonymous is possible run for office, or in office… and there is a certain Cobb centric aspect to it all…

  10. Looks like the Graphics Dept. went to work for Larry errr….Heraldo to me too. He pays in old vinyl and anti-arkley stickers. Oh wait what is GD gonna do when Bonnie is gone, maybe they are looking for work? Nah…just out for a beer.

  11. C’mon folks Heraldo is Larry Glass. Maybe he will come out of the closet now that his political career is just an ugly memory.

    And who pays an “environmental consultant” ? And what do they actually do for their pay ? Can you get a BS degree in “environmental consulting” ?

  12. Yes, if BS stands for bullshit.

  13. Rose, Kaitlin traded in old men for little boys. She’s with Shane Brinton now.

  14. Kaitlin and Shane? Hummm, she puts in the high chair every morning, makes sure he has his bib on, spoons in his cereal, washes off his little face……so cute! And so very distrubing when you consider that are probably discussing the very best way to dictate how people are supposed to breath during this little ritual.

  15. What a great ending to the year. Lovelace, Glass, The wicked witch, all get bitch slapped. Watch out Gag’s we are coming for you.

    Anyone notice Ken Miller, MD went off his rocker in the T/S today. He wants to be call commodore now. Always knew he would go off the deep end. Anyone catch his hat at BS this week. Tell me smokin dope is good for mental stability.

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