Season’s greetings, from Scroogie McCrankypants

Well someone’s having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit.

Fortunately, even in these sad times, our hope is renewed by the commitment our “progressive” friends demonstrate once again to peace, love and participatory democracy.

So inspiring!!

And so it was that Santa decided not to deliver a single present in the town of Sore Loserville.

By the way, we agree with HumHon.


24 Responses

  1. I think that comment is from Joel Mielke disguised as Auntie Arkley. He can’t seem to help himself dissing the Mirror over at H’s blog.

  2. That’s not Joel. He’s snarky, not psychotic.

  3. That really is spoken like a true prog. Intolerant, fascist, with tons of violent ideation. It’s perfect.

  4. McKrankypants? I have a new login. Oh Wait, what would that look like. Help me Graphics Dept.

  5. Bugs,
    if you die can I do it with your wife? she’s a total hottie!
    she said you got a needle dick though, just right for bug fucking but not big enough for her…
    Aunti may be off her meds but she nailed it about this blog

  6. I love how the progs come here every day so they can complain about a blog they wouldn’t have to see if they didn’t come here every day. Like Auntie Arkley above, most of them say it’s their first visit. Some of my prog friends are at about their 300th first visit, and most of them laugh their asses off, even though they disagree.

  7. So, Big Al, you’re complaining about this blog while saying your wienie is bigger than that of the guy who writes it, and you want to use it on his widow? I see why you’re so disappointed in what you read here and impressed that you were able to provide such specific, issues-based feedback.

  8. How’d you get to be right-wing? Did you say something against Gallegos? That’s really all it takes.

    Remember when the left hated Bonnie Neely? With a PASSION. Plotted to take her down, balls to the wall, derail her appointment to the Coastal Commission… remember that? Put John Woolley in in her place… remember that?

    The worm has turned.

  9. An what a bunch of worms. Sick fucking progy’s. How funny is that shit, coming on here with that 1st time shit.

    I never saw this as a right-wing blog. Just one that did not censor those who did not fall into line.

    How about this, over to H blog.

    FUCK YOU ASSHOLES. Oh and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Please remember on that day we honor the birth of the son of God, JC himself. Bet that sticks in your gullet. HO HO HO.

  10. Agreed, Girlie. You know you’ve lost the argument when all you’ve got is my dick’s bigger than yours and I’m gonna fuck your wife. IOne doesn’t often find that level of intellectual thought outside a fifth grade boys’ bathroom.

  11. Hey anyones dick is bigger than lovelace and Nichols. Hahahahah! Get out the nagnifying glass friends and let go on a hunt to find the wee lil wangers.

  12. Those prog nut jobs would come undone if anyone said they should be dead. Their hypocrisy extends even to blogging.

  13. I have to admit when I first stumbled into this place I had a similar reaction. I didn’t want to kill anyone though. Thanks to Auntie Arkley I’m a moderate.

    Auntie, I recently figured it out. This blog is like the bar at the rough end of town. If you can’t handle it, they’ll throw you out the window. I don’t think they would kill you though. They haven’t killed me yet.

  14. Tom if you are a moderate then I am Batman. I agree the Auntie is out there but measuring yourself as a moderate compared to her ain’t it bro. You gotta stop thinking Humboldt and start thinking more globally. Anywhere else in America your so far to the lrft of left that you dropped off the planet.

    Hey Auntie…what unconstitutional measures are you and your butt buddies going to come up with next.

  15. Tom disagrees with much of what we say but with few exceptions respects our right to say it. And for the record, we completely reject the notion that killing people is an appropriate response to idealogical disagreement. How weak one’s position must be if It cannot withstand a lttle dissent.

  16. Civilization ends with the progs. A prog is a prog is a prog is a prog.

  17. Tom, you are far from being a moderate, but I have no problem with folks having different views. Your shout out to the H bloggers has been recalled. You just get the Merry Christmas part.

  18. About the last thing I would ever want for our wonderful planet is for the bug’s corpse to rot its soil.I for one,hope to see that the bugs lives a long,horrid,miserable life!!

  19. OK…so we have different opinions etc. And each wants to see the other dead. There will always be differences of opinions. When will it ever occur to people that we need to compromise for the good of all. Peace on earth? Never going to happen until this mindset changes. Shit. We can’t even find compromise in our own backyard. Peace?…NIMBY!

  20. Tom is both moderate and – not. If you meet him you will like him. None of us really fit in these stupid little boxes. If we could get past the Star-Bellied-Sneetches mentality… I don’t know what would happen, but something good.

    Lunar eclipse/Winter Solstice – transformationally cosmic vibes, maybe there’s hope.

  21. mresquanie is a bed wetter !

  22. Aunite definitely is in need of some eggnog liberally enhanced with brandy and nutmeg. As Rose points out, this is the Solstice, and the ancient pagan ritual was co-opted by the early Christians for a reason! I personally enjoy the Holidays, and dread them at the same time. You get the joy of having the family under your roof and the misery of having the family under your roof. Sorta of like living in Humboldt, the joy of being correct just often enough and the misery of the progs, who never seem to ‘ get it’.

    What time are Larry, Sue and that other one putting up the lights at the Jefferson School building?

  23. How did you obtain this information. Wait, don’t tell.

  24. “ç mentality”

    ….way to go Rose.

    I wish I had penned that one. Should be the name of a rock band….or a sandwich. Hmmmm could be an exotic cocktail. 1 oz rum, 8 oz pbr, two Star-Bellied-Sneetches impaled on one of those umbrella toothpicks and a partridge in a palm tree,

    I hope “reason” sticks around ( the blogger and the notion)

    All the happy you can for the holidays!


    Now about those other Bonnies

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