Recruiting ordinances officially killed in action

The 2008 measures ostensibly aimed at halting the military recruitment of minors were formally inducted into the crapheap of legal history after being shot down by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

No surprises there. The incompatibility of the “Youth Protection Act” with the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution was known before the ballots were even printed.

Read the full decision here.


15 Responses

  1. Too bad Dave Meserve couldn’t find a more productive use for our money. He must be taking a page from the Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap school of thought. Tilt at windmills, then pass the bill to taxpayers. Measure T redux is right.

  2. It’s hard to complain too much. Voters voted for the recruitment ordinances. They voted for Measure T too. I think they get hoodwinked a bit by the activists, but whatever. as much as we dislike wasting money on futile court cases, doing so was the express will of the voters.

  3. As much as I”m happy to see the courts throw out these two measures, we shouldn’t gloat too much. I don’t particularly find much to like about the federal government telling state or local governments what they can or can’t do, at least in some circumstances.

  4. As I recall, they expected the measures to be challenged in court and had a lawyer who would argue the case pro bono. So, why the hell not challenge the federal government? I suspect most people who voted for it knew it wouldn’t fly. It was a sentiment vote, and on the off-chance it survived the legal challenge, yay for everyone.

  5. Eureka spent a bunch of staff time. Boo for that.

  6. You folks extol the unfortunate actions of the court,but wait until the Coastal Commish puts the kabosh of voter approved Measure N.I am sure you will whine loudly when that court overrules the will of the Eureka Voters.

  7. Mark, surely you know how to read, yes? Find one extolling comment. Just one. For us.

  8. Mark. The coastal commish is not a “court”. Let’s just wait and see bro. FYI I get tired of folks like you that want to made humco Pot City USA and who want to keep the place a pot capital while stopping any semblance of creating a legal economy, cleaning up that area and making it a better place. Its EKA land not so hum arcata trinidad or fortuna for that matter.

  9. Bugs, nothing about the Letter to the Editor in today Times Standard from Chris Kerrigan?

  10. “FYI I get tired of folks like you that want to made humco Pot City USA and who want to keep the place a pot capital while stopping any semblance of creating a legal economy, cleaning up that area and making it a better place.”

    Hey I’d like to see the balloon tract developed as well,but unfortunately the property now sits in the hands of a company intent on stonewalling any development at all.I’d love to see an industrial park there,and a few other things,and most certainly not a lame ass big box.But regardless,nothing will happen until the property owners quit filing lawsuits and delaying any cleanup and development of the property.

  11. Mark, are you just fucking stupid. that you just keep repeating the same dumb shit does not help what little credibility you may have left.
    Its like a child who listens to adults and then just mouths whatever they say mindlessly. Change the folks you listen to, do some critical thinking. I know its hard, just try.

  12. I have to agree with connect the dots on this one, mresquan – anyone who has been watching knows where the problem is – the attacks on Arkley are the result of paid operatives, paid by a man who fears competition from a potential competitor – one which may or may not materialize, but the simple fear of it has spawned an entire hate culture in this county.

    Somehow you only look at a small detail, or a word and deliberately (I think) choose to promote that culture ignoring the waist deep shit that surrounds it.

    In other news – looks like Bonnie Neely, who was unable to act as a Supervisor, acting instead on her petty vendettas and high school grade feuds, is now riding the Salzman express – will POT will be her big ticket out of here. Can you believe it? Her and her new compadre, Paul Gallegos the buffoon. Check out the SoCal papers. You don’t REALLY think that bozo is AG material… God help us all.

  13. AG? That’s hysterical. Nonaccredted law school. Corrupt pot lawyer. Has his funders from the growers assocation. These folks have killed what little brain cells they has.

    Nreasquan. An industrial par on the bay insteqad of a place for tourism? How backwards.

  14. FYI: The City of Eureka very little staff time and zero dollars in the Youth Protection Act appeals. All of the heavy lifting was provided pro bono by a firm in San Francisco.

    I always thought the measures were destined to die in court, but you have to respect the right of voters to try and change their government.

  15. Sorry I don’t respect people who support blatantly illegal Measures or Propositions. The Constitution is THE limit on that ability.

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