We haven’t seen a nose this red since Peter LaVallee was mayor

After Rudolph called in sick, Santa's options were bleak.

23 Responses

  1. This brings a whole other meaning to ho ho ho, huh?

  2. Peter LaVallee is a drunk?

  3. Shit faced beyond belief. Saw him staggering at shafers ace harware not long ago. Truly embarrassing. Maybe he was smoking kerrigans bong as they try to figure out how to bilke us out of our taxes and suck at the public teat again. Each have gone south so to speak.

  4. I see how it is….say Alison Jackson likes to have a few cocktails-way out of line………say Peter LaVallee does-why that’s just fine.
    Rose,hurry up and step in here and slap your friends.

  5. Mark. You believe everything on blogs. Poor you. That lady was smeared for her parents getting killed and your friends botched it. Bonnie is simply a liar. LaVallee is just a loser.

    Who is going to help BonBon move? Is she going to follow her husband? Where is he now? Or is Kerrigan now he lil buddy?

  6. In other news:

    $3000.00: retainer for lawyer so Sue, Heidi and Larry can sue over Jefferson School
    $200,00.00+: money NOT squandered on Jefferson School boondoggle
    Priceless: blaming it all on Rob Arkley!

    and now back to our regular program

  7. Mark, Salzman, your pal, did way more than that, and you f-cking know it. Why? Because little Mr. Gallegos could not run on his own record, he could only run by a smear and innuendo campaign, coupled with lies about his own qualifications (earth to Mark, he is NOT a Professor, get it? he did not create the programs, get it? He LIED on his ballot statement, do you understand that? Does that not violate everything you feel and support about fair and honest elections? I guess not.) Salzman had to make up shit, and drive it home using blogs and people like you. It’s really very sad.

    But you’re right on this in one respect, how many local politicians are being smeared this way? Seems to me this is Salzman’s tactic of the year. I can think of three or four. Does it apply to La Vallee? I don’t know, and I don’t really care. I don’t’ like it either – I’d rather see the discussion on a person’s actual record in office or on the job. what people do in their personal lives, as long as it does not affect their ability to do the job, is none of our business.

    You know full well I wanted to see the ISSUES discussed, Mark, so don’t go lecturing me.

    Channeling Tad, Merry Christmas and f-ck you.

  8. Remind me not to piss you off Rose. Merry Christmas!!

  9. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, dum da dum da dum…..

  10. I agree, the C word best describes Rose

  11. Oh fck you anon. If Rose is the C word its for cute or cuddles. Now proggie go back and puke ill over on HH. Ttfn. Hugs

  12. I forgot, no making fun of Rose around here

  13. Why would you want to make fun of Rose. She is intelligent, informative, and polite to people like your dumbass anon. Run back and suck on H blog where you belong scumbag. She has done nothing to be disrespected in such a crude manner. Especially by some mouthy prog fuck. Begone.

  14. Connect. Right on. Who is that idio anont? Salzman, Kerrigan, Ford, Scopokni-belknap, Kuhnel, Cutlerploss? These folks should ingest a sedative.

  15. I don’t know, Josephine could be a bigger C than Rose

    It’s a toss up

  16. Oh, you know its Salzman, he has one grape nut sized ball and his trip is picking on women. Anon your a dick-less. Probably had your early development fucked up when a lady laughed at that silly grape nut sized ball of yours.

  17. Connect the dots, you have quite the grasp of the English language

  18. We love Rose. Anyone who keeps tabs on that idiot savant Gallegos with such tenacity should be commended.

  19. Anon @7:57, Thank-you! To be considered in the same sphere of an individual like Rose, I take as a compliment. She is articulate and as noted above, tenacious. You are on the other hand are demonstrated quite a few of the more un-lovely characteristics so common to the proglodytes;

    cheap, unimaginative name calling resorted to when presented with facts or, horrors! an opinion which differs from that of the current ‘group-think’ dictated by your masters (Salzman et al).

    Because this is the ‘season of joy and forgiveness’ and I am gearing up for a family dinner with it’s own terrors (of a wagnarian porportion!) I will simply say to you and all your ilk: Merry Christmas and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  20. We love Josephine. But JB I still wanna marry you gal. Witty and a hell of a bitch slapper!

  21. I smell rotten tuna

  22. Well then 6:05 pull your head out of you crotch you prog piece of dung. You are right JB and CTD. This dick bag has to be Salzman. Could be Nichols but my money is on the little Dick (less)

  23. Josephine rocks. Connect the dots blocks and tricky Dick sucks (as always).

    When is the next bon bon graphic coming? I think clify appleseed needs some graphic luvin care. How about it you PBR loaded lazy shits in th graphics dept. Earn your keep god damn it!

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