It’s beginning to look a lot like retirement

With all of the free time on her hands following her recent loss in an unsuccessful bid for a 37th term as Fourth District Supervisor, Neely can finally get back to basics: Sharing a home-cooked meal with friends. Soaking in all of those sweet holiday festivities. Planning world domination.  Yadda yadda yadda…

23 Responses

  1. Is that the kitchen at 2339 D St?

  2. The woman doesn’t cook. She drinks blood and fucks over her family and friends. More like the witch in Hansel and Gretyl. God that woman is evil.

  3. She looks harmless enough? I don’t see any coastal wetlands from my vantage point.

  4. Lets just be happy she is gone. It’s long overdue.

    Can we get rid of that little fairy looking guy next?

  5. That is the dining room at 2339 When Hell Froze Over Lane.

  6. OMFG. Graphics. That’s a crack up. You be a funny dude! FUNNY.

  7. The election was close to two months ago, the changing of the guard has already happened and you have no new material. This blog is starting to feel like one of those Japanese soldiers who everyone forgot about – didn’t anyone tell you the war is over? At least you have two readers left – guess everyone else got bored and went home.

  8. I didn’t gat bored following the lame duck board. Big atta boy to the mirror for the lovelace coastal commish block and a big FU to “Tired”. Now. Let’s focus on exposing the Lovelace jerk, the clendenen moron and make sure bon bon goes into oblivion permanently. All three have earned it.

  9. Hey! I just heard Eartha Kitt died two years ago, so what else matters?

  10. What else matters? Here is my short list:

    Bon bon runout of town and her pensions stripped;

    Lovelace exposed for the dickless blunder he is;

    Fortuna ridding itself of the humongous moron named clendenen;

    Gags getting indicted for selling his office; and

    Pot dropping to 100 bucks a pound.

    I’d be in hoggy heaven.

  11. Thank God Bonnie will be gone in a couple of weeks.

    So what does the Humboldt Mirror do next?

  12. Bon Bon. “Not ever Plain Jane showed up!”

  13. Does Bonnie live at 2339 D St?

    If so, expect a flaming bag of poo around 6:00 PM

    See ya tonight Bon Bon!

  14. Make that ‘even’……..Gee, never done that before.

  15. Rex will make you so proud on the council. You guys just print his brilliant statements here as posts.

  16. Ahem….no palm tree? Dog is counting on you. I am pleased to report that the assault on the ham was successful. Not much left to chance, I had an electric knife and the ham was unarmed. Reminded me of reading the flavorful posts on H-Blog, and decideding that perhaps an electric knife would just be cruel!

    Merry Christmas everybody! NORAD is tracking Santa again this year and that is certaintly better than tracking an ICBM!

  17. Oops spoke to soon! Bon-Bon in paradise.

  18. Yep, Josephine is a bigger C than Rose

    Merry Christmas!

  19. C = awesome!

  20. Hey Dicky bow out of this blog and go trolling on HH or the TS. C means cute to me you balless blunder. Hey Jo B and Rose, merry christmas gals. Have some family fun.

  21. My darlin’ Josephine

    Pay no attention to that little anon behind the alphabet.

    Love the palm trees bugs….yet another classic.

    Happy day all

  22. What will the Humboldt Mirror do next? I would like to see the Humboldt Mirror focus on the Eureka Police Departments chief! Now that Larry is not around to cover up for him, and vice versa!

    This guy makes Bon Bon almost seem OK. Almost. .

  23. Well, in spite of everything, this is a lovely dining room . . . and now I know why! Thank you for the mini-tour of a beautiful home.

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