Neely to lead Team Humboldt into legit pot growing future?

You gotta taste this OG Kush. It'll knock your bong off!

What is a washed up career politician to do when the sweet nourishing milk from the generous taxpayers’ teats runs dry?

Former Fourth District Supervisor Bonnie Neely, made jobless by voters in November’s election, might have her eye on the lucrative pot industry. Why not? Former Eureka City Councilman Chris Kerrigan made the transition easily to medical marijuana advocate. It must pay something since his less-than-successful consulting business has waned in recent years.

Neely says this to SacBee reporter Peter Hecht in a recent article:

“Doing nothing is not an option,” said county Supervisor Bonnie Neely, who supports the Humboldt growers’ plan in concept but is uncertain how large a scale of growing the county should allow. “This is a major part of our economy. I just don’t think we can let Oakland or anyone else just become the leader.”

Whatever the scale, we’re guessing Neely believes it should be big enough to include and pay her.

The article is an interesting read, but we’re overcome with that strange sense of deja vu and confusion in trying to divine what exactly is our DA’s stance on Prop. 19.

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos, the only prosecutor in California to publicly endorse Proposition 19, the initiative voters defeated Nov. 2 that would have made recreational pot legal, says it is time that Humboldt legitimizes the trade “that permeates our society.”

Ruh-roh Shaggy! The only prosecutor to endorse it? Really? Are you sure?

Paul, in clear English, told KSLUG newsman John Matthews in the interview before the Nov. 2 election that “I’ve chosen not to endorse it.” But spent several futile minutes trying to explain that he still supports it and may vote for it too.

Maybe Hecht was confused by Paul’s doublespeak that you can support, but not endorse, or endorse something, but not support it, or endorse the support of something. It’s understandable. It’s all so complicated.

It’s also possible that Paul just can’t quit lying and that what he really wants are people in Sacramento to know what a cutting edge and daring politician he thinks he is by endorsing the medical marijuana initiative? (Pssst. Just don’t tell the pot growing voters who supported and voted to put him in office that he actually endorsed it because they may demand a recall. Nah, just kidding.)


12 Responses

  1. When you think about it – really – seriously – can you think of a SINGLE time he has told the truth? I mean other than “my name is Paul.”? Are we really sure about even that? I mean ‘at the end of the day…’ ‘certainly…’ “Professor Gallegos: the rocket scientist…

  2. FU bonnie. Eat me. What a hagbag.

  3. Jackson’s position on prop 19,and then of pot legalization certainly wasn’t going to offend those growers you speak of.Not any different than Paul’s outlook.But,cripes Bonnie…..what a gaffe there,ridicule deserved on this one.

  4. But Mark. That is exactly what is so sad. As a person, Bon Bon has utterly, and completely, lost her principles. Over 6 years she has comprised who she is in exchange for retaining ‘power’. 8 years ago, Bonnie was ‘the good ole boys’, and unless you had a ticket, there was no admittance. You know that.
    Now she panders to anybody she thinks may offer votes. Loco Solutions, Cobb, the Dems, Raw Milk and now the Humboldt Grower Ass(es). At least one could respect, while disagreeing on issues, who she WAS.
    THAT is the reason she lost. Who can respect someone who lost their principles?

  5. I have no more respect for big pharma industry than I do for big pot industry.And incidentally one of Frank Jager’s selections for his vacancy was also a Bass and Jackson supporter who works for a company very reliant on the pot industry as well.

  6. So you guys are against pot? How stupid is that? Why? Are you just dumb ol’ rednecks who haven’t figured out that that’s the only way people make money around here? Jeezus, get with the program.
    And in case you haven’t noticed, the election is over and Bonnie is not running for anything any more.

  7. Gorp. You are a Dork.
    This is about the Bon losing her BASE! Get with the program you ass.

  8. Hello. have a nice share. Thank you. was useful to me.

  9. Thre are no “State” offices to be filled currently in elections. Two years from now Chumpboro will be termed out and then what?? The Bon going to run? Don’t count her out and done for yet. Maybe she will get a cushy job from getting some of the Sacto persons to donate to her BOS campaign. That’s how it is done. Make friends and the friends reward.

  10. And Virginia’s big plan is… Home Depot?

    Thanks Rob

  11. Anon 5:01, go back to H blog and tell yourself how fucking smart etc. you all are as prog’s. If you are so smart how come you never have an original thought. Just blab the party line like good little lemmings. Fucking Turds.

    Gorp, so you read a fucking book. So did every other 60’s child. The trick was not to read it but gorp the concept. Something most of you idiot prog,s never did.

    Anon, the flaw is the people in SAC don’t like the wicked witch that much. As long as she stayed in Humboldt they were OK with her. They sure as hell don’t want her there.

  12. mresquan you ignorant slut !

    Chris K. looks king of “girly” with his long hair and baby ponytail. So much for his carreer in politics! Ha Ha Ha. How is is hero Jon Edwards doing ?

    Does Chrissy K. really work at a pot clinic selling eightballs of weed ? If so he’s a serious loser, even mroe than I had thought before. Maybe he can get Bonnie a job as a trimmer?

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