2011 Graphics Dept. Resolution


11 Responses

  1. Kenneth Zanzi, 67, of Fortuna, has been appointed to the California Coastal Commission representing the north coast region by the Gov.

    Those whiners at HH are bemoaning that Fortuna is ‘not even in the Coastal Zone’ – they need to learn to read maps because parts of the City ARE in the Coastal Zone. Yeah Ken!

  2. I never do good with New Years resolutions.

  3. LOL. Happy New Year! Bugs, anon, and Tom!!

  4. “Jerry Brown takes office Monday. This appointment will last about one week. Shame on Arnold.”

    What a scream! some ass on H posts this statement but I’d be willing to bet they had NO problem with this if Marky had been the appointee!!!

    Meltdown abounds!!! Yeeee fuckin’ ha!

  5. the piss and moan at HH is laughable. Markys dream is drama for Jerry Clown to make an adjustment.

  6. Please be so done with BonBon. The Kalifornia Communist Party must be stopped. At least they dont disappear the opposition anymore.

  7. I heartfully agree with your new years’ resolution.

    But there is one thing. None of your Bonnie images have been dumb. They are inspired. However, it could be argued that because Bonnie failed to articulate a resonant message to any but her own incestuous cabal, she just might meet the functional standard for dumb. Ergo, any dumbness portrayed in the images was manifested from the source and not in any creative interpretation on the part of the GD (with the possible exception of the dick nose bonnie. But, in the dick nose archives it surpasses Bill Clinton, Joel Mielky and W C Fields.)

    Now, in a departure from ‘dumb’ Bonnie images, I humbly suggest a garlanded and festooned christmas palm tree with illuminated, dangling Bonnie heads as Coconuts.

    There is a certain poetic justice there.

    The PBRs are on me

  8. Dangling Bon Bon coconuts are fine and I am fully supportive of the idea but what we really need is a Marky Mark dicknose. After all his was shoved far enough up the Bon Bon for long enough to earn his very own and of course, you are what you eat.

  9. Fair enough anon.

    The image gives a whole new meaning to the curse of post nasal drip. Consider it an illustrated manuscript that describes maximum tumescence in repose.

  10. Don’t tempt us Dog and anon. Don’t tempt us.

  11. What? No more dumb Neely pics? This blog blows! I’m out.

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