Denied w/ Update

It's all cool. No hard feelings, right?

Outgoing Gov. Arnold delivered the best Christmas gift ever yesterday with his appointment to the Coastal Commission. The link and the text quoted below has since been scrubbed by Gov. Moonbeam.

Kenneth Zanzi, 67, of Fortuna, has been appointed to the California Coastal Commission representing the north coast region. He has been mayor pro tem of the city of Fortuna since 2010 and where he served as city councilmember from 2008 to 2010. Zanzi has owned Mad River Parkway Business Center since 1983. He worked for the Department of Fish and Game from 1965 to 1998 retiring as the deputy chief of the Wildlife Management Division. Zanzi is a member of the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce. This position does not require Senate confirmation and there is no salary. Zanzi is a Republican.

Sorry Mark. You’ll have to sit this one out.

January 3, 2011 update:

According to “Time running out for appointment to coastal commission” by the Times-Standard’s reporter and journalistic prognosticator John Driscoll, a few blogs must have jumped the gun on the news about the appointment of Fortuna Mayor Ken Zanzi to the Coastal Commission.

While outgoing Gov. Schwarzenegger’s website listed Zanzi among the Governator’s appointments as of Dec. 31, Driscoll hath decreed in an article posted on the T-S online edition today that everyone is still waiting to hear who will be appointed. The article states that Zanzi hadn’t heard anything from Schwarzenegger as of deadline on Thursday [Dec. 30, 2010].

Curiously, a lot has happened since then, including the appointment of Zanzi to the Coastal Commission.

But we are left wondering if Driscoll is now allowed to simply write his own news? Did the T-S institute “Future Reporting” to avoid all the hassle of having to actually wait for events to occur before reporting them?

Did they just screw the pooch on this article by running it four days old? Is there anyone running that paper?


30 Responses

  1. The little advocate is going to be picked by Brown regardless. He hasn’t given up hope yet.

  2. Mark. Bite us all you hapless shit. I am so Lol about this I could just……………..

  3. Can Moonbeam unappoint Zanzi or just “also” apoint Marky Mark?

  4. Funny. they are going out of their little tiny heads over at H blog. I love the anon’s that pretend to know what Brown will do. Or how about the” its RA”as if he is godlike. The cause of all that is evil in Humboldt. Dumb fucking prog’s.

    Brown could appt. Marky mark to the CCC. So do like I am doing and write a letter, on stationary and in small words explain why you as a citizen of Humboldt county do not want that dumbfuck, asslick, commie, mutant buttsucker, involved in anything.

    Through a weird series of events I have actually dealt with Brown in the past. I am sure going to try and use that channel to get my views expressed. I am also going to write that letter and express my doubts about the mutant. I would suggest that you all do the same, Cause you know they are writing letters in support and Bonnie will be whispering in ears.

  5. Brown is notoriously slow in making his appointments. I think that it will be a while before he gets around to this. He does have a $30Bln deficit to deal with.
    Little L-Lace was a Bonnie/Pierson inspired idea with the goal of having him getting on and doing damage to the Marina Center. Now, it will not be as easy, although the defeated/trounced Neely will make every effort to kill the Marina Center.
    On the bright side, with the moves that Arkley is making, the CCC will have its work cut out justifying stopping it. In this age of budget deficits and unemployment, the CCC is not immune from pressures and realistic financial issues that, even the dems in Sacramento concede, need to be and will be addressed.
    Arkley views this as a statewide issue and business climate issue. I mean, does any thinking person really think that tire ruts are wetlands?
    I konw for a fact that he is having fun on this one. The movement and change in tactics is a relfeciton of his bieng invovled.
    Is he going to be suing the Northcoast Environmental Center for their lack of clean-up? Bet on it. They created the rules. Now, he will play their game, their way.

  6. “Is he going to be suing the Northcoast Environmental Center for their lack of clean-up? Bet on it. They created the rules. Now, he will play their game, their way.”

    Now that is a world class, great idea! If I chip in do I get a share of the settlement?

  7. Happy New Year. The whine from H blog prog’s is sweet music to my ears. I’m sitting here with a glass of fine wine and some great cheese ( both from Humboldt of course). I love having a front row seat to the end of progydom. Up with Humboldt Nation.

  8. How in the hell did Rob get taken so badly by Paykeeper in the BT suit settlement? Why didn’t he take it all the way to trial? Was it true that Union Pacific forced him to settle given a possible precedent setting verdict? If so, I hope they were willing to pay a good portion of the cleanup costs.

  9. Rob did not get taken by paykeepers in the settlement.

    SN had prevailed in something like 15 counts before the settlement, and the judge said SN had a strong case – however, SN got what they wanted – a way to proceed without going through an overwhelmingly expensive trial.

  10. Overwelmingly expensive trial? What about the years of lawyer fees leading to the trial? I doubt the trial would have lasted more than 2 more weeks, which is a drop in the bucket vs. what Rob has already invested at that point. Assuming he had a strong case as you mentioned, he should have gone for it! It could have set a significant precedent in the paykeeper model, putting them to rest for good!

    Regardless, the proposed cleanup is very expensive. Is Union Pacific going to be paying a significant portion? Seems only fair in my opinion.

  11. The trial would have cost the same amount as the settlement. It may well have been a two month trial. A review of Baykeeper financials showed no ability to recover from them. Therefore, the certainty of a settlement that was cost neutral made economic sense.

    The clean-up costs have been circled. It is what it is. The money for the clean-up has been in escrow since the purchase. That is why the lawsuit had so little merit. The site has been fully characterized. It is the most tested piece on land in Humboldt County, including the PG&E nuclear power plant.

    It is going to be funny seeing Northcoast Environmental Center on the receiving end of clean-up litigation. They may well have to sell their building, if they can. Rob is laughing at what his attorneys have laid out as a strategy.

    Stay tuned.

  12. Do you think the lawsuits aimed at the CCC will have any bearing on them eventually approving the project? In other words, is it wiser to work with the CCC at this point, or is it assumed that they will refuse to look at this project objectively? If the latter is the case, the suit makes total sense.

    Thanks for the great feedback! Much appreciated!

  13. When you repeatedly see Bill Pierson and Peter Douglas, head of the CCC, at lunch together, it does not give SN the warm fuzzies.

    SN did not file the litigation. It was some other group. The Pacific Legal Foundation took the case. They have had success against the CCC.

    Still, the project is a toxic site. It needs to be cleaned up. It will be interesting to see if the CCC will hold SN to a higher standard than it has others, such as Pierson, the Weyott’s, Simpson and Eureka Natural Foods, to name a few.

    The CCC has required Arkley to get a permit to restring barbed wire on existing fencing. No other party in the history of the CCC has been required to do so. Is that objective?

    Ignoring a 70% mandate is the sort of thing that creates huge credability issues for a CCC that already is short of it.

    This is all part of a countywide chess match by Arkley. He is having fun and is playing a long term game with clear goals.

  14. In your opinion, is there any reason to believe the CCC would determine the historic wetlands must be restored even if there isn’t much left other than some ruts after they were filled many years ago? Seems like a weak argument at the very least. Has the CCC allowed any similar projects to go forward when historical photos clearly showed a tidal wetland? If so, how could they ever treat the SN case differently?

    The PLF should back off of the MC lawsuit. The CCC clearly has jurisdiction. Let them go after the NEC instead.

  15. Also, is Home Depot still interested? If not, is Rob considering Walmart be the anchor tenant? This would be the biggest blow to the prog agenda by far. Either way, we win, but it would be fun to watch them suffer thru another Walmart discussion!

  16. Fuckin’ progs! Shut up. We win. You lose. Go away!

  17. I think Fortuna would be a great place for a Walmart and Home Depot mall. Zanzi is a business park owner in Fortuna. He now has a vote on the CCC.

    What’s to stop Fortuna from having a mall built before the clean up in Eureka is even completed?

  18. Well, HH lamentations aside, one gets the impression that unless there is some sort of misery to spread around the proglodytes just can’t be happy!

    Mr. Zanzi strikes one as possessing that increasing rare atribute: common sense. I wish him well serving on a body which is a dog wagged by the So-Cal tail.

    Wally-world here? Sign me up as a supporter. I do realize that my elected represenative to the BOS is all about ‘buy local’, well Marky, if you can afford it, good for you….the average J. Blowe needs something a littel more practical and Wally-world fits.

  19. There is a Walmart in Redding, one in Anderson (9miles south of Redding), one in Red Bluff (30 miles south of Redding), and one in Willows (77 miles south of Redding).

    Ukiah (Mendocino County) has a Walmart, Cresent City (Del Norte County) has a Walmart! but Humboldt County does not.

    Kind of amazing but local businesses still survive and even trive. Maybe Mr. Pierson can explain this.

  20. Mr.Pierson would do just fine with a WalMart here.However,more conservative minded small business owners would not.

  21. Do you even think before you post Mark. WTF

  22. Oh really Marked? How would he do with a Home Depot or Lowes? He would have to adjust and compete.

    As it is he just gives money to politicians and potential politicians that will vote to keep any kind of progress out of Humboldt so he pretty much has a corner on the market.

    follow the money

  23. The T-S can’t seem to get their shit together about much of anything.

  24. It looks as though they took the article in question off of their homepage and changed the date on it too. If they can move that fast to fix it, why can’t they just get it right the first time?

  25. In the local radio business, Walmart and Home Depot are killers. They displace local fish stores, pharmacies, bike stores, grocery stores, appliance stores, building contractors materials purveyors, nurseries, plumbing stores, computer and electronic stores, and those that work there.

    They are replaced by two stores that advertise nationally. No local dollars are spent at radio, TV, and cable networks. They do buy inserts from the local news paper. The profits from these two stores no longer reside in the local economy and are sent out of the area to the corporate headquarters. This happens in Crescent City where the company I work for has offices. The unemployment rate in Crescent City is much higher than here in Humboldt. I will admit that we are larger and could absorb more international corporations taking profits from the local area but the same effect would happen in Humboldt if Walmart and Home Depot were to open in Eureka. If they were to open in Fortuna however, the impact would be less on the county as a whole as most of us in the north part of the county aren’t going to drive that far to shop. Gas prices of 5 dollars a gallon being predicted by the end of the year would serve to back up that trend.

    The numbers usually don’t add up when these two businesses come to town. That’s why I suggest that if we do have them, they reside in Fortuna. It would be a boom to Fortuna, minus some of the local businesses there. It would also allow people to decide if spending an extra 20 or so bucks on gas is worth the trip. Sometimes it is. Most of the time it isn’t.

    I live about an hour from both stores in Crescent City and in over a decade, I have never made the trip.
    Fortuna is just as far.

  26. Yeah, that’s the ticket, Tom. Let’s hand over the tax revenues to Fortuna. Lord knows Eureka is just swimming in money these days.

  27. Tom, we get it, you don’t like Wal-Mart, Home Depot at al….nobody cares. Here is something for you to think about:
    the unemployment rate is high in Del Norte County because when they put the prison in, the families of those incarcerated individuals all moved up there to “be close’ to their ‘loved one’. Most of these individuals are NOT gainfully employed and have no desire to be so, as they make are able to ‘make do’ with State bene’s. The societal aspects of this are not germane to this discussion. What is germane is this: there are people in this county who do want a Wal-Mart and a Home Depot and the choices they will provide. You are once again spouting that ‘party line’ and I must say, it is getting old, redundant and ridiculous.

    You have never gone to Wal-Mart in over a decade, good for you Tom. So nice that you live the asinine principles that you shove down everybody’s throat, now would you please shut the hell up!

    Oh and Barb…Word Up Baby!

  28. Back on topic……

    If we want send letters to the Governor for retaining Zanzi, lets keep it positive. If a bunch of fools start spouting teabagger nonsense, it would be counterproductive. We don’t need to be raising the specter of Lovelace, since he has essentially zero prospect of being nominated if the appointment process were re-opened. He didn’t make it through the HCAOG nomination process last time, and the BOS is unlikely to unilaterally nominate him again.

    Zanzi’s big credential is his professional experience with the Department of Fish and Game and the environmental review process. DFG is a big player in CC business.

    The knock on Zanzi’s appointment is that Fortuna should not be considered a coastal town. It is worth noting that the CC claimed jurisdiction right through Fortuna to the far side of Table Bluff on the 101 median project. That’s clinching evidence that Fortuna is a coastal town.

  29. I am big Fortuna fan now they seem Liberal compared to Eureka’s New council.
    I think Rio Dell would be a great spot for and Big Box Mall.

  30. Anyone catch the midget whining today on Talk Shop about not getting the CCC appointment? Priceless. Arrogant as usual. He is the only person who “knows” the Coastal Act so is “infinitely” the “most qualified”.

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