Bayshore Best Buy?

As previously tweeted by capdiamont, rumors abound that the electronics superstore Best Buy has inked an agreement to open a retail outlet in the Bayshore Mall.

While there has been no official announcement yet (and we’re wrong about most things), it’s never too early for the progs to bang on about how the world will end, and the rest of us to hope the move would give a bit of a boost to our local economy and breathe some life into our sad little half-empty mall.

Oh and Larry Glass: Are there to be any historical re-enactments in your future? Just remember Davy. The other guys win.

But then you’re probably getting used to that by now.

28 Responses

  1. Spank-a-licious. I and every other gadget freak on the north coast just dropped to our knees to pray that it’s true.

  2. Damn count me in. No more driving to Redding or ordering on Amazon. We can keep our tax dollars local.

  3. Booyah. See you there.

  4. Did y’all hear that noise? It was Larry Glass crapping his pants. Oh my!

  5. Sorry — a self-described “gadget freak” slavering over Best Buy?!?

    Whatever you say, grandma. I hear those young men of the Geek Squad are simply adorable.

    I’ll be down at Fry’s.

  6. I don’t mind big box stores, but Best Buy would be at the very bottom of my list of desired stores.

  7. Isn’t there always some rumor of one big box or another coming in? Personally, I don’t care one way or another, but I’ll believe when I see it.

  8. I agree with Hank, Best Buy sucks. Amazon will continue to get my business.

  9. Sure you can still buy from Amazon but it’s a blast to be able to walk into Best Buy and play with all that cool stuff first!

  10. Best Buy is way better than nothing, which is what we have now. I assure you, Hank, I’ll be there playing with the toys. You’ll need a tank of gas and a big lunch to get to Fry’s.

  11. Personally, I’d rather have a Home Depot. But Best Buy is better than the vacant movie theater it’s set to replace.

  12. You refuse to shop at Pierson’s like me Humbug? I can’t wait to see them go under just like The Works.

    Big Boxes are a beautiful thing when they compete with liberal interests.

  13. Anyone whose main concern with retail establishments is the ability to express spite needs to get a life.

  14. My main concern with Bill Pierson is that he stop buying politicians to perpetuate his monopoly. If his store has to go out of business for that to happen, so be it.

  15. If an establishment is unethically using political influence or intervention in the regulatory process to squelch competition, that’s a valid concern. In fact, there’s a point where that comes under the purview of unfair competition laws. However, if there is a big box competing with them their bid to maintain a monopoly is already lost. Then, if you are withholding your business from an establishment because of the political orientation of the owner, that is simply spite.

    If the concern truly is businesses buying politicians to perpetuate an uncompetitive, anti-consumer environment, would you hold AT&T or an insurance company to that same standard? Or does that standard only apply to local business owners of a certain political orientation? If it’s the latter, you are wallowing in chickenshit.

  16. “My main concern with Bill Pierson is that he stop buying politicians to perpetuate his monopoly.”

    My main concern is that the anonymous poster here is stuck under a rock,or else they would realize that Pierson’s has competition here locally but does do better because they offer better prices,quality,and service.

  17. I still go to Mikes Garlic Fries and get a burger and fries at least once a month. I totally disagree with their politics but I totally agree with their food even if it doesn’t always agree with me.
    I don’t think they know who I am. I have never told them because they have the right to refuse service to anyone.

  18. Seaborn you are a chicken shit. I think I might go to MGF and drop off a mug shot of you for the proprietor to toss your butt outta there.

    And Thirdeye you are full of it too. The utlra progs own the “boycott” of businesses based on politics. Where the hell have you been for the last 20+ years.

  19. Politics is politics. Food is food. Don’t muddle them. Tom & Mike have a common ground. This is good.

  20. Then, if you are withholding your business from an establishment because of the political orientation of the owner, that is simply spite

    Plain Jane could not have said it better!

    My personal IT guru (the spouse) will be very interested in this news, and I am simply because it is a sign of hope that maybe things can get better economically.

  21. Mikes food is great, politics piss off lefties, whats not to like at the corner.

    He has the balls to say this is what I believe, and to be involved politically. Beats the shit out of the anons on the blogs. Man walks the talk of his beliefs.

    JB its better not to use PJ’s name in intelligent company, it insults people.

  22. Connect: a thousand pardons!

    Yummm, Mike’s fries! Best use of a spud in seven states!

  23. Haven’t you been following your comrades’ logic, thirdeye? Jane over at Heraldo’s is boycotting everyone who hasn’t falled off the left fringe of the world. She’s certifiable, but if I don’t like how Pierson uses his profits, I absolutely maintain the right to not give him any, without getting all dramatic about it as crazy Jane is wont to do.

  24. Could it be that these elected officials simply have the same political philosophy as Pierson, and that he chooses to fund those who fundamentally agree with his politics? Is that out of the question?  Does the newly elected council owe political favors to the good ‘ol boys?  Maybe they too have the same core beliefs?

    Hope you enjoy your weekly trip to Crescent City to save a nickel.  I’m sure Renner approves of such shopping principles.

  25. @anon 10:51 If wankers on the far right and the far left are boycotting businesses for the mere fact of the political beliefs of their owners, that doesn’t mean I have to join them in their spiteful ways.

  26. Another anon minion to the list. Good old boys, who the fuck is that, how about the old guard lefies that have controlled this county since the people gave the vote to college students. That when Cheese came into being, right from Humboldt State to Arcata City Council. The rest is history. Or do you mean the folks who actually worked for the money, invested capital and sweat to create jobs and build this area.

    Plain Jane is against critical thinking, reason, logic, and anyone to the right of communism. She is a 1st end Kool-aid drinker.

    Many options to not buying at the hammer. Ace hardware treats me just fine. Personally I dislike leaving here so I’ll live with Ace and their fine service.

    I agree thirdeye comes off as a bit shall we say chickenshit prog’y.

  27. CTD’s definition of “prog” seems to be anyone who doesn’t jerk CTD off in this forum.

  28. all this whining about ‘Big Box’ . What about Costco? Talk about electronics and big screen TV’s! Furniture, clothing (alright – undergarments), food, rx, even booze!
    But stop by there on a weekend and it is proggie delight on a cart!
    Bugs, you need to start a ‘Costco Watch List’!!

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