Prog discontent spreads, as Shane Brinton cries, swears, uninvites entire Arcata City Council to his birthday

Au revoir, les enfants terribles.

Just when residents were thinking about letting Arcata City Councilbaby Shane Brinton eat at the adult table, he pitched a major temper tantrum as he was replaced on the Humboldt Waste Management Authority board of directors by fellow Councilmember Michael Winkler.

The Arcata Eye’s Kevin Hoover reports that as Brinton saw his cherished appointment slip away, he tried to talk the council out of it. When this failed, he asked Winkler to withdraw his request for the seat. Winkler didn’t respond.

[Councilmember Alex] Stillman began to make a motion, but in something of a breach of protocol, Brinton interrupted her and nominated himself for HWMA rep. It didn’t get a second. [Councilmember Mark] Wheetley then made a motion which included Winkler as HWMA rep and Brinton as alternate.

[Mayor Susan] Ornelas called for discussion, and with his voice slightly trembling, Brinton cautioned his colleagues. “I would like to impress upon you the ill will that you will engender if you remove me from the Humboldt Waste Management Authority,” he said.

Wheetley’s motion carried anyway, with only Brinton opposed.

Hoover writes that a while later, when the council took a break,

Winkler and Brinton exchanged words, with Winkler asking Brinton for his assistance with the HWMA assignment.

“Fuck you, Michael,” Brinton shot back. The curse was clearly heard by viewers watching the meeting on Access Humboldt, and can also be heard on the archived video of the meeting.

Get the whole story here.


45 Responses

  1. Brinton is not only an idiot but a spoiled prog brat. Winkler is a good guy and a gentleman.

  2. Aw. How cute. The commie wants his mommy.

  3. Young Brinton is simply a not too smart radical, who has no tolerance for not getting his way. He reminds me of a young Mark Lovelace. Think about it: small; arrogant; not smart and a bad sport.
    Man up, Young Brinton. Comparisions to Lovelace ought to scare you into puberty.

  4. Maybe kaitlin cut him off and he’s cranky. What can we say abot Brinton? Well you can’t fix stupid.

  5. It’s a conspiracy involving a “lobbying effort” having a “magnitude and breadth” orchestrated by the recycling center, if the councilboy is to be believed. The issue came up at last night’s meeting. It’s archived at

  6. Also, while it’s probably delightful to watch progressives eat each other, you’d probably side with Brinton because he lambastes the recycling center’s fiscal responsibility and its bad decisions impacting taxpayers.

  7. Actually, the real question is how the progs find these mindless misfits like Brinton, Lovelace, Clendenon, Atkins and the now drubbed, Glass. They are an embarrassment.
    Oh well, it is fun to watch them eat themselves.
    Don’t miss the next episode of Misfits! Theatre.

  8. Brinton was also heard yelling at the HCAOG board in the middle of their deliverations about the Coastal Commission nominations.

    Get some class comrad!

  9. The best part was that other members of the HWMA didn’t want Shane to return because he didn’t play well with others. This brat needs a spanking.

  10. Don’t you realize that everyone on the Arcata City Council is some shade of “prog,” at least by the definition that Bugs and his dittoheads use. Why are you so gleeful that one prog replaced another? Shane was ousted because he wasn’t always toeing the prog party line at HBWA, which is also why he wanted to stay on the board. The place is a sinkhole of public waste in more ways than one. Of course he was pissed off. I’d say he showed some balls in his response.

  11. Shane is now calling this a Brown Act violation.
    Whenever some cry baby loses, they always try for the almighty Brown Act violation. Rinse and repeat.

  12. …and gorp is enahS.

  13. I have served with both Mike and Shane on boards and committees. There is a huge difference between them. While I don’t agree with Winkler on most issues politically, he is thoughtful and involved in the process. Shane is a silly bitch child who gets pissed if he is not getting attention. I believe there is a movement within progdom to pull back some of the losers. Kerrigan, Lovelace, Briton, Atkins, and glass has already been outed.

    As far as dittoheads, I believe this is a reference to Rush L., not hardly gorp. However I would think it is better to be a Rush fan than a dildo which from your comments seems to be where you reside. Shane has grapenuts, not balls. Move back to H blog where you are protected.

  14. Gorp you are goofy. You have obviously never met Mr. Wheetly or Mr. Winkler, both of whom are quite moderate in thier politics and can chiefly be characterized as individuals who “Git er done.” They are actually working for the common good as is Alex Stillman.

    Mr. Brinton, on the otherhand, is a spoiled brat who has a clever turn of phrase at a lucky interval. He has a complete lack of experience as an adult in the world and regularily exposes himself for the petulant little boy that he, in reality is. He is quite intelligent, but his distinct dearth of maturity will be his undoing.

  15. Britton’s problem isn’t his intellect, he’s actually a bright kid, but he is a kid. For some reason Humboldt County voters like the novelty of electing high schoolers to office. No surprise that they make the worst leaders. Young people don’t have the experience to know how complex the world really is. They see problems in simplistic terms, think they are smarter than they are and tend to gravitate to extreme positions with great conviction.

    Shane needs to get out of Humboldt, get an education and get a real job. In a decade or so, after he makes some mortgage payments, pays some taxes and raises some kids he will probably be a Republican.

  16. The bugs are moderates, as is now the bulk of the Arcata council and the Eureka council. Democrats are not progs. They’re Democrats, and up here that passes for moderate.

  17. 10:47 absolutly hit it on the head. Perfect description of Humboldt County politics.

  18. Could someone say when the Fuck you moment happend. I tried to watcht he meeting but couldn’t find it.

  19. 1:39:13. You’ll need to turn the sound up a bit.

  20. If the Humbug is a moderate, and democrats are extreme liberals or “progs,” then who exactly is a conservative these days?  Did they all go extinct, or are they now simply called moderates?

  21. No there are still some conservatives, but here they tend to throw in their lot with the more moderate democrats and vice versa. Strange bedfellows and that sort of thing.

  22. We should all just roll like Hank Sims and call everyone to the right of Mark Lovelace a conservative. It’s laughable, but at least his bias is consistent.

  23. A prog between issues is like a vegetarian between meals.

  24. Heraldo does not touch this story? Come to think of it, why is Brinton never mentioned on Heraldo? Or Katlain hardly ever?

  25. word has it that Bell hop threw brinton out for someone even younger, like she did her exboyfriend cobb. cobb cried all the way back to texas. someone said cobb is finally into taking showers again. whewww
    btw, who cares what brittle brinton and bell hop have to say?

  26. So the new Conservative is a moderate Democrat? Is the term “conservative” tainted because of the Tea Party?

    Given these new “trends” in party politics, why is there such a difference between left leaning Democrats and moderate Democrats? Maybe because the Conservatives needed a new identity, and thus adopted the moderate Democrat label?

    I guess Richard Marks would be the perfect example, right? Yet he still doesn’t support a Home Depot on the Balloon Track.

    Oh well

  27. No, ass face, because the “progs” went so far left they ended up at the fascist end of the spectrum. That was before the local ones traded legitimate concerns for power. They no longer believe anything anymore. And they’ll say whatever mad shit they can think of to obscure the issues. Kind of like you did. Now scurry on back to your fellow rats over at Heraldo.

  28. Don’t ever forget, Lovelace, Clif (Lovelace’s new bitch) Atkins, and Brinton are all about power. When they don’t get their way, they pout and punish opponents, to the extent that they can.
    Be careful about calling them smart. They are clever, but certainly not smart.

  29. Agreed. They are not smart. They are tricky, calculating and power hungry. Kerrigan is out as a MJ loser. Cliffy will never get re-elected as he hasn’t done squat for his constituents but only serves Lovelace. Glass is gone and connie brinton is unraveling. He switched fron the commie party to the dem party to get local dem support. The ultra progs wanted him because they could control him. Well the brat is throwing tantrums because he isn’t old enough or wise enough to figure what’s shit from shinola.

    This is really funny folks.

  30. Agree again, Clif has done nonthing. He was elected as a moderate, but has carried water for Lovelace and Bonnie the entire time he has been in office. He has a snowball’s chance in hell of being relected in his district.

  31. Clif is a nice guy (but completely out of step with his district).

    Here, nice guys will finish last.

    His election was a fluke. Good luck with the early fundraising, but money couldn’t save Bonnie and it won’t save you!

  32. Cliff is gone. Has become Markies bitch and folks in south are pissed. To bad as he seems a good guy.

    Problem with many of the prog’s is they have people behind them. The old school dems loved them for awhile but they eat their young so out they go.

    If you read the H trash you see all the fuss about the County Pot laws. Funny as shit cause it is about control. Mark is a control freak big time. It is about power. Look how he has gotten on every little and large board in Humboldt. Him whining on the radio is great. Makes my coffee taste so much. better

  33. Clif is not a good guy. Look at his votes that kill our lifestyle.
    Mark loves power, but his lies will destroy him. He will be an army of one.

  34. My first time looking at this site. Wow, the comments all seem so personal and, well, nasty. And I keep seeing posts calling people stupid and then mis-spelling their names.
    Might be interesting to talk about the politics, not just cuts and insults – seems like HS.
    And is it really just the “prog” or dems that are into power ? I’d say all politicians are after power; if not when they start, once they get in, they want to keep the power they have.
    There is so much great stuff going on in HumCo and I am sad to see all these nasty comments.

  35. This blog is funnier than all hell. Anon43 you ought to go thru the archives. That is if you have a sense of humor. Or are you a humorless proglidite?

  36. What a little wanker. Maybe he needs a new binky? He seems unhappy that Glass didn’t get re-elected? He should take that as a clue.

    Glass was so pissed off about not being re-elected he did not go to the Eureka employees dinner in December with the rest of the incoming and outgoing council.

    It does seem that it’s all about power with these small time “progrossives”. Glass is having a hard time getting over going from Boss Hog to the loser that he was before and continues to be.

    Adkins is angry.

    Life is OK but could get alot better.

  37. “Eureka employees dinner in December with the rest of the incoming and outgoing council”

    I wonder what the agenda looked like for that.

  38. sfb, it was a general Christmas type get together to acknowledge service of individual city employees.

    There was some politicking that would make normal people gag but most was just about the everyday city employees.

  39. The hate on this blog reminds me of the same extreme viewpoints that led to the shooting in Arizona.

    It’s also clear that ya’ll are just as power hungry as anyone else in the county.

  40. Wondered how long till the prog’s jumped over here with that silly shit. No hate at all, silly anon idiot with all your silly garbage. You have so little knowledge of anything it is unreal.

  41. Yeah don’t sweat it, connect. That’s always the problem with witch hunters. There simply aren’t enough real witches to go around, so they’re always trying to manufacture new ones.

  42. I watched the re-run of the January 5 (?) Arcata City coucil meeting. It was bad. What a little bed wetter. I think Alex Stillman should bitch slap the punk the next time he snivels.

  43. Who read the 1/14/11 Arcata Eye. How funny, crybaby called violation of the Brown Act and demanded another ballot. Bang, same results. Whinner little fuck.

  44. I smell a rat in these mean spirited attacks on Mr. Brinton. Who trusts the elite establishment? Anonymous.

  45. Mean? You are misinformed my friend. These are the nice things that people say about Shane.

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