Humboldt Herald somehow manages to be even stupider than usual

The brain trust over at the Humboldt Herald has determined that former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is personally responsible for that awful business in Arizona where a mentally ill young man shot 18 people, killing six, including a federal judge and a 9-year-old girl, and critically wounding Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

If we wind up dead nine months from now, we'll have only ourselves to blame.

The basis of the Herald’s accusation? A Palin-sponsored campaign piece from last March that encouraged Republicans to vote against representatives of 20 Congressional districts that supported federal health care legislation. The 20 districts are identified on a map with small icons that resemble crosshairs, and one such district happened to have been Giffords’.

Get the connection?


Yeah. We don’t either.

The Herald post making this breathless pronouncement begins with a curious statement:

“Reap what you have sown, inflammatory swine.”

We think the inflammatory swine writing that blog would do well to heed their own advice.

62 Responses

  1. Stupider than usual is a major accomplishment for them. I didn’t think it possible.

  2. So you’re Sara Palin supporters?

  3. Not at all. I think she’s an idiot. As are all the people who insist there’s a causal relationship between a 9-month-old campaign advertisement and the tragic actions of a mentally ill man. A Palin aide called attempts to politicize the shooting “repulsive.” I don’t agree with much from that quarter, but that statement sums the situation up nicely.

  4. That sort of wild illogic only serves to make Sarah Palin look smarter than her accusers.

  5. That’s not the same Proggie, by the way. The Proggie we used to know and tolerate hasn’t been ’round these parts since he was outed for pretending to be people who posted dozens of comments noting how insanely genius his other comments were. A very Richard Salzman move there, and every bit as easy to detect. Maybe they’re related.

  6. Well Bugs, if Rachel Maddow said it, it must be true.

  7. The H blog reached a new low in making political advantage out of a horrendous tragedy. One need only read Steinbeck’s ‘In Dubious Battle’ to get that clue.

    Once again the flying heralda’s are way under the top and have come all the way down to the level worst of political persuasion.

  8. You’re not kidding, dog. They’re insane.

  9. It would have been nice (like 9/11eee) to use the momentum of this bipartisan outrage to come together. Maybe that can still happen.

  10. I consider myself a Progressive but am ashamed of this ridiculous diversion from things that actually matter in this life. Blaming Sarah Palin for the idiopathic actions of a very sick young man doesn’t help anyone at all. It’s just shameful.

  11. No one is blaming Palin.Just pointing out that her violent rhetoric could have spurred a messed up dude who shared some of her beliefs on issues,into thinking that killing some people who had different political views would solve a few personal problems,and in his messed up mind see that his actions may seen as being acceptable by some who shared those beliefs.I won’t be staying here for this particular thread as I expect some vile comments to come my way for putting things into my perspective.

  12. “violent rheoric” ! mresquanie (BUTTFACE) how did you become such an idiot?

  13. TIME mag: Maybe a horrendous act of violence will kill hundreds, even thousands, of Americans and thereby brighten Obama’s political future

    It’s not just heraldo, Daily KOS is deleting past posts as fast as they can – seems THEY TARGETED Giffords back in 2008, with a BULLSEYE, no less, mresquan has nothing to say about their “violent” rhetoric.

  14. No one’s blaming Palin? Huh? I think Mr. Esquan just proved he can’t read. Either that or even he is embarrassed by the rank idiocy of the Heraldos.

  15. I hope you’re right sfb. I think it’s true for the most of us.

    For the Heraldas and the least of us, just consider the source. It provides a clear insight as to the character of those few who would make this tragedy into a political carnival with a particular emphasis on the carnage.

    For the H’s, and the rest who try to advance their wisdom through the imagined failings of others, this one speaks volumes about you.

  16. I think the term “douchebag” was created for people like them. That, and fuckhead.

  17. Amped-up rhetoric from the Republican party and teabaggers had nothing to do with death threats and vandalism against members of Congress during the health care debate.

    Glenn Beck’s vitriol against the ACLU and the Tides Foundation had nothing to do with the wacko that was on his way to attack them until he encountered the CHP.

    Hateful rhetoric from Giffords’ teabagger opponent and Sarah Palin’s PAC had nothing to do with the Arizona shootings.

    Teabagger Sharon Angle wasn’t talking about gun violence when she was talking about “Second Amendment solutions” during her campaign.

    Riiiiight. Stay in denial, folks.

  18. Well, the Sarah Palin graphic still shows Giffords district as grey. If she dies it will turn red like the other districts that changed hands.

    No, Sarah Palin didn’t cause this shooting, she is just one of the he score keepers.

  19. Thirdeye, how desperate are you to find a conservative to blame for each and every one of the world’s ills? Clearly you have no idea how stupid you sound, or pathetic.

  20. Nothing riles up the “moderates” like alittle Palin bashing

  21. Oh. I thought they were riled by idiocy.

  22. What’s idiotic about it, Dork? Didn’t you know Sarah Palin caused mental illness?

  23. Remember how hard we all laughed when Reagan’s attempted assassination was blamed on Jodi Foster?


    Double that.

  24. And rock music causes mass murder, blah blah blah. Ours is a culture desperate for someone to blame. It’s one of our most distinctive and juvenile characteristics.

  25. (I meant that as a response to anon.)

  26. Don’t tell anyone this, but I heard Sarah Palin was also behind the move to get Shane Brinton voted off the HWMA. That bitch is everywhere.

  27. I can hardly type I’m laughing so hard. Plain Jane, the idiot Rob141, Mark the fool, third piece of shit, what a bunch of none productive trash,. H himself censors so strong that there is very little input so these fucks think they have some sort of support.

  28. Totally…


    pissing myself.

    Didn’t the progs’ mothers ever tell them to put their brains on before going out to play?

  29. Robash is Heraldo hiding his identity. But all of his personalities are equally stupid.

  30. Just when you think that they can’t demonstrate their stupidity any more thoroughly….Surprise! Tomorrow be sure and read the Heald and find out that Sarah Palin causes cancer, Glen and Rush are personally responsible for global warming….and yes, the Republican Party is behind the increase in childhood obesity!

    For crips sake, has it occured to these prize idiots that they are providing the very thing that keeps this particular brand of wing-nut alive: namely attention, press, hits on the internet…whatever you want to call it.

    People have lost loved ones and a woman’s life has forever changed and all those whack-jobs can do is scream about Sarah Palin? We do not need any further evidence that Progessive Politics rots your brain.

  31. Aren’t these the same people who were shocked and sickened at the idea the Fort Hood shootings were religiously motivated? Who urged that there be no rush to judgment?
    This shooter seems quite likely to be suffering from some form of paranoid schizophrenia. Which, now that I think about it, makes him probably a progressive.

  32. As the information comes out we learn this guy was a mental case for some time. He has had some issue with the Congresswoman for three years. He was a pot smoker, rejected from Army service over his drug use, purchased the gun in 2009, and kicked out of Jr. College until he had a mental health evaluation!

  33. @Fort Hood, you’re getting close to a very good point (but you chicken out at the obvious conclusion) – that right wing extremism and Islamic extremism have a lot in common. I’m sure Islamofundies would find the excuses and ass-covering going on in response to this incident, and others like it over the past year, very applicable to their situation. Those who commit extreme, murderous acts in the name of Islam aren’t exactly paragons of mental health either. But I doubt anyone on this forum would accept such excuses from Islamofundies.

  34. There is absolutely no credible evidence that Tucson had anything to do with any ideology, but some folks on the Left still seized the opportunity to target the right. These same folks refused to hear shouts of Allahu Akbar from a
    Muslim shooting American soldiers. My conclusions and observations include
    1) progressives eat, sleep, and breath hypocrisy
    2) Remind me of l the last time a right winger committed mass murder. Oklahoma? Not. McVeigh was an agostic a and a anarchist , not a republican, not a Christian..
    3) I can’t recall anyone apologizing for McVeigh

  35. Wrong again, Thirdeye. I would make that distinction, as would most thinking people, a description that leaves you very much out in the cold.

  36. Sorry, Mr. Hood, the far right can’t disown McVeigh that easily just because he was secular. His ideas were John Birch Society on steroids, as were those of his partner in crime from the right wing Michigan Militia. It’s only a difference in degree of fanatical paranoia and eliminationist thinking.

  37. Thirdeye, it’s very clear that you’re the one trying desperately to link these sick mass murderers to a right-wing agenda. There’s none there no matter how hard you try and pin the tail on the elephant. Wishing it so doesn’t make it real, but does show that you are one sick puppy.

  38. You know, a human being committed this heinous act not an ideology. Lots of people have extreme views and are not out killing other people. I know it’s a dying philosophy in this country but I still believe in personal responsibility.

  39. Sure, here’s no connection between these nutjobs and the ultraright just like there was no connection between the nutjobs in the SLA and the Weathermen to the ultraleft. Wilfully blinding oneself to the role of apocalyptic, hateful rhetoric in legitimizing apocalyptic, hateful acts in either case is an act of supreme moral cowardice. Funny how the ultraright and the ultraleft resemble each other.

  40. Thirdeye radical Weathermen founder Bill Ayers went on to teach at a university, no? He was extremely far left, which is not seen as a bad thing among most media–more brave than anything. But we was intelligent. The subversive group of many intelligent people together planned to undermine and topple the government.

    The guy who just killed 6 people in Arizona wasn’t associated with any groups, wasn’t of any particular political persuasion and he was certainly not intelligent.

    Loughner is not right in the head. He’s insane–clearly and he is a killer.

    What parallel are you trying to make?

  41. Looks like the left wingers have it back asswards:

  42. Moderate Democrats for Palin

  43. no it isn’t thirdeye.

    I blame the pot….the dude did it because he was a pot smoker.

    THATS IT FOLKS! I know why the deranged MF went 5150.

  44. Apparently the sheriff in Tucson and Heraldo need post election anger management classes.

    Good Lord, where do they come up with this stuff? The Sheriff was asked if he knew any connection to “hate speech” that might prove his theory. His answer was “no”, but he wasn’t changing his story. Nope, who needs evidence and facts when you think with your jerking knee and an elevator that got caught between floors.

    Turns out Loughner is a pot smoker who prays to a skull in his back yard. His friend Bryce Tierney says he has had a vendetta against the congresswoman for about 3 years and wanted her dead.

    I think Loughner should be asked if he has ever heard of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh. My guess is those are not the voices in his head.

    The hypocrisy of people using hate speech to denounce hate speech would be laughable if it weren’t so despicable.

  45. Dang Barb

    I don’t think much of Beck or Limbaugh, but I think you rock

    “The hypocrisy of people using hate speech to denounce hate speech…..”

    That nails it…..sadly, but it does.

  46. Did you all, any of you, see this guys booking photo today?

    The crazy deranged smile? That photo may not say it all but it says plenty.

    I do wonder where they dug up that Sheriff of Pima County? They must be really proud of him!

  47. Well believe it or not, H blog just got stupider. Unbelievable!! How many fucking idiots can be crammed into Humboldt County.

  48. “How many fucking idiots can be crammed into Humboldt County.”

    Hang some fly paper on this blog and we will catch them all pretty quick.

  49. Told you. From the NY Times, no less (paging Mr.Krugman, Mr. Paul Krugman, also Moe, Larry, and Curly)
    “I’d say the chances are 99 percent that he has schizophrenia,” said Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, the founder of the Treatment Advocacy Center in Arlington, Va., which advocates stronger laws to require treatment for people with severe mental illnesses. “He was together enough to take courses, and people with untreated schizophrenia can function very well for periods. But when you see these rambling, incoherent writings and comments, there is almost no other disorder where this is a prominent symptom.”

  50. Everyone is wondering why no one acted on the crazy guy’s signs beforehand, since it seems so obvious now something was going to happen.

  51. Heraldo showed himself for what he is, nothing more. A left wing hack with no street cred anymore.

  52. But to use the death of a little girl to further his cause is just sick.

  53. Funny anon. Just got to work and had your coffee. Now your on someones computer, on their time running your mouth. Notice I was working for half an hour when I posted, at the computer I pay internet on. Two fucking hours before you clocked in at your work. My guess is you will is you will start running your mouth again on your break. Back to H blog for you Skippy, the funny part is only 6-7 people post all those comments there under bullshit names. Even funnier is that for all your liberal bullshit, that blog is censored, so there is very little opposing views. Glass fucking bubble peanut butter boy.

    You prog sucks think this last election was bad, wait til next election cycle. Normal folks will throw the rest of you fucks out of Humboldt county.

  54. Today’s agony, courtesy of Sarah, Rush, Glenn et al is birds, dead birds, lots of dead birds. Now mind you, there have been several scientific reasons, along with historical precedent cited for the lots of dead birds, but not here in land of fog and pot.

    Here in never-never be conservative land, its is ‘all your fault’ Republicans, that the birds are dead. Tomorrow we will be treated to the reason for our recent cold spell: The Marina Center and it’s inadequate characterization….did anyone catch the slavish ass-kissing by Neal Latt in the TS. I’ll bet Marky’s butt ( and probably his scrotum) stays damp for a week!

  55. No shit. Total bullshit. Its unreal that all the prog’s want to give this guy head. He is a short, mouthy, uptight little prick. Good friend of Neal Latt it appears.

  56. “Anonymous, on January 10, 2011 at 8:44 pm said:

    Did you all, any of you, see this guys booking photo today?”
    The best description I heard of that photo is the love child of Sinead O’Connor and Uncle Fester.

  57. Holy f’ing shit. You folks are right. The freaks over at HH are totally zonko. 393 posts on the Palin blame game piece (of shit).

  58. After listening to all of the shitstorm in the aftermath of the tragic deaths in Arizona some things are becoming more clear. Palin, Beck and some of the Tea Party people have used language and images (such as the map with crosshairs) that are symbolic of war.

    But it’s absurd to think that they meant at all that people should pick up a rifle and take politicians or government people out. To suggest that Palin’s “call to arms” is anything other than a passionate plea to fight hard for the ideals some people hold dear is absurd.

    Everything in our culture, including politics, sports and music have always used war symbolism and language. Nobody would blame sports for a mass murderer’s actions.

  59. I totally agree, anonymous. The problem with extremists, like Palin and Heraldo, is that they can’t or won’t acknolwedge a middle ground. In this case, the obvious conclusion is that a deranged young man killed a bunch of people, AND that politicians should pay closer attention to the metaphors they employ. Both things are true. Maybe that’s too intellectually complex for the far right and far left, but it’s a lot more accurate than any of the horseshit they’ve come up with so far.

  60. I wonder if the folks who post over on the Herald realize that the first time some enviro sitting in his silence of the lambs basement goes after someone working on the Marina Center that the FBI will be crawling through each and every poster’s computer.

    He rails against hate speech yet incites crazy people to focus on Arkley. It will be sad, but interesting to watch the site owners and posters doing a perp walk.

  61. Thanks to the Herald we all know the danger now. The following is submitted to the Mirror as a Public Service Announcement

    What to do if a Tea Party Family Moves Next Door To You.

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