Love always, Bonnie Neely

Did we know the Bon Bon was good friends with Neal Latt?

Yes, the overbearing “organic farmer” (*cough*) who spends his life telling everyone how wrong and stupid they are. That Neal Latt.

Maybe you knew it. We did not.

But looky what someone slipped under our door. An old letter the former supervisor wrote in support of the obnoxious asshat’s application to law school.

Not terribly important but kinda funny. It’s like the progs travel in packs or something. You never find one without six more right behind telling everyone how brilliant the first one is.

Such is the case here. Oh well. Maybe Neal can use his “unique qualities necessary to overcome adversity” along with his clout as a  “member of a local Ad-Hoc Wireless Telecommunications Committee” (one of six west-side whackadoos who insist cell towers are the devil) to write a reciprocal letter for the Bon Bon. Word is she’s looking for a job.

September 24, 2009
Law School Admission Council
662 Pen Street
P.O. Box 8508
Newtown, PA 18940-8508
RE: Letter of Recommendations for Neal G. Latt
Dear Council:
I am writing in support of Neal Latt’s application for admission to law school.  I have known Neal for over six years and in that time he has shown himself to be an extremely dedicated and committed individual. 
I am very pleased that Neal has chosen to pursue the field of law.  His character and determination in getting the job done is a testament to his overall leadership potential and drive to succeed.  As the owner/operator of Avalon Farms since 1996, Neal has demonstrated his philanthropic spirit by donating over 8,000 lbs. of fresh produce to local charities and non-profits.  He is active in many community organizations such as Food for People and Citizens for Real Economic Growth.  He continues to be a member of a local Ad-Hoc Wireless Telecommunications Committee formed to help guide local policy makers in the area of wireless communications.
Neal has the ability and fortitude to meet the challenges of advanced academic study.  He has set himself apart in both his professional and personal life and possesses those unique qualities necessary to overcome adversity.  I believe he is an exceptional individual and would bring a fresh new perspective to any law school.
I am respectfully requesting your favorable consideration of Neal’s application.   Thank you.
Bonnie Neely, 4th District Supervisor
County of Humboldt


60 Responses

  1. Oh my god that guy’s a massive douche wad.

  2. If that guy was half as smart as he thinks he is he’d be F. Lee Bailey.

  3. Latt a lawyer? Perfect. Now instead of just abusing people when he doesn’t get his way, he can also sue them.

  4. Bugs. The real question is why is Hank covering for Latt.

  5. If that’s real, she spelled that wrong it’s “Citizens for REEEEEAL Economic Growth” which means, of course, NO Growth.

    And there it is again, that using of these self-created groups as if they are some kind of legitimate official respectable thing. It isn’t It’s another phony baloney group name put up by the same old little tiny group of people. They create these out of whole cloth, wear them for a specific purpose then shed the skin and move on to the next little boiler room.

    Then one of their groups praises and endorses the other, and vice versa and the cross-pollinization makes then look like a big deal. Only they’re not. But who checks? (It’s also a great way to get multiple donations out of their supporters)

    The papers report them as if they don’t KNOW they are just playacting – ehh, it’s just tragic and stupid.

  6. “He continues to be a member of a local Ad-Hoc Wireless Telecommunications Committee formed to He continues to be a member of a local Ad-Hoc Wireless Telecommunications Committee formed to help guide local policy makers in the area of wireless communications.”

    ROFLMAO – Translation – he made up another group to STOP a cellphone tower from being installed.

    “He continues to be a member of a local Ad-Hoc Wireless Telecommunications Committee formed to help guide local policy makers in the area of wireless communications….”

    I’m saving that. It almost sounds like he’s a legitimate business man selling cellphones. Orwell would be so proud.

  7. You people are scum.

  8. That’s great! Have you written one for Girard?

    Can’t wait!

  9. Barb, is that you?

  10. My favorite self-created groups are Humboldt Sunshine, Citizens for a Better Eureka, Hum CPR, Eureka Coalition for Jobs & Humboldt Economic Land Plan

    Legitimate, official & respectable, right Rose?

    You better fucking believe it!

  11. ITGB,

    Nope only post under my own name.

    Hank, is that you??

  12. They’re similar but not the same, 6:15. They’re more of a ‘fighting fire with fire’ (can I still say that?) kind of thing. And the truth is, that ‘side’ doesn’t understand the organics of the phony groups. They don’t use them as the tick on their resume for one thing. And they don’t really know how to play the phony group game.

    BUT – The jury is still out on Eureka Coalition for jobs, a lot of people think that was a Salzman construct designed to look like it was his opponent.

    And HumCPR actually doesn’t fit the category either, it’s a very different animal. HumCPR came about because of the outrageous and egregious actions taken by the Board Of Supervisors, who in the war with Palco, took an action that adversely affected every property owner in the county.

    There’s a difference. I can see why you want to lump them all together. But they just ain’t the same animal.

  13. I’ve kinda lost count of all the interrelated phony groups, so many have come and gone. A few have stuck around, their purpose not yet realized, after which they will be disbanded. I’ll make a list for ya sometime. Maybe you’ll be able to see the difference.

    “He continues to be a member of a local Ad-Hoc Wireless Telecommunications Committee formed to He continues to be a member of a local Ad-Hoc Wireless Telecommunications Committee formed to help guide local policy makers in the area of wireless communications.”

    That has to win a creative writing award, Bugs, you should apply for it.

  14. BOnnie is scum. Glad she’s gone. Ding dong the wicked witch is dred (just to be PC).

    Latt is crazy as a loon. Ever heard the freakazoid speak? How about his
    Lovelace masturbation letter to the ed in the TS? I used to laugh at those damn commercials tha went “this is your brain…and this is your brain on drugs”. Not any more.

  15. Anonymous 6:15 must be frustrated no end that the groups he hates so much actually get things done, while his pet groups assert nothing, build nothing, improve nothing, and exist only to say no to everything and sue when they don’t get their way.

  16. Right on 8:45. You hit that nail on the head. (Or is that saying also nonPC now?)

  17. I’m curious, what exactly have they accomplished Anonomous 8:45 & 9:00?

  18. 9:20 either you are stupid or on drugs. How bout I answer that question AFTER your drug test so we’ll know? Go back to HH and take part in that meltdown.

  19. For starters, 9:20, they’re moving ahead on a cleanup of the Balloon Track, something so-called environmental groups should have done decades ago. They also stopped Girard and Neely from issuing a completely bullshit housing element. HumCPR got the illegal TPZ ordinance thrown out in a couple of weeks, and in general the groups have provided some balance to public discourse about the economy. That’s a start.

  20. By the way, 9:20, how’s the cleanup of the NEC site coming in Arcata. Did you all get enough gov’mint money yet to make it happen? Because perish the thought the NEC and Paykeeper and the rest of those groups that have made multiple millions of dollars in the past few years suing everyone likely to settle, you’d think they could clean up their own property themselves.

  21. Which group on my list of organizations is responsible for moving ahead on a cleanup of the Marina Center site? Humboldt Coalition for Jobs?

  22. I recently read on the HH site that Lind Adkins is an “independant thinker”, wow that was funny!

  23. Why not share with us why the NEC and Paykeeper can sue for millions make lots of cash to pay themselves and then get other peoples money to clean up their own backyard. Hypocrites.

    Thanks HumCPR for giving us the info that the so called “press” was either too lazy or corrupt to do. Thanks to you we voted some of the corrupt lying jerks (genfer nuetral) out of office.

    The progs operate from a platform that we are too stupid and will continue to blindly follow any “group” that calls itself enviro conscious, green or prog. Bullshit on that. They are all just power hungry. I am grateful that Neely, lovelace, Glass et al have been de-balled. Its rather refreshing.

    Its a beautiful day.

  24. Sorry for the typo. I meant “gender” neutral.

  25. Didn’t know Eureka Coalition for Jobs was still active. Are they now involved in the Balloon Track cleanup?

  26. Who knows? Only things we do know is that under the current NEC and Paykeeper they don’t clean up squat, they sue to shut down everything except the “pot cottage industry” and they are all elitist hypocrites. ‘Nough for me!

  27. So when did SN decide that a cap wasn’t the appropriate clean up strategy? Could it possibly have anything to do with Baykeeper’s role?

    From the Northcoast Journal 

    “An environmental group, Humboldt Baykeeper, is on the verge of filing a lawsuit aimed at forcing Union Pacific, before it transfers title to the Balloon Track, to clean up the property. That would effectively preempt the Arkleys’ proposed solution to contamination at the site, which is to “cap” it — to essentially asphalt over the entire surface of the property. It would also add months if not years of delay in the path of any redevelopment plan.”

  28. No, they don’t use any of their extortion funds to clean up the bay, or any other site. They use them to afford nice Old Town office space, a fancy boat that they use to take out of town reporters out touring in when they want good press, and they use it to fund more lawyers.

    The predatory litigious Baykeeper is the spawn of the predatory litigious ERF, and that’s how they queue up the next set of lawsuits. They’re phonies from the word go, and the only thing they care about is suing the deepest pockets they can find.

    They’re disgusting.

    Too bad, NEC was once a good thing.

  29. He is active in many community organizations such as … Citizens for Real Economic Growth

    GAACK !!

  30. Once good, now leeches.

    How many orphan site remain unclean and uncapped because of the stupidity of folks like paykeeper. Facts are many sites. I used to be an admirer of them until I found out how they are now run.

  31. Instead of even considering that Baykeeper may be partially responsible for forcing SN to a more comprehensive cleanup at the BT instead of an inadequate cap job, Rose simply continues to stick her fingers in her ears, repeating, “predatory litigious groups, predatory litigious groups, predatory litigious groups.”

  32. Baykeepers got 1 million dollars and ran the fuck away. Did not do another thing, took some money and split. Anon 3:59 they are calling you over at HH progsite. They love that dumb shit there, you will find a whole host of shit for brain folks just like yourself.

    You laugh at Latt, how about the comment section in T/S where Scott Greacen attacks Tia’s piece. Funny his Facebook does not ID him as Executive Director of EPIC. Also that he is big buds with Lovelace, or that he is a lawyer who specializes in Predatory lawsuits. Has made a living doing that for 20 years. Latt is pretty funny though, lame as shit.

  33. Latt is not simply lame. He is the lamest most odd turd roaming. Lost in the fog of his medicine if you ask me. Can’t tell you how embarrassing it is to be part of certain groups which he frequents. This guy is such a fruit loop that the general mills toucan hides his head under his wing when the fruit loop opens his mouth.

  34. Millions upon millions, 3:59. Where have you been? Paykeeper has a nice boat though. And they can afford heraldo.

  35. Oh my, After reading this blog, I now understand why Humboldt acts like a 3rd. world country! So many lies…where does one begin????

    ALL groups are “self-created” you idiots. If business had a few more concerns about the environment, we wouldn’t need clean-ups to begin with!.
    Mr. Latt & the cell tower group may be a joke here, but they managed to get the cell tower ordonance through. It didn’t help their neighborhood, but at least I won’t have look at the ugly things in my neighborhood – thank you Neal.
    Mr. Latt is an organic farmer and if you truly knew him, you would know he is NOT into drugs!
    Mr Latt is presently in Law School at U.C. Berkley (I wonder how many of you could manage to get into Berkley?) He is away from his family to accomplish this. He made this decision & sacrifice, after dealing with the city over the cell tower situation! In a few years, I don’t think anyone in Eureka is going to be laughing at Neal Latt!

  36. I debated Neal on the Cell Tower issue. Maybe after his gets his law degree he’ll understand why his so called appeal of the planning commission was futile.

  37. That is strange “living in Eureka”. Latt says he’s in SF not Berkeley. My my. Latt is a lunatic.

  38. I hope since you live in California, you realize that Berkley & San Francisco are less than 20 miles apart!

  39. The Planning Commission was “futile” but the cell tower ordonnance is here to stay – so I would say that’s a win!

  40. uhhhhmmmm how is that a “win”?

    The Cell tower went up. In Neal’s neighborhood. In the future, just a couple more hoops to jump through.

  41. …and the Patriots lose

    What a way to cap the weekend!

    J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

  42. Living in Eureka. Are you high?

  43. Now look who is the “lunatic”! Read the damn thing before you show you’re ignorance! If you live in Eureka, you will not be seeing a cell tower near your home soon! At least some of us are informed!

  44. I just had a smart meter installed right below my bedroom window. As soon as the PG&E guy left I shit my pants and forgot who I was for an hour. I just can’t think of all the hell the westsiders must be going through. I’m sure the cell tower has killed someone by now. Please let this blog know. We stand with you my brothers and sisters. Wrap the kids in foil!!!

  45. I can’t find my tin foil. “Living in Eureka” stole it. He’s hoarding all the tin foil in Hum co. Latt is hoarding it in SF but has strong competitors. Oh crap. Time to head to Ukiah’s Walmart for more supplies.

  46. Living in Eureka is a woman.

    One sad and profoundly negative soul.

    Too bad, she’s pretty smart but can’t help seeing a herald in every mirror.

    It’s contagious.

  47. If it’s contagious, kill it quick. Non-violently of course.

    After working in the movement, Neal saw that the real money is in lawsuits. He is jumping on the bandwagon. This silly prog wants to turn him into a saint.

  48. “Living in Eureka” is about as informed as my cat. Well no, my cat at least knows her name.

  49. Neal Latt should take some remedial writing courses while studying to be one a them fancy law yas. Did you catch his pathetic letter to the editor last week? Someone should have proofread that thing before he embarassed himself. Mr. Run-on-sentence should buy some punctuation when he becomes a litigation specialist or extorsionist extraordinaire or whatever.

  50. Rex Ryan coached one helluva game. I don’t care if he wears women’s underwear.

  51. Actually the cell tower ordnance can not prevent another tower being built in a residential area. That is illegal for any city to restrict cell towers in that way.

  52. With real facts like that, you will never be allowed on HH blog again.

    Latt’s a whackadoo and that’s a fact. He will be perfect for Humboldt as a lawyer. Frankly he never struck me as that sharp, but he is a true believer.

    Living in Eureka is another HH idiot poster. big supporter of Glass, Atkins, and anything anti Arkley. Hope he is not to unhappy that Eureka is going to greatly improve now that glass is gone and Atkins is just running her mouth to herself.

  53. Someone named Neal Latt seems to have made the Deans List recently.
    Good work, even if it’s not at “BERKLEY”

  54. Ooh ggu. Well it aint boalt and I am so lmao. Welcome law school loans Neal. Now pay em off.

  55. Oh fck. Can we bring out the lawyer jokes or can we wait until the town idiot tries to take the exam. Well not even then. Can we have a list of losers? Let’s stary with, Gags Singleton, the old dude with bird crap who luv’d lil boys (kirkpatrick?) And how many more losers?

  56. latt is an idiot. All hail stupidity. Zig Latt

  57. So just curious, do any of you people that bothered to comment on this article actually do anything of importance for your area or do you you just sit at home and circle jerk on the immature idiot author of this post that insists on calling his subjects “ass hats?” Sure, you’re entitled to your opinion about which groups he supports but I love how everyone turned a blind eye to the fact that he cares for other people and his area by donating to charity and being a stand up citizen. What have any of you done lately?

  58. Interesting. Hey did you know Rob Arkley cares for other people and donates extensively to charity and major community projects? What kind of eye has your asshat friend Neal Latt turned to him?

    So get a grip on your own prog hypocrisy or shut the fuck up.

  59. WORD!

  60. ACT:

    Your level of hypocrisy can only be one thing. And your name is so APT!

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