Times-Standard unveils new front-page job search service for unpopular former bureaucrats

 According to the Times-Standard, deposed supervisor Bonnie Neely is tanned, rested and ready for her next job.

Like Nixon, only with a pulse.

To read the homage, which purports to be a news article, is to come face to face with a combination of desperation and wishful revisionism not often found outside a Craigslist Missed Connection ad.

In Neely’s own words:

Whether I’m in office or not,

FYI: You’re not.

I still have 30 years of experience making government work for people.

FYI: You don’t.

I’m absolutely ecstatic to begin a new chapter in my life

And yet nowhere near as ecstatic as we are.

where I can use that experience to solve problems in the community

Now that would be a new chapter and mark a dramatic departure from your long history of exacerbating existing problems and creating entirely new ones.

without the sometimes harsh public spotlight that comes with elected office.

Oh Bon Bon. You won’t have to go without!


We’ll always be here for you.


36 Responses

  1. It’s a damn shame James Faulk went junkie on us. It would have been great to get an update on her Dachshunds.

  2. I didn’t get that far in the article. It’s hard to read something that’s covered with vomit.

  3. Come on, thirdeye. Get in here pronto and tell us how wonderful she was. That way, when I stop laughing about this, I can have your bullshit to fall back on.

  4. And while we’re at it, where’s Proggie? Remember him?

    Good times.

  5. That’s not why Faulk’s gone from the TS. That outfit has nothing against a few raging addiction issues. His problem was being arrogant and an asshole. People are willing to tolerate much less from arrogant assholes.


  6. Have to admit this is hilarious! You left out the excuse for why she couldn’t bother to return phone calls or e-mail from the constituents in her district.

    Something about the Supes having to represent the entire county at the state level. Tut Tut, we obviously need to understand being a supe is not at all connected to the folks who actually vote you in (and out) of office.

    Guess that excuse gets filed in the “it wasn’t my fault I lost: it was the stupid voters” folder in the prog play book Seems every prog who ran and lost is still going with that one. Great strategy! ….and very successful, too, don’t you think?

  7. Barb: You mean Proggies Bonnie, Patrick Cleary, LaValley, Glass and Kuhnel all lost because of “stupid” voters? So are th “stupid” voters a coalition of a “majority?” Maybe the “Proggies” are just too stupid to get a message out there. Or maybe, just maybe, the “proggies” are just out of touch with reality.

    Linda Atkins. You are next to go. But you can already see that.

  8. I thought it was a fair farewell article.

  9. No, sorry. Clif will be gone a few months prior to Linda. Get it straight.

  10. We better keep a spotlight on her if she is now going to work in the back hallways to solve the issues that she didn’t solve while elected.

  11. Anonandandon:

    If people can’t tolerate arrogant assholes, why is John Driscoll still working there? And why is it after more than a decade that he’s still writing news? Wear moved up to running the paper after only a few years, but John apparently wont release his stranglehold on prog-friendly environmental reporting if it was a Congressional order.

  12. Seriously, I haven’t read such horrible drivel since Faulk wrote about her in such glowing terms right before the election when Bonnie ran against Nancy Flemming. Why is the T-S such proggie ass-kissers?

    Hello? T-S? Why do you guys play such partisan BS?

  13. Eureka Now,

    Heraldo and minion think “stupid voters” are a cabal meeting in back rooms to plot their demise. The reason they think that way is because that’s what they do.

    Just when Linda and Larry were smirking and licking their chops in gleeful anticipation of Ron’s election, out popped that pesky majority thingy. Dang, I bet they hate it when that happens….over and over and over,…( well you get the point?)

    I am not a fan of having only one point of view on any board or council, but the circular firing squad in proggie land is making diversity less possible.

    I’m not sure they’ve noticed but the majority of voters really aren’t wowed by “no I don’t want to ” as a political platform.

  14. Shit, after reading these comments, it’s pretty clear who the power hungry folks really are!

  15. Holy shit. I love Barb. You go girl.

  16. Shit anon 7:19 that’s about the 3rd time you have entertained us with that tidbit. Fuck off. Is that you Mark, then fuck off twice

  17. Connect the dots,

    I picture you as an uglier (much uglier) version of Tina Christensen, minus the lobbyist credentials

  18. Linda Atkins (aka vote no so I can’t be held accountable) needs to learn how to work with a majority opinion rather than following the failed path of her idiol and throw a fit everytime she finds herself on the short end of a vote. We need your views Linda but you will continue to be marginalized if you can’t find it within yourself to work with the rest of the Council.

  19. 10:12. Tina’s cool and CTD is a doll. You lost so get over it.

  20. Why all the dumb shit anon’s. If you paid attention to last weeks BS meeting you saw Jimmy start by discussing writing the letter to ask the 2 to reconsider their resignations. Then Marky and Clif chimed in about what a good idea it was to do it. It was a set up by Mark. You know he went to Jimmy and said that other members would be in favor. Then the 2 new members though it was 3 to 2 in favor. Instead of fighting a losing battle they went along. Notice the vote this week was 4 to 1. Everyone realized they got duped by Mark. Sneaking shit. Boy did you hear him cry foul when he was caught. Kind of like little boy Brition. Discovered a Brown Act violation when he did not get his way and demanded a new vote. Same vote 4 to1 for Mike. Then Stillman renews her appointment to RREDC instead of Shane boy. What a week. Big smile!!!!

    Both Linda and Cliff are going to have to learn to work with their boards. If not they are gone. Its a new day in Humboldt. Personally I have hope for Cliff. Linda not so much.

    I don’t see Tia as ugly. She is quite a charming person and highly intelligent. Just like progs to make value judgments based on looks not character or ability. My credentials, you have no fucking clue.

  21. Nailed it again CTD.

  22. Uglier than Tina Christensen?

    Wow, can’t even imagine

  23. Please knock off the insults of Tina Christensen. Tina is a warm and generous person. Personal insults accomplish nothing in political debates, except to drive us further apart.

  24. Who’s usin’ that avatar, andrew? Or is that andrew? Whose computer are you using these days? Sure doesn’t sound like andrew… too funny.

  25. Andrew. You and your proogie friends are the kings and queens of personal insults. Are you ignoring the last few years of elections? Ignoring the HH posts?

  26. Ah. You forget 8:12 why this blog came to life. You and your HH cronies needed to be leashed after years of slime lies and anonymous crap against anyone who you perceived as opposing the proggie bullshit line. You folks even went after fellow dems that didn’t duck step with you. This place is spoof heaven. You folks over at HH weren’t spoofing You were lying and are paying the price.

  27. Whatever makes you feel better 8:40

    Better consult with Jesus as well

  28. heck – take the foil off your head 9:38. Now lets have some fun. Who is going to be in the Mirror this week?

  29. What would make most of us feel better is that you ahole 9:38 went the fuck back to HH, I did consult Jesus and he said hell yes.

    Other anon hit on the head, this is a spoof. You fucking idiots prog’s believe the trash on that blog. Its stops being funny when it fucks up life as we know it for normal folks..

  30. Connect the Dots is “normal?”

    God help us!

  31. Shows you how good this blog is, they even let those who make no sense post. Troll take away.

  32. Rose – She is a friend who lives in Sacramento who used my computer some time ago to create a Word Press account. Every time I post on a Word Press Blog her photo pops up. Not sure why.

    I didn’t like the things being said about Tina. I worked with Tina at the Humboldt Association of Realtors. She was president when I started and she was a wonderful person to work for.

  33. She is a great person, Andrew.

  34. Might try clearing your WordPress cookies, it still thinks you’re logged in as her, no doubt.

  35. Might also try rethinking the crap that you spew at HH too. TC is a great gal and an intelligent woman who cares. So are a lot of other folks which your cronies slime an a minute by minute basis. You get an atta by for Tina. Now work on everything else.

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