Singleton out at Media News Group

This isn't really Dean Singleton, but you get the general idea.

The tight-fisted former owner of the Times-Standard’s parent company has been kicked unceremoniously to the curb.

William Dean Singleton, veteran newsman and sizable fuckstick, rose from the ranks to build Media News Group, one of the world’s largest and most despised newspaper chains. He forfeited control of the company in a 2010 bankruptcy, and now has likely paid for that with his job.

Just a few days before today’s announcement, Times-Standard staff was informed that mandatory furloughs were back in effect. Word is that reporters, photographers, copy-editors, etc., will be required to take five unpaid days off in the first half of the year. That works out to about a five percent cut in pay, which may not seem like much until you consider there wasn’t much to begin with.

Editorial staff have been subjected to similar belt-tightening measures in the past. They began around the time the Eureka Reporter shut down, which is when Singleton permanently furloughed his interest in the North Coast.

Au revoir, asshat.

Photo gratefully borrowed from here.

57 Responses

  1. Looks like Faulk is going to get the last laugh. I bet no one’s making him take a furlough from his heroin habit.

  2. That’s harsh, anon. And still kind of funny. We knew this outfit was on the downhill slide once they pulled the donut fund.

  3. Humbug, where you ever employed at the Eureka Reporter?

  4. That photo actually looks a lot like him. Oh wait. Is he supposed to be the one with the lollipop?

  5. Anonymous, I owned the Eureka Reporter. Didn’t you know? I’m Rob Arkley.

  6. I thought connect the dots was Rob Arkley.

  7. When did you switch from top shelf martinis to PBR tallboys?

  8. Ah, curious anonymous. Good question. I once wondered about that myself, but the humble Humbug fails all of the former ER employee tests. It was, for example, drilled into our little heads that it’s The Eureka Reporter. Always The. Any time you see someone capitalize the the, you’re looking at a former employee. Also, calling the Marina Center property the Balloon Tract. That’s another tell. And then there’s the issue of misplaced enmity. We ERers didn’t hate Faulk. He was okay (although we all thought his homeless stunt with Durant was among the most insipid pieces of contrived shit in journalistic history). Who we hated was Mark McKenna, more than anyone else in the world, and I haven’t seen his name on here one time even though he’s essentially now a washed up crack ho providing plenty of grist for the Humbug mill.

  9. Well you know, anonymous. I like to keep in touch with how the little people live.

  10. You’re right, girlie. He’s Rob Arkley too.


  12. Anonymouser, Anonymous just capitalized the T in the. Of course he capitalized every other letter too, but is he a former Eureka Reporter employee? Sort me out here, will you?

  13. Did you guys just scoop the Times-Standard on a story about the Times-Standard? It just isn’t their day, is it. Although with Singleton out, maybe it is.

  14. Shit, they’re probably uncorking the champagne at the TS. No love lost on that guy.

  15. Are you being nice to the Times Standard now?

    Since when?

  16. Not to worry, ???. It can’t last.

  17. The article says Singleton pioneered the concept of newspaper clustering. First time I read it I thought it said clusterfucking, which would have been way more accurate.

  18. Fuck all y’all assholes. I hope you get fired and someone laughs their ass off about it.

  19. Could be fun.

  20. Who cares who’s running the show at the Slime Standard? They sucked yesterday, they suck today, and they’ll suck for all the tomorrows God grants me.


  21. The clustering of newspapers isn’t entirely bad on the face of it. Shared stories etc. But when the banks own the news things get fucked up. Is that where you want to get your news from, the friggin’ banksters? I thought a free press was designed to protect us from those bastards. We’re doomed.
    On the other hand, if they don’t pay the reporters much, the reporters don’t have much to loose by pushing back a bit. Should we encourage the local press or just let the banksters call the shots?

  22. We had the free press. It was called the Eureka Reporter. Best small newspaper I’d ever read.
    From what I can gather the Times Standard is the reason our community lost it’s own voice. Asshats indeed. “It’s not fair, we shouldn’t have to compete, we want our stinking monopoly”

    TS can rot in hell. For all the propaganda that is the NCJ, I’d still rather read that bullshit opinion piece than get my “news” from the TS. Maybe if the TS goes completely under Eureka/Humboldt county will have the opportunity to support a start up newspaper with some integrity. Without the TS around perhaps a real news operation would have the opportunity to focus on the news and not having to use it’s energy and financial resources fighting lawsuits.

  23. Goodbye and good riddance. Asshat indeed.

  24. Anyone seen the NCJ. More tablod crap. They’ve gon from women hanging on meat hooks to high schoolers withpot and valium. Well I should be thankful for the free place for my bird to crap.

  25. I miss Andrea Arnot’s column publicizing the local conservative party scene. Also loved the photos of wannabe socialites smelling Rob’s farts!

  26. Someone’s bitter.

  27. RA, really. If you had ever talked to RA much you would realize I curse much more than he ever does.

    However I would take it as a compliment as I think highly of him and his family.

    Anon 7;37, gosh are you jealous, aren’t smelling your share of prog farts. Silly bitch. Sorry I don’t socialize at all, progs or conservatives. Have all the friends I need, mostly family and long term folks. But since your so into the fart scene have at it.

  28. You’re missing the point – the ‘traditional’ media (papers) have been joyously supporting the people and policies that are killing the businesses that support them. Hard to feel sorry for them.

    Support deadbeats, lawbreakers and “progressives” and predatory litigants, there’s no one left to buy your ads.

    There’s an open niche for a more conservative paper – and the Eureka Reporter wasn’t close, though it could have been.

  29. The only time we had news was when the ER existed. Then both papers reported. After the ER closed the TS took a nap with crap and bullshit “3 part series” on more crap. The so called “reporters” are lazier then my 13 year old nephew who won’t do shit other than his video games.

  30. Well, they did a good thing today with the missing girl story.

  31. I was one of those who railed against the Eureka Reporter when it existed, then when it was gone I felt it was a loss to the community. The Reporter made the Times-Standard better because it forced Dean Singleton to beef up the staffing of the Times-Standard’s newsroom. Humboldt was blessed to have two dailies duking it out for supremacy – those were heady days. The best thing for Humboldt would be for Rob Arkley and Bill Pierson to team up and buy the Times-Standard from MNG and operate it in partnership as a non-profit gift to the community.

  32. Agreed, Andrew – Same thing when we used to have dueling TV stations – Channel 6 and Channel 3 had beefed up news departments, and some real reporting, even if the fledgling reporters were just getting their wing feathers.

    Still, even back then, the Hot-Dog-On-A-Stick girl at the Mall got paid more than the reporters.

    Now we’ve got 2.5 minutes of news at 6:pm, then canned crap and 25 minutes of weather (And I love Jim Bernard, but it’s hard to talk about weather for 25 minutes. Kinda like QVC – “it’s a lovely vase, a beautiful vase, a green vase with hints of blue, did we mention it’s a lovely vase?”)

  33. OH, and it’s not just Singleton who is out – Olbermann is out…

  34. Thank fing god!

    And Bird, you are so full of it. You are a blithering Gallegos and pot supporter and I’d shit a happy dude if you had to get a real job. Unless of course blogging on HH during business hours from Chesbros state site is considered work.

  35. God forgive me. I went over to Sohum and HH and PJ Mitch and Tra are having an exclusive blow fest. Guess they don’t have real day jobs. Are they grant funded or is some poor schmuck employer a victim of theft?

  36. I forgive you.

    This time.

  37. Here’s another example of the Coastal Commission ignoring private property rights and forcing a landowner in Half Moon Bay to open his beach to public access

  38. Yep. The same coastal commission that ok’d the exclusive Ritz on prime lan outside of HMB. You can’t even drive in without a reservation.

  39. BTW. PJ and Eric and friends are back in their blow fest. Ya know a so hum daisy chain of stupidity. Now they are saying if some one shoots Francis Fox Plivens it’ll be Glen Beck’s fault. The stupidity is really amazing and I don’t give a crap one way or another about Beck.

  40. One more thing, Rose. The Reporter had some very good reporters, and several were quite left as it turned out, which I learned from socializing with them. A couple of them were further left than the reporters I personally know on the Times-Standard right now.

    When I was managing Peter LaVallee’s 2006 mayoral campaign, I felt we got more friendly coverage from the Reporter’s beat reporter than the Times-Standard’s. A large reason for that was because at that particular time the Reporter had a bigger newsroom staff than the T-S, and the reporter covering the City Council races that fall had more time to devote to writing about the campaigns.

    In reality, though, there isn’t enough population/ad revenue to support two dailies in Humboldt County. In this economy, I wonder whether there is enough to support even one daily in the position of the Times-Standard, along with a prominent, strong alternative weekly.

    The Times-Standard’s biggest financial dilemma is the amount of money it must send through Denver to the Bank of America to service MediaNews Group’s debt. If MNG is imposing mandatory furloughs on the T-S’s staff again, as reported on this blog, please find some empathy. It won’t be easy for them.

  41. Were there ANY conservative reporters at the ER? Or the TS?

    You’re right, Andrew, this is a tough place to make a go of it – count up the number of radio stations, TV stations and papers chasing a minuscule pool of ad dollars, and couple that with a mentality that views advertising as one of the seven deadly sins – and… it is amazing anyone makes it.

    The TS offers free ad creation, the TV stations used to as well, which means it is even tougher to break even.

    I’d like to see the Eureka Reporter come back – but…

    One thing I will say, if you like a particular paper, support them with your AD dollars, ’cause if you don’t they will be gone.

  42. Olbermann has a new gig at FOX
    here he was before his interview:
    then he was hired:

  43. Rose, you have insulted janitors all across the country with that joke. No way is Olberman qualified to be one.

    The job requires more than just pushing a broom.

  44. Yeah Andrew, I’d agree with you that John Osborn was far left and something of a journalistic activist. As has been said hundreds of times, journalists tend to skew left by nature. The career seems to attract liberal minded people who want to “make a difference” or “change the world.”
    There were more conservative reporters at the Reporter, but on any given day both papers had similarly written stories.
    The one exception I would point out is that John Driscoll is a tool for the progressive/environmental people. That fact can’t be disputed.

  45. Actually osborne was so far left he was more like the old “right”.

  46.  Rose, taking a deserved break from her daily housewife duties

  47. Housewife? You sound like a true prog when he’s run out of arguments to try and win.

  48. God. It was a beautiful day in Humboldt. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Family, BBQ, cold beer, and love. What could be better for a simple man. Oh and If any of you all meant to insult Rose, hope your day was shit.

  49. The problem with the T-S is not in how good their people are. It’s how they are managed. Basically the T-S destroys your will and crushes your soul until you no longer care about doing your job. All you care about is avoiding the boss’ attacks and trying to not get blamed for something that you didn’t do.
    Here’s a little tip if you want to do in the T-S: ask the Labor Board and the BB to do a secret/undercover investigation. They will have a field day and if most of management isn’t fired it will be because all the staff gets fired when their business license is revoked and half a dozen managers have actual charges filed against them by the State of California.
    Stop whining about the problem and start helping to get rid of it!

  50. I thought I was helping to get rid of the problem by canceling my subscription and refusing to buy even the Sunday edition.

    Many business owners I know hate having to give the TS a dime. Hard though to hold the businesses accountable by asking them to boycott advertising. Small businesses have little choice for promotion as the Journal is not widely read and even less widely respected thanks to Hank Sims.

  51. “the Journal is not widely read”…. how do you know?

  52. Because he has at least half a brain. The journal has fallen so low it is unreadable on most topics.

  53. If one does not like the NCJ, then don’t read the NCJ. It’s that easy……..I like the NCJ, but so fucking what…….

  54. exactly!

  55. Hey. Singleton’s out. Well it looks like Sims is out too Brian. The ulyta large unbathed editor has been replaced by the publisher most probably for destroying what was left of that rag. Good news. Maybe the end of women hanging live from fish hooks and glorifying kids with drugs at school. I have refused to advertise in that rag for 6 years due to the bullshit. Didn’t want my business associated with crappy editorials written to look like “news” and a flurry of MJ ads. TTFE!

    Having the no TS and no NCJ is better than having them around. I get my actual news from other sources with less of the bull crap and MJ leaves.

  56. That should have been “ultra” large.

  57. Anyone hear the NCJ interview with Matthews on KSLG. Its as stuupid as the Gallegos fiasco and as deranged as Jim Jones.

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