Stranger in a strange town

This Times-Standard reader says public officials should make decisions based on the public’s best interest.

He must not be from here.

Sidestepping the process

Letter to the Editor, Jan. 22, 2011
I attended the Jan. 18 Board of Supervisors meeting in which the reappointment of outgoing Planning Commissioner Emad, was a vocal, focal point. I applaud Mr. Emad for his public service exemplified by many years on the Planning Commission. The critics of the reappointment were not critical of Mr. Emad, but were critical of the basis on which some members of the board were prepared to act.

Public officials should make their decisions based on what is in the public’s best interest. This should be the ultimate benchmark in their decision-making process. Injecting factors such as whether someone will feel “slighted,” “inconvenienced” or “hurt” have no place in the political, decision-making arena. There will always be someone “hurt,” “slighted” or “inconvenienced” by their decision.

It was encouraging to me that the new faces on the board recognized that the normal appointment process was being unwisely sidestepped. Once one starts short circuiting a well-tested appointment process it makes it easier to do it in again in the future. Why establish a vetted and proven appointment process if it can be sidestepped so casually? If the appointment term is four years, why choose an applicant who has publicly informed the board that they are not prepared to serve out the full term? A new appointee with “fire in their belly” may add a new and needed perspective to a commission that is publicly growing frustrated with the pace of the update process.

Bob Morris



14 Responses

  1. Strange indeed.

  2. Holy crap. POS sungnome madrone actually applied for the seat. He is the king idiot of westhaven and a butt boy of Neely. Anyone check his arrest record?

  3. According to Neal Latt, arrest reports are super, super important. For other people.

  4. County screamer Greg Conners also put his name in. He must be drunk again if he thinks he has a chance. Hell the local dems can’t even stand his nasty-ass mean spirited mouth.

    1 Madrone : stupid;
    2 Conners:: stupid and angry.

  5. Latt is just as stupid and big mouthed as Madrone and Conners. Oh god. Can’t they just stay stoned and passed out on the couch?

  6. Yep. Right after he invented the internet, he built the Hammond trial.

    Best part is all the bile at Tim Hooven. Lets not have a proven positive person in this position.

    Madrone/Conners, get serious. Both prog’s, both mouthy little men with shit for brains and big egos.

  7. Who ever you are CTD. You nailed it again.

  8. In the future there may not be too many applicants that are wiling to apply for terms that are ending on various commissions and committees if the Supervisors only want to put the reappointment on the consent calendar and approve the reappointment of the same people over and over. Happens all the time you just have to read the Board’s weekly agenda and there it is – reappoint ________ to ______________ committee. This time it just got outed.

  9. Yep – what I loved about Mark’s “speech” was his saying something to the effect that he checked the last few re-appointments the Board made to the Planning Commission and that 5 out of 8 (?#?) were almost automatic process wise…. IF that was indeed the case one can bet a buck that IF that indeed happened, there were NO APPLICATIONS received from any other people. Mark is a narky sneaky little man, isn’t he?

  10. Julie nails it perfectly. Never trust this POS.

  11. When this first came up at the Board after the duo penned their resignations, Mark actually told what the process was that expiring terms are posted (you just have to know where though) and interested persons apply. Then at the last meeting where Emad was reappointed, he said almost automatic process. That usually is the case for all of the committees and commissions in the County very few are ever replaced with new people. I thought it was crazy that Emad was resigning with about 3 more weeks of his term remaining, but now I get it. He was EXPECTING this to be done on the consent calendar making it another automatic reappointment.

  12. Wake up, bug!

  13. Huh wha?

  14. The WordPress glitch seems to have spread here – the name field here is showing tra at heraldo, sohum and here – I also get mitch, minimitch and outsider upon refresh – anybody have any idea what is going on?


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