We heart prog logic

EPIC’s Scott Greacen loves salmon soooo much, he opposes removing dams on the Klamath to save them.


Reminds us of all the “environmentalists” who care soooo much about the bay and its surrounding wetlands that they spent years working to prevent cleanup of the Balloon Track.

Let’s see now. How did that turn out for them?

Oh that’s right.

Maybe Snarky Marky Lovelace, who is doing everything he can behind the scenes to scotch the Klamath agreements, should take note.

Removing the dams will take a monumental effort.

Removing dishonest, deceitful hypocrites from office turns out to be quite a bit easier.

Just FYI on that.


37 Responses

  1. Word.

  2. If Mark acts to undermine dam removal I will open up my very little bank account to contribute to any one who will kick his sorry ass out of Humboldt. I know this man and he is a lying power hungry hypocrite. Power and control drives that midget.

  3. He’s doing his damnedest, Anonymous. Or is that dammedest?

  4. Anon you left out the most important part. He’s also driven by his inflated sense of self, the same exact quality that explains the slow rise and precipitous fall of Larry Glass. Keep in mind those two have more in common than ugly.

  5. Technical glitches over at the Herald. Fortunately, they’re not interfering with the Heraldos ability to delete any comment they don’t approve of. The latest is anything unpleasant about Joel Mielke, despite the fact that Mielke seems to visit the Herald only to continue venting his personal animosity toward Rose and Fred. I don’t think I’ve seen a comment of substance from him since, uh, since… well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comment of substance from him. Must be that artistic temperament of his that makes him such a superficial little bitch.

  6. Joel is in fact a superficial bitch. He has just gotten nastier with time. Runs his mouth on Rose about nothing.

    Anon’s posting first few comments here must know Marky cause they are right on about him.

  7. All that Prop 65 money = big paychecks for heraldas, Joel has a paying gig. See his latest attack? Tell me that’s not Joel.

  8. Herald hacked? posters names and emails coming up on page refreshes.


  9. Wow. There’s some internet weirdness going on over there.

  10. Mark Lovelace needs to go, agreed. He is not on the level and is operating in bad faith.

  11. Arkley wanted to cap the balloon tract and move on. Thru pressure from environental groups, he was forced to clean it up correctly.


    Now when are you guys going to get started? Let’s get going already!

  12. Oh bite me 5:22. You lost on the balloon tract. You know…..elections have consequences. Deal with it. It is a city issue.

    Now be a nice proggie and blow me.

  13. Ha ha – good one on the Big Ben/Mark photoshop. Big Ben wishes he was as cool and high-principled as Mark Lovelace. Too bad Ben’s going to lose next Sunday. Go Packers.

  14. M lovelace is about as principled as Linda loveless and the green door. A porn queen. Oooh a funny! Lovelace v loveless. Greem v green. Porn v bullshit.

  15. Sorry Bird, having trouble making out what your saying. Try taking Mark’s dick out of your mouth, you will be easier to understand.

  16. Fuck me CTD. Now you made another funny! I so admire smart asses! I’d take part in bitch slapping that idiot Bird, but you are doing so well on your own I’ll just sit back and watch.

  17. Such original insults, anons. I’m blown away by the novelty. The Mark/Ben photoshop still makes me laugh though. If you ever got to know Mark Lovelace, you would probably like him and find the things that divide you are not as large as the things that could unite you.

  18. Hate to blow your small closed mind Bird but I know Lovelace well. Very well. Even shared meals with the two faced power hungry midget and it was all I could do to remain civil listening to his machinations. In fact I know you to from many events and agree completely with CTD’s assessment. Bird, you are part of the problem this county faces and it will catch up to you and yours. It always does you know. Eventually that is. Now be a good proggie and for once get a real job and stop blowing Cheese-bro on the state’s dole.

    I guess I should be comforted that your not blogging on the state’s computer again.

  19. Unfortunately, I deal with the slick fuck gnome on a regular basis. 10:39 hits it on the head about u, mark, cheese and wooley.I would watch John, cause he is starting to drink more and will not forget how he was fucked him over for marky. All he got was a little kiss( small dole job) and no lube. He did as a good soldier and got screwed over. That’s the prog way. Wonder how proud mom is of her little journalist, in reality the mouthpiece for the local prog’s, and I do mean mouthpiece.

  20. There is a disagreement and there is hate. I understand you don’t agree with Mark, and that is OK. Dissent has a role in a civil society. But I don’t understand where the hate comes from. Mark does not hate. I pray you find a way to deal with the hate you feel, because it will injure you. And I don’t want to see that happen.

  21. P.S. to the Mirror – the Big Ben/Mark photoshop was funnier. In fact it was hilarious.

  22. The wordpress glitch is here, still. Not just at the herald. It;’s also at SoHum and McK Press blogs. Seems to be rotating through nics and email addresses – right now I have Outsider, this morning I had Sharon Letts, tra and skippy (again).


  23. Andrew, can you add a link to the Big Ben/Mark post? If you say the Mirror was funny, I want to see it for myself. I am a little skeptical.

  24. I betcha CTD has choked on a few cocks in his lifetime

  25. Don’t knock cocksucking. It’s a good thing. I like to make Richard happy.

  26. Fuck off Richard. I kind of agree with Mitch in that I have no problem with having mine done, in my case by ladies. But each to his own, love is love. Life is to fucking short to care about such trivial things as who is having sex with who.

    Bird your wrong, nothing like hate, just dislike sneaking slick folks.

  27. Really, people. The retrogression of this thread is sad. Humboldt is better than this.

  28. Really? Not like the positive progressiveness of the H blog. Give it a break Bird. Go back with your fellow prog’s. Nothing to see here, brings a tear to your eye.

  29. Agreed CTD. Bird you and your proggie friends are hypocrites. The hatred you folks routinely blow makes me puke. It is also the reason I am quitting the dem party. Decline to state is fine with me because I don’t want to be associated with crap like you any longer. Hate? Try reading HH where you and your ugliness resides. This is spoof. You guys are just ugly.

  30. Connect the Dots: Just remember when you’re cruising the library looking to have yours done by the ladies, if she looks too good to be a Eureka crack whore she’s probably not.

  31. Fuck you Bird. Commenting on crack whores? Charming ass crack.

  32. OK. I apologize for offending anybody with my last comment. I’ll never be your guys’ equal in trading insults because I’m not vicious enough and I feel like a heel when I try.

  33. That was funny, not shit Bird really funny. The last one not that old joke before about the library.

  34. You have to give Andy some credit. He has braved commenting here and trying to be funny.

  35. I agree, nothing personal Bird, its only politics. Frankly you showed lots more eggs coming on here than i had given you credit for in the past.

  36. Pull the dick out of your ass CTD and get back to being an asshole

  37. Never was my point to be an asshole. The remark was satire. You know like the mob. Its not personal, it only business.Oh, and lawyers use that line also frequently.

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